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If you are like many, storage space in a home is at a premium. Due to a lack of storage space inside the house, people are forced to utilize their garage to store everything from tools, bikes, sports equipment, lawn care equipment, tubs, boxes, cords, hoses, and countless other space-hogging items. Getting to park your automobile has become a luxury rather than a certainty.

Your garage can accumulate clutter and junk in a hurry. So, is our car destined to suffer hail damage from being parked outside? Not necessarily. Here are some handy tips to help maximize your garage space:

  • Utilize your walls. Floor space can get taken up very quickly if you simply store everything on the ground. Not only that, it’s difficult to navigate through the clutter to get what you need. The walls in your garage can be a gold-mine for added storage space. Install high-quality slatwall paneling, shelving, or cabinets to free up floor-space and keep things organized. Be sure that any shelving or cabinets you install don’t interfere with the space you need to park your car. There are some creative shelving designs online for all you do-it-yourself people out there. Adding slatwall paneling to the walls of your garage can be an excellent way to maximize your storage space, and there are countless slatwall accessories available depending on what things you plan to hang on the wall-whether it’s a bike, rake, weed-eater, shovel, extension cord, tool bits, sports equipment, or pretty much anything else you find hiding in the corner of your garage. One of the great things about cabinets is that it’s a useful way to store potentially hazardous materials in case you have children.
  • Utilize your ceiling. Don’t waste unused ceiling space. It can be an excellent way to store items that aren’t frequently used. One method of creating ceiling storage space is to install a long platform across the garage ceiling joints.
  • Install a fold-down workbench. For many households, a garage is also the place for projects, and this can pose a major problem because many workbenches eat up a lot of valuable floor space. Look into adding a wall mounted, folding workbench. This can be a great space-saving alternative because it offers the workspace you need when working on a project, and folds-down when you aren’t using it-freeing up all sorts of space.

Making more efficient use of your garage space does not have to be an expensive process. It just requires a bit of vision. Hopefully these tips give you a good start on ridding your garage of the clutter, and makes your garage much more user-friendly.

Source by Chad Gookin

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