Different Types Of House Plans {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

Are you planning on constructing a house? There are many plans that you can use. Some of the best ones include:

Cranberry Plan

The plan is characterized by a house that is rectangular in shape and comes with an added porch. There is also a center chimney and a front door that is placed at the center of the house. The roof is a steep pitch and the windows are double hung.

The plan is also called a one-and-a-half floor plan because the interior rooms of the second floor are box-like. The attic makes the house have a square shape. The unique thing with the plan is that the ceiling height of the first and second floor is 71/2 feet.

Hearth Plan

It’s almost similar to the cranberry plan, but with a few modifications. The modifications include:

Larger, more modern picture window with traditional panes

An overhand multi-level roof that is similar to a western bungalow

A built-in flower box that is mainly made for ornamental purposes

An elevated roof that has an American bungalow design. This makes it possible for you to expand the second-floor.

Full Pleasure Plan

Although, it’s an early American design, it’s very common in the modern world. The plan is characterized by a rectangular shape that comes with a garage addition. It also has double-hung windows, shingle, center hall floor, and a roof that is a steep pitch.

Tradition Plan

The traditional plan has a number of features that are similar to those found in colonial homes from the American south. The homes have a rectangular shape, steep pitch, and a center hall floor plan.

To make the plan modern there have been a number of modifications such as: front dormers, large picture window, imposing chimney and a fireplace that has been integrated into the exterior wall. These houses are designed to be constructed using bricks.

Jewel Plan

Many architects say that this plan has many unusual features. For example, it has a front door that is placed slightly off-center. The plan also has a larger, more modern picture window that comes with a glass block trim. There is also siding that includes stones, shingles and vertical panels.


These are some of the plans that you can go for. Regardless of the plan that you choose you should ensure that it’s done by a qualified, professional, and easy-to-talk to architect. This calls for you to do thorough research to find the professional.

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Custom Home Builders Vs Tract & Spec Homes – What’s the Difference? {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

The terms Custom Home Builder, Spec Home Builder and Tract Home Builder sometimes can be used interchangeably.   However, this is not always the case as each one has different functions therefore constructing different types of residential structures.. 

Custom Home Builder

These build unique homes.   The architectural style, size and amenities will conform to the buyers needs and wishes.  Generally, the homeowner or home builder decide on variables that will make it different from others.  Usually, lot’s of planning and time are involved and many revisions until the “perfect” design is achieved.

It might be small, medium or large in size.  Perhaps has standard features or high end luxury features.  They are not always elaborate gorgeous large palatial estates.  While that is often the case it is not always.

For example, a retired couple may want a custom home built that is only 1500 square feet and has 2 bedrooms with and 2 bathrooms.  The floor plan might be a U in shape with the kitchen on one end, living room in the middle and 2 bedrooms on the other end.  The garage will not be attached.  The wood trim package will be a stain grade brazilian hardwood and the wood floors will be the same.   So, a large estate or small estate could both be unique.

Spec Home Builders

These are built to be sold.  The builder speculates that he will make money from this transaction of buying a lot and building  on it. It may be sold during construction but the idea is a builder buys a parcel of land and builds a custom or semi-custom home on the lot and than sells it.  Spec homes are not always large & spacious.  They could just as well be medium sized with average features.

The builder decides the floor plan rather than the home buyer since it is not sold yet.  In a sense it is a custom home since it is not a standard run of the mill house in a tract subdivision.    However, it could be  very plain or it might be a high end decorated estate.  Either way it would be thought of as a Spec Home.

Tract Home Builders

Usually referred to as “subdivisions”.    Tract homes  are built by  developers who own a large piece (tract) of land that is divided into many smaller lots upon which to build homes.  The land is often warehoused until the economy is favorable to new subdivisions.  The developer has model homes chosen which the customers can choose from.  For example they may have offer 4 floor plans of various sizes and shapes and will put 25 of each model on the 100 lots of this subdivision.

Once the models are built the builder begins selling them.  They usually have an open home and several model homes for the prospective buyers  to walk through which are tastefully decorated  to give the buyers an idea of how nice their new home could look all furnished.  Usually the subdivision is built in phases and once the 1st phase is nearing completion and all sold out than a next phase will begin according to demand.  They  are generally sold by real estate agents and real estate brokers.  The model homes are usually staffed by a licensed real estate agent.

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How to Choose a Reliable Accuracy Precision Turned Parts Supplier {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

Nowadays, every business wants to stay ahead of its competitors and they’re focused towards to increase the speed of product delivery, improve quality and lower the cost of the product. There’s not a single way to organic, natural system can effectively deliver as committed to the customer. Machining parts mechanization is thus in the organic or natural order where the growing use of machines with specific parameters, result efficiency is improving with low wastage on a low process time.

Precision Turned Parts would be the products which were manufactured using some type of turning and spinning system. This kind of machining parts is very well-known as a lathe.

There are various types of lathe and nowadays machining parts manufacturing companies are using some of them and they are:

  • CNC lathe
  • Wood turning lathe
  • Centre lathe

These lathes are used for machining products of variant sizes using a big range of materials..

Machined parts material can vary from soft plastic material to very hard and toughened materials, and few of them include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Plastics
  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Bronze

Every one of these different machining parts materials and many other materials may be detail switched on the lathe; however, a few of materials require a unique form of lathe and the appropriate tooling to make this happen. For instance; hugely transformed areas will need a big highly effective lathe, even though tiny intricate machining parts may need transforming with a lot small appliance. Although lathes may be manually controlled or may be CNC controlled, you’ll find so many other designs regarding lathe which will perform because they are equally controlled by CNC and manually operated by the manufacturer.

What are the Manufacturing components of Precision turned pieces?

Generally, copper or brass is used for making precision machining parts. They used to be customized at the factory, where they have been put in a unit organized lines with other devices. They are designed in such a way to be ensured about the smooth running of the machines.

How to select the best option?

Precision CNC machining turned parts are manufactured by large number of manufacturers. However to find a reputable supplier can be complicated sometimes. While someone starts looking to find out the best supplier for precision turned pieces, they may get worried regarding the sustainable supply in future, reliability of the supplier, technical proficiency, quality issues or sometimes the prices asked by the company you choose.

Today marketplaces have been opened worldwide in all sectors, thus, it’s advisable to surf around the web, take a look at available stores and select the best vendor offering the accurate casting components. One should try to find a company which is not only a well-established, but also able to supply accurate machining parts all around the world. Usually, a reputed company offers services for Copper and Metal based machining parts. They not only deliver impressive services as well they are always eager to be with their customers and assist them in all the needs.

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