The Procedure to Make Basic Gelatine Jelly

1) To make 1 litre of gelatine desert gel, you will require about 20gm (1 sachet) of Halal gelatin. Soak gelatine in about 700ml water (not boil water) and stir until swells. Add about 160gm sugar or to taste. Heat up the solution until gelatine and sugar dissolve. Add flavoring and coloring. Done! Simple isn’t it? Try to do it couple of time just to make you get use to it, and later on, try to do this simple task that I prepared for you. And practise with this one…

2)Simple task :-


1 sachets of Halal gelatine (6 teaspoons)

½ cup hot water

2½ cups appromaxly. Flavoured Soya milk (Can use any)


oAdd Halal gelatine to hot water and stir briskly with a fork until dissolve.

oCombine the dissolved gelatine with flavoured soya milk.

oStir well. Pour into small cups mold.

oRefrigerate until set.

You can always find a unique shape or a love shape plastic container and make a nice love shape jelly and refrigerate until set. Try it. It’s easy and simple. Something for you to practise. And when you’re most ready. I got a bigger project for you. Just email me if you are already an expert. I can always give you a complicated gelatine recipes. Take care.

Advise on cooking: Don’t follow the law!! Hehehe…what I meant is don’t just stick to what your reading. Different people is different chef they are. Be flexible in anything you do. Always go ahead with what you have. Don’t be stuck, find a way to get around it. Cause a good chef is a chef that come out with their own way NOT copy the way.

Source by Razzi Rahman

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