Tasty Sepia-Jibia-Choco Noodles Recipe

This recipe is about preparing a delicious dish using cuttlefish and noodles. Cuttlefish as their name says are not real fish but are mollusks that are similar to squid in appearance. They are known to be the chameleon of the sea because cuttlefish can change their color pattern in accordance to the environment. For me, cuttlefish taste very similar to squid but just taste a little bit stronger.

Do you like eating cuttlefish? How about noodles? If you do, then this is a perfect recipe for you.

Recipe for Sepia-jibia-choco Noodles (Cuttlefish Noodle Recipe)


– One large cuttlefish

– One medium size onion

– Four tomatoes

– 1/2 kilograms of noodles (you can chose whatever size of noodles you prefer)

– One mug of white wine

– Half a cup of olive oil

– One fish flavoring bullion or you can make your own fish bullion from fish heads.

– One onion

– One carrot

– One medium size tomato

– One leek

– Some parsley

– One bay leaf

– Vegetable Cooking oil

– One egg yolk

– Two garlic cloves

– Salt and pepper


– Grate the onions or cut them to very small pieces.

– Pour vegetable cooking oil in the large ceramic pot that you can take to the table directly.

– Wash and peel the onions and cut them to quarters.

– Prepare the cuttle fish. You can also add the brown liquid it carries if the cuttle fish is fresh.

– Peel and remove the seeds from the four tomatoes then cut them into small pieces, or process them.

– Then pour the wine and boil down. The sauce should be boiled down until it looks like a bit burnt. The thickness should be just like cooking paella rice. In cooking paella, if this procedure is not done properly the rice will not have the color and flavor that it should. This is the same trick and it must be followed here.

– While cooking, you will see the oil separate. At this point add the noodles. Fry everything but must still look transparent.

– Add the fish flavoring bullion in the pot. Follow the instructions printed at the back of the package of the bullion.

– The center of the garlic cloves are know to be spicy so remove it.

– Add salt and pepper

– Add the egg yolk and mash it. Add olive oil and gradually continue mashing it.

– Add a small cup of cooking oil. Add more if you wish to make it thicker.

– Put the pot of noodles directly to the table and place allioli in a separate dish

Serve while it is hot.

Source by James A Bruce

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