11 Tips for Miter Saw {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

A miter saw is a power tool that is counted in the top 10 power tools in 2020 and it is also useful for the home improvement.

Here, are some tips for using the miter saw that will help you to give the best results from your cuts.

  1. Let the blade stop:

You should wait for the blade to stop spinning fully. Another point to remember is to keep the miter saw’s blade in the downward position. If you pull the blade out from the material while spinning it can be possible that the tooth of the blades can broken or even harm you also.

So, just remember: Do not uplift the blade until it stops. Do the cut, let the trigger to go of and count to ten. It’s not that hard, is it?

  1. Mark the danger zones

While working on the miter saw, you concentrate only on your cuttings and forget the danger zones. To prevent from this, mark the lines with the red colour on the surface and fence of your miter saw. This will indicate you the danger zone and prevent you to avoid mistakes while working on the miter saw.

  1. For Repeat Cuts Use Stop Blocks

Besides the cutting, mostly woodworkers perform the repetitive cuts. Some projects such as garden cabinet, outdoor beverage table, DIY dog gate and outdoor coffee table comprises of many repetitive cuts. Despite of measuring each time, you should measure once and set up a stopper.

A stopper is a piece of wood from the scrap. Once the installation of the stopper is done than it would help you to cut multiple pieces of wood of same length.

This will guarantee you provide you the proper pieces along with that it will save you time.

  1. Use the block to Set Bevel Angles

Before the miter saw, there was no tool that can facilitate us to cut on different angles. It was difficult to cut the wood or other material at the angles but it can only possible with this power tool. It can be much easier by placing the block at the required angle.

To build the block, cut the block at 90-degree angle with no tilt. Then rotate the saw at the angle you want and it down.

  1. Mark the line on the blade

While making the cuts, your hands can shiver due to which you cannot get the proper and finished cuts. To avoid this, mark the straight line on the blade which help you to get the finish cuts.

  1. Use the stand that can move

Usually on the job site you need to constantly move the miter saw. The mobile stand will help in this way. You can easily adjust the miter saw the way you want. With the movable miter saw the task becomes as easy as eating the pie.

  1. You can install the laser

It helps to light the line of thin length across the work piece. It helps you to cut faster and in the exact line of the cut you want.

  1. Just allow the blade of the miter saw have the maximum speed

It is one of the most important tips concerning the safety measures. Once you switch on the miter saw you generally wait for it to have the maximum speed before you make cut on the work piece. Some miter saw make the smooth cut and some will not.

After you have made the cut all you need is to release your hands from the miter saw trigger and make sure to slow down the blade itself. Before the blade actually comes to rest if you lift the blade causes the off cuts fly off the table.

  1. Buy the saw that have double tilt

Double tilt saw or double bevel saw is much more useful than a single tilt saw. This make easier to have the bevel cuts. But if a single tilt saw is used with the better blade quality then it can make the good cuts.

  1. Know your hook angle

Blade with the good positive hook angle of 10 degree make the aggressive cuts on the wood. It is best to keep the angle of the blade up to 10 degree to -5 degree.

  1. Extend the support

Generally, the miter saw table is 18″ wide and some include the wings that extended in nature that is use to add another foot. Add the couple of scrap wood block that matches the saw table height by placing them near the board ends.


If you are working with any woodworking tool, its important to think first on the safety. Always read the instruction carefully and follow them strictly. If you are nor able to understand then contact to pro or watch videos online (YouTube will the best source).

You also need to protect your ears as miter saws makes a loud noise with the hearing protection, and your eyes with safety glasses.


It is believed that now you are much more informed about how we use the miter saw and what the tasks it can perform and what cannot. So, make sure that the miter saw is according to your needs and ensure what tasks you are going to perform with this amazing power tool.

All you need to do is to have a look on the list to know more about the product and best tools at your side. Also make sure that you have the quality product in your collection in affordable amount. This is the tip that can be useful considering the other tools also.

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Used Louver Groovers – Everything You Need to Know {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

What is a Louver Groover?

A louver-groover is a woodworking machine that cuts route stiles for fixed slat louver doors, and can also drill holes for movable shutters, with both left hand and right hand stiles. Louvering for doors and windows has been in practice for hundreds of years. But today’s louver groovers make the process significantly easier, particularly in the case of industrial grade lover groovers. Although louvering is a specific woodworking practice, the types of products that can contain louvering are extensive. Typically, one thinks of louvering in terms of interior wooden doors and blinds and exterior shutters. But there are also various types of furniture that have louvering applied, from hutches to small side tables. Unlike some woodworking machines, louver groovers are generally not adaptable to other woodworking applications, making them feasible for only woodworking operations that perform louvering. However, louver-groovers do come in different sizes and capacities, with the larger models generally being highest in capacity and fit for operations that have a commercial level production demand and occupy a warehouse style workspace.

Is it Sensible to Buy Louver Groovers Used?

Whether or not to buy a used louver-groover typically depends on two factors: how much the machine costs new and what level of usage the machine can withstand. Although louvers are regarded as commercial woodworking machinery, some models are constructed for use in woodshops and smaller woodworking operations, as reflected by their lower price. In such cases, saving a little money buy purchasing a louver used wouldn’t result in a great buy considering the lifespan of the machine. However, in the case of industrial capacity louvers, whose price can easily rise to tens of thousands of dollars, buying used is sensible. Industrial woodworking machines are designed to stand up to commercial level use for years on end without experiencing a noticeable decline in efficiency or dependability, making it possible to receive new machine quality at a used machine price.

How Do You Assess the Quality of Used Louver Groovers?

Assessing the quality of a used louver groover follows the same four-part process as assessing the quality of other used woodworking machines. Part one is to only buy a louver groover from a professional seller of used woodworking machinery (e.g. eBay merchants and auctioneers are generally not professional sellers). Part two is to research a seller’s reputation at the Better Business Bureau; if a seller has unresolved customer complaints on its record, look for a different seller. Part three is to obtain a copy of a machine’s official logged service record to make sure that it’s been properly maintained. Part four is to conduct a first person inspection of the machine, or have a trusted thirty do the inspection for you. Following these steps should lead you to a quality used louver groover.

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Miniature Doll Houses – A Magnificent Obsession {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

Doll houses are commonly considered to be playthings for children, but building and furnishing miniature doll houses is very much an intricate and adult pastime. Most hobbyists take their craft very seriously, and for some it’s a magnificent obsession that spans a lifetime of painstakingly replicating and miniaturizing furniture, wallpaper, rugs, crockery, and paintings – spending hours and hours to get every detail just right. Some hobbyists are fortunate enough to share their passion with a daughter or grand-daughter, but for most it’s a singular obsession to be savored alone.

The whole object of building miniature doll houses is that they should be a perfect miniaturized reflection of home life, and as faithful in every detail as possible. All aspects of the home are reproduced in exact miniature form, and even true-to-life miniature dolls are made in minute detail to live in this small, enchanting and lovingly crafted world.

Most adults begin this hobby with casual interest, but once the bug has bitten, it soon becomes a lifelong passion of reproducing, as well as collecting, miniaturized items for these charming little houses. When it comes to the miniature doll houses themselves, there are many styles and themes that are available either in kit form, or as plans that you can download from the Internet and build yourself.

You can order amazing dollhouse kits in a variety of styles and themes that you can assemble, paint and decorate yourself. Some of the styles include faithfully reproduced, magnificent laser cut Victorian doll houses that run to three floors, including attics, bay windows, fancy staircases, and intricately designed façades, complete with a porch and the curved Mansard roof of the era.

The fine detail of these magnificent Victorian reproductions is absolutely stunning and they are made to true miniature scale (1 inch = 1 foot). Hours of utter pleasure can be spent painting the exterior, and the enjoyment is doubled by painting and decorating the interior rooms. You can either collect or buy the furniture needed, or reproduce the miniatures yourself. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a child to completely immerse yourself in this engrossing hobby!

There are many other contemporary and themed miniature dollhouse kits available for self assembly. For example, faithfully reproduced quaint and charming miniature cottages, which include attics and octagon shaped dormer windows, bay windows, porches, shutters – and even tiny flower boxes! And for those who are passionate about their Barbie collection, there are Barbie dollhouse kits available that feature both country as well as townhouses – large enough for Barbie and Ken to move right in!

Considering the beauty and faithful reproduction of these delightful miniature houses, it’s easy to see why so many adults are fascinated by this captivating hobby.

Source by Steven Gail