A Workbench For Apartment Dwellers That Will Create a Work Area When You Have No Space For One {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

Recently my wife and I moved into an apartment after having a home for many years. With the house went my shop area, workbench, and my ability to accomplish even a minor remodeling effort like bookshelves. We no longer had a garage – just a car port parking space.

I’m not a woodworking hobbyist (although if I were it would be sheer agony to not have a work area), but I have usually undertaken small fixer-up projects around the house just to keep from having to hire someone or buy it new.

I thought it was going to cost me a lot when my wife asked if we could build a partition between the kitchen and the living room. But then she bought me this Jawhorse workbench for Christmas. This thing is awesome! It has re-established my ability to take on all kinds of projects.

My natural inclination was to dismiss a portable workbench that folded-up for easy storage. It solved my lack of space problem, but it didn’t look like a workbench and was it going to be able to handle anything that required some real pounding and weight load. Then I discovered the power of the Jawhorse – the jaws. What essentially is a glorified sawhorse becomes a great workbench due to the gripping power of these jaws.

There are a number of other accessories for this workbench. From a plywood jaw accessory attachment to a welding station accessory attachment the enhancements allow the Jawhorse to become a very versatile work partner The jaws have patented padding to prevent the damage you would get from gripping something tightly in a vise and act as a second pair of hands that hold everything perfectly steady.

I was able to set up my work area in the car port and in the driveway area. And the Jawhorse has wheels so I can roll it out of people’s way. Needless to say my wife got the partition and I got back the ability to do my own fixer-up projects again.

It is really unsafe to attempt using power tools without a safe work area. The Jawhorse eliminates this worry by providing a sturdy workbench that is stable even when the setup area might be on uneven ground.

There are many people that have the same space problems that I’ve encountered. The Jawhorse workbench is the solution. Be sure to click the link below to see the top 5 reasons other owners think of this workbench as an indispensable tool.

Source by Adam Knott

Ipe Hardwood Floors: Awesome or Not? {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

If you know anything about Ipe hardwood, it is truly an amazing wood. It has a Janka rating of over 3600, making it one of the densest woods that are currently available on the hardwood flooring market. Ipe has a lot of very positive characteristics, but it also has its issues!

It is so dense that with even a marginal finish applied to the surface, most spills will pool on the top rather than penetrate below. And it survives the abuse from the even a 100 pound sheep dog with limited wear marks.

Ipe Hardwood Flooring is referred to by many names depending on the country of origin and who is making the flooring. Brand names like Ironwood(TM) and Pau Lope(TM) are common as are “consumer names” like Brazilian Walnut. For some reason, North American retailers think referring to it as a walnut will make it more understandable to today’s consumers.

Ipe is really a cluster of many trees from the Bignoniaceae family (Tabebuia, spp) that share a common appearance and physical characteristics. They are all dense and rather straight grained. Some pieces look quite similar to teak. It is very resistant to decay, termite and dry insect attack, although this is not significant (I hope) when choosing ipe as interior flooring. It is VERY fire resistant as well.

Colour range varies from a medium straw with olive green overtones to a reddish brown with darker black streaks common in some boxes of ipe hardwood. Flooring samples can then have a very large range of colours. Make sure that you understand this, and don’t buy, expecting colour uniformity. It is always best, if possible to visit a customer that has had this type of flooring in use for a number of years. You can then judge not only the appeal of the colouring but also the durability of the finish.

For installation it will require a very good quality grade of carbide blade on your miter saw to even attempt any trimming to length. If you have a large expanse of ipe flooring to cover, a second blade made be necessary. All holes, like those that you need to install for the first few rows of flooring will have to be drilled close to the size of the finishing nail you intend to use, otherwise you will split the wood. Experiment first, to save a few pieces of ipe flooring.

Source by Karen Lacasse