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Without a doubt many sailors-in-waiting would love to have a small trimaran. And while many commercial trimaran sailboats are available, they can be on the pricey side for many in the market who want such a boat.

More than a few individuals are searching for trimaran sailboat kits nowadays. At this time there isn’t much on the market in the way of pre-packaged kits (although I’d be happy to discover one or two available options along this line).

There is, however, another good option for anyone who wants his or her own small trimaran sailboat. And that is to buy plans for a trimaran that have been put together by a reputable designer. Buying such plans may actually be better than purchasing a trimaran sailboat kit per se.


Because even though it would probably take less time and work to build a trimaran from a pre-packaged “kit,” there is also less control and less margin for error when putting parts together.

When it comes to glue and epoxy it’s often better to start out building a new boat as simply as possible. You want to do it right, of course. But there is no substitute for experience. So why not, for example, build your first boat with some scrap wood first? Why not build using inexpensive materials to get the hang of things first?

Boats aren’t that hard to build. You do have to follow certain steps in a certain order.

Some people buy boat plans yet never actually start building it because of a lack of confidence. They really could build a trimaran sailboat if they didn’t over-think the process too much and get overwhelmed. By breaking down a building project into a series of small, incremental steps, the process could move forward and be completed over the course of a few months.

There is no reason why most individuals who want a small trimaran can’t actually build one for themselves if they find a plan for a model they really like. And that shouldn’t be too hard.

One popular modern boat building method for wooden boats nowadays is called Stitch and Glue. It’s very effective. And when done right, it can result in a super-performing sailboat that costs less than most commercial small trimarans.

For more practical tips on building your own trimaran visit the website and download a written copy of my recent interview with the publisher of Duckworks’ magazine. He shared many great tips along with a wealth of practical information on this topic.

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