Different Types Of House Plans {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

Are you planning on constructing a house? There are many plans that you can use. Some of the best ones include:

Cranberry Plan

The plan is characterized by a house that is rectangular in shape and comes with an added porch. There is also a center chimney and a front door that is placed at the center of the house. The roof is a steep pitch and the windows are double hung.

The plan is also called a one-and-a-half floor plan because the interior rooms of the second floor are box-like. The attic makes the house have a square shape. The unique thing with the plan is that the ceiling height of the first and second floor is 71/2 feet.

Hearth Plan

It’s almost similar to the cranberry plan, but with a few modifications. The modifications include:

Larger, more modern picture window with traditional panes

An overhand multi-level roof that is similar to a western bungalow

A built-in flower box that is mainly made for ornamental purposes

An elevated roof that has an American bungalow design. This makes it possible for you to expand the second-floor.

Full Pleasure Plan

Although, it’s an early American design, it’s very common in the modern world. The plan is characterized by a rectangular shape that comes with a garage addition. It also has double-hung windows, shingle, center hall floor, and a roof that is a steep pitch.

Tradition Plan

The traditional plan has a number of features that are similar to those found in colonial homes from the American south. The homes have a rectangular shape, steep pitch, and a center hall floor plan.

To make the plan modern there have been a number of modifications such as: front dormers, large picture window, imposing chimney and a fireplace that has been integrated into the exterior wall. These houses are designed to be constructed using bricks.

Jewel Plan

Many architects say that this plan has many unusual features. For example, it has a front door that is placed slightly off-center. The plan also has a larger, more modern picture window that comes with a glass block trim. There is also siding that includes stones, shingles and vertical panels.


These are some of the plans that you can go for. Regardless of the plan that you choose you should ensure that it’s done by a qualified, professional, and easy-to-talk to architect. This calls for you to do thorough research to find the professional.

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