Advantages Of North Facing House Plans {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

North facing houses are ideal for all members of the family. Researchers have found that magnetic forces of the earth are usually generated from the North Pole; therefore, if your house faces north, your house will receive a lot of positive vibes through the entrance door that faces north.

There’s a belief that north represents water elements and since water resembles wealth, there’s a belief that if your house faces north you will enjoy more wealth and prosperity. According to the Hindu culture, Kuber (god of prosperity) resides in the north; therefore, if your house faces north you have high chances of prospering in life. There are also high chances that your business will prosper when your business premises face north.

Features Of North Facing Houses

These houses tend to have sun almost throughout the day which means that you don’t need to leave the lights on. This saves you a lot of money that you’d have spent on your energy bills.

When you are designing the house you should ensure that there are no obstructions that will prevent the house from receiving the right amount of sun. This means that you need to get rid of trees, land and anything else that might be distracting the house.

As rule of thumb you should ensure that the open area is left on the east and north sides of the house. You should build balconies in the northeast corner. To maintain the original size of the house you should avoid extending the corners of the house.

You should ensure that the main entrance faces the northeast corner. Experts believe that when the entrance faces this direction it symbolizes the flow of positive energy.

When it comes to the kitchen you should ensure that it’s located at the southeast corner of the house. If it’s impossible to build the kitchen here you should consider building it at the northeast direction.

If the house has a stair you should ensure that it’s located in the northeast or northwest corner. The garage, security room and the electricity meter board should be located on the northeast corner of the plot.


Whether you are building a residential or commercial house, it’s wise that you construct the house using the north facing design. For ideal results you should ensure that the architect that you choose to design the house has experience in designing north facing houses.

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Help! Mr Wizard – Time for This One to Come Home {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

For those of you that may not remember a childhood cartoon, that yielded the statement of this article’s title, it was that of a turtle, that was always getting into trouble, and when he reached a point where he needed help, he would always beckon the call of, Mr. Wizard, to come to his rescue. Well, that is what I think is fitting for those seeking a solution to their financial desires of making money online.

Making money online is a sincere desire, for many a would be entrepreneur, and those that are trying desperately to find a doable deal, that is not being presented by a high-tech guru. You know the kind, where you either need a friend in the software industry, that knows how to set up a successful website with all the right buttons and links that guarantee success, or you fail miserably, after spending good money trying to figure out how to do it.

I’m no Mr. Wizard, but I have been selling products online for several years and I took the road of do-it-yourself, along with all the usual failures and pitfalls, but now I want to give you some insights that may help you avoid some of those time and money wasting attempts to do it the wrong way.

Making money online can be a successful venture provided you know what it takes to be successful. Learning the basics in anything you attempt is essential to a long-term success of what you decide to do or become. Finding those lessons that provide the pathway to a successful venture is often the hardest part.

Take for example; how to make 100 dollars a day, that seems to be a reasonable venture that surely has a doable blueprint. Given the vast knowledge available today online, this should be easy enough to find, or so I thought. There are so many people, that talk a good game, but very few that actually walk the walk they talk about. Learning from others is usually a good source to learn from and a much shorter path as well.

While there are numerous means of making money online and making 100 dollars a day, you need to focus on a given path and follow it, till you see it through and gain the understanding from it, so that you can apply it and pass it on to others as well. Giving back is the right thing to do. Our time on this earth is shorter than we realize and the time we spend here should be shared with our friends and family by passing on that which we have learned along the way.

If we all learn not to hoard or to be greedy, maybe we can reverse the state of our current conditions. There was a time not so long ago, where those of wealth gave back to their workers and shared in their good fortunes. In today’s world, the wealthy have become greedy and stingy, thus our economy has suffered considerably because of it.

Source by Jimmy Wilson

Floating Screwdrivers For Your Marine Toolbox {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

I sometimes imagine myself living on a sailboat. Waking up every morning to the gentle sound of the water must be a very soothing experience. The freedom of being able to move your home at will sounds like an exciting idea, too. However, boats are mechanical watercrafts that occasionally fail. If you are the adventurous type and happen to be “on the hook” when a boat part, like a propeller, needs to be fixed, what will you do?

“That is simple,” you would likely say. “Just grab your tools and get on with it.” However, it is not that easy to do when you are in the water. Many times in the past, I often drop screwdrivers whenever I am doing even the simplest of things like connecting speaker wires to amplifier terminals. I do admit that I am not the handiest in our neighborhood when it comes to tools, but people sometimes fumble when using their instruments, you know. Imagine what it would be like if your screwdriver slips out of your wet, slippery hands while you are holding a boat part and trying to float the right way up. I guess it would be quite problematic, right?

Well, not if you use floating screwdrivers. I really like these tools. They are neat. These tools are designed to be used in doing repairs in or near the water. Whether you are fixing a boat or a boat dock, these floating screwdrivers can save you countless headaches. Even if you are on deck, there will be times when your tools will slip or roll over and fall into the water.

This is not a problem with floating screwdrivers. I also like the fact that the handles of these floating screwdrivers have bright colors. You will not find it hard to spot them floating around on the water even late in the afternoon. You need these floating screwdrivers if there is a chance that you will be doing repairs anywhere near water.

I can only imagine what other type of tools they could make floatable beside screwdriver. Some would definitely be more practical and useful than always. A floating hammer or pliers would be useful as well. Sounds like I need to do some more research and see what other floating tools I can find.

Source by Jeremy Thompson

How to Create Your Own CD Covers and Labels {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

If you have music, video, data or other valuable digital file in your hard drive that you would like to share or sell, one of the most practical things you can do is to burn it on a CD or DVD and create a nice cover and label for it.

The least costly way to do this is to design your own cover and label on a suitable graphic program such as Photoshop or even the free GIMP software and print them using peel and stick CD labels.

To create the CD cover or jewel case front title cover insert, you need to create a new project with the following dimensions: 1423 pixels X 1411 pixels. For a CD disc label you need to create a new project with these dimensions: 1394 pixels X 1394 pixels.

Creating a CD cover is relatively fun and easy even if you have a little designing background. But creating the CD label is an entirely different matter.

First of all, you need to create a perfect circle inside the 1394 pixel X 1394 pixel canvas to put your artwork on. You also need to cut out the areas outside of this circle so you do not print on the entire canvas and thus save on precious printer’s ink when you finally print it. Centering texts and images within the circle could also prove difficult.

But the greatest difficulty comes during the printing and labeling process using the peel and stick CD label sticker. If this is your first time to do it, expect to have off centered labels or labels with bubbles or creases on your CDs.

An off centered label creates an unbalanced disc which makes disc reading and writing slow. It could also destroy your CD drive. Unfortunately some CD label sticker makers use adhesives that melt on a certain temperature that could reduce your drive into a gooey wreck. To prevent the latter from happening use only the brand or the media that your printer’s manufacturer recommends.

Now don’t let these things discourage you. With constant practice and tinkering with your graphics program, you’d soon be on your way to creating your own art pieces on CDs using this method.

But what if you want to create more professional-looking CD products and more easily? You can buy a printer with a CD Tray. A printer with a CD tray often cost more than a printer without it.

If you really need to produce good CD products, it should be worth your investment. Incidentally, a printer equipped with CD tray often comes with a software that eradicates the hassle of cutting out the areas outside the disc design, and most importantly, the need of using the problematic peel and stick CD label stickers since printable CD-Rs are the printable media used with these printers.

Source by Bambi Bancod