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Greater number of frames ensures that each detail is captured in the footage and videos are seldom choppy as in other camera phone recorded videos. They also offer extensive background information for all featured artist, including bios, discographies, photos, videos and lyrics. When viewing videos of those special moments, we have all felt that we were re-living the actual experiences.

You can also shoot videos wit this camera. There are a lot more free videos to watch than I expected. There are aerobic videos that emphasize different parts of the body, your spine, neck, shoulders, arms, legs etc.

Shoot any event as it happen in videos and share with those who missed it. Several complete videos demonstrating in detail how to use some of the advanced features of these programs are included in the member’s areas. You can also record and play videos on your very own K610i white.

The resolution for still images is 2048×1536-pixel whereas it is 352×288 for videos. You can also capture 15-second videos and photos via this Verizon cell phone. Get the full screen display of your photos and MPEG4 videos on the high resolution 262K colours 240 x 320 pixels TFT LCD screen.

It seems like there is something very appealing about video on the Internet and for the first time in history anyone can reach a mass audience with their very own videos. 3 megapixel camera with zoom, built-in flash and a night mode option, and clicks decent quality pictures and records videos that can be stored in the phones internal memory to be cherished later. Shooting high quality videos for up to an hour is also possible.

You can transfer your videos to any compatible PC with Bluetooth and USB. Pictures and videos taken with Nokia 6280 can be viewed directly on the screen and then shared with others via MMS or email. Stick one of the Serious cards into your hardware and immediately welcome to stacks of interactive content all about your favourite sportsmen, that includes full screen action videos, bios, stats, photos, music, downloadables, trivia, games, email postcards.

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