You Say Merliton, I Say Mirliton – A Merliton by Any Other Name Tastes Just As Sweet!

For those of you not living in either California, Florida, Louisiana or Latin America, you may not be familiar with a merliton. Perhaps the names, chayote, vegetable pear, mango squash, cho-cho, xuxu or christophene ring a bell. They all refer to this versatile gourd-like vegetable that is grown around the world and called by various names. Historically, it was a primary food of the Aztecs and Mayas.

What Exactly is a Merliton?

A merilton is an edible plant of the Curcurbitaceae (gourd) family along with melons, cucumbers and squash. It is grown on a vine. It looks like a light green large pear, similar in color to a Granny Smith apple. The inside is a lighter color with a soft large seed.

A merliton can be fixed in as many ways as a sweet potato. It can be stuffed, fried, bake, mashed, creamed, pickled and buttered. The filling makes a great custard pie. It can be eaten raw and served cold in salads. It makes a great tasting soup and merliton fritters are a popular substitute for pancakes.

Many say that merlitons can be substituted for any recipe requiring squash. But I would add, for any recipe calling for sweet potatoes as well.

Merlitons are a low calorie vegetable, only 40 calories per cup. They are also low in sodium and a good source of fiber. They are rich in amino acids and vitamin C.

How Does A Merliton Taste?

It tastes good! A merliton tastes similar to summer squash, but a little sweeter. The outside texture is a cross between a potato and a cucumber. The inside is more similar to an eggplant. I prefer it cooked, but many eat it raw or pickled.

A great low calorie snack is to cut into strips and boil. Marinate with low fat salad dressing in the refrigerator. The strips make a great snack when looking for something quick to munch on.

Where Do I Buy One and Why Are Merlitons So Great?

Although merlitons were native to Mexica and Central America, they are now grown over the world. They can be found in ethnic markets including Asian, Indian, Philippian, Caribbean, and Latin American. They may be found in your local “super” supermarket, but most likely are not called a merliton.

Merlitons are great because they taste so good and can be fixed so many different ways. But best of all most people have never heard of them. I live in Texas and for me they are my secret weapons. When I want to WOW my friends with my cooking prowess, I cook a dish with merlitons. My Cajun merliton and shrimp soup has my neighbors begging for more!

Source by Dianna Eure Smith

Removing Whipped Cream Stains on the Rug

Whip cream is really great to eat either straight out of the can or as a topping on your pancake or ice cream. Kids and adults alike love to eat whip cream and it’s surely for a good reason. Not only is it delicious and improves the taste of the food you add it to, it is also really fun to eat and use.

But whip cream can sometimes get spilled on your rug which can create a real mess. It can leave behind a stain or spot which will make your rug unattractive. You don’t want your rug’s appearance to be ruined thus you need to take the proper steps to clean up this mess effectively. Here is a guide that you can use in order to remove the whip cream stains on your rug.

1. Remove the whip cream spilled on your rug by scooping it up using a dull knife or spoon. Remember not to rub or wipe the spill since this will only cause it to spread to other parts of the rug.

2. The next step is to get some water and to dilute the stain with it. Just add a few drops of water to help make the stain lighter and make it easier to get rid of. After adding the water, use a paper towel to blot the area to dry it up.

3. Next, you must prepare a cleaning agent that will be used to eliminate the stain or spot on your rug. This can be done very easily by mixing a teaspoon of vinegar with a cup of warm water. The vinegar works great in removing stains on the rug and it will be effective in removing the whip cream stain that you are having trouble with.

4. Apply the cleaning solution you have create onto the whip cream stain on your rug and then let it set for about three minutes. Then start blotting the area with a clean white cloth. This will be really helpful in removing the stain from the rug fibers and eventually you will be able to get your rug back to normal.

5. Flush out any residue that could get left behind your rug by applying some clean water onto the area where the stain used to be. Then, dry it completely using a clean rag or towel.

You see, whip cream stains shouldn’t be a major concern for you any longer. Just try out the steps above and you’ll definitely get your rug in tip top shape in no time.

Source by Johnny D Sol

A Larger Penis – Are There Actually Foods That Will Make My Penis Grow? (I Didn’t Know This)

Are you interested to know if there are foods that will make your penis grow bigger? If you are…..JOIN the group..:-) There are literally THOUSANDS of men searching online every month for EXACTLY that, and one of the more common questions we get from our article submissions is on this very issue. So let’s take a quick look at separating FACT from fiction on the path to pursue a more powerful penis, and see how we can help YOU get the sort of size you so desperately crave. Read on..:-)

Foods For Penis Enlargement – Here is ALL You Really Need to Know…..

The real truth about foods, and penis enlargement is this: Some foods have powerful anti-oxidants which HELP facilitate blood vessel dilation, which allows MORE blood to travel through to your important organs. More blood in the corposa cavernosa (the primary penile chamber) means thicker and fuller erections which is what we ALL want…and of course, in a complete natural (and tasty) way to boot..:-)

Okay – So WHICH Foods Are These Exactly?

Believe it or not, DARK chocolate has been proven in some lab tests to help with fuller erections. So too have the powerful anti-oxidants in green tea, some fish oils (which can be bought in pill form, or found naturally in Salmon, Sardines, and other “oily” fish)as well as dark fruits like blackberries and more. Pretty impressive, right? It true…but HERE is the rub: Please avoid male enhancement “pills” which promise these results, as they are completely UNPROVEN, and the best results have been gotten from the natural ingredients themselves. In conjunction with natural exercise…this very well MAY be the perfect combination for FAST and easy penis enlargement you can count on.

And as always…the more you KNOW, the more You GROW!

Source by Amos Amsterdam

20 Easy to Learn Tips for Your Camping Trip

If you’re new to camping, it can be a frightful experience to live in and amongst nature after spending your whole life in the comforts and luxury of civilization. But fear not! Follow these camping tips to make your camping experience full of stories about nature hikes and comradery with friends and not about waking up to hundreds of bug bites or sleeping out in the cold.

1. Your Rake Has More Than Just One Use

You can use it to cook all your hot dogs at the same time. This works if you don’t have a grill.

2. No Need for Lunchboxes

Pack any type of food in foil. This keeps the food fresh for a long time if wrapped correctly.

3. Conserve Matches

Using Vaseline, coat a ball of cotton and wrap it in aluminum foil. This can last for up to 10 minutes.

4. Try This for a Firestarter

Dip circular cotton pads in wax. It’s that simple.

5. Create Your Own Torch

Fill an empty Altoids tin with cardboard then add wax on top.

6. Create a Makeshift Grill

All you need is an old or unused egg carton and charcoal. Put the charcoal into the egg carton. You’re good to go.

7. Don’t Lose Your Keys

Especially in boating activities, attach your key(s) to a cork.

8. Carry Your Pre-Made Pancakes

Prior to your camping day, make your pancake batter and store enough batter for each pancake in plastic bags, then freeze them.

9. Use Rosemary in Place of Marinade

Place the rosemary beneath the meat and directly above the charcoal.

10. Got valuables?

Make a fairly deep hole in your soap and fit them safely inside. If it works for the Boy Scouts, it can work for you.

11. Keep Your Toilet Paper Protected

Take a can that is equivalent to the size of the toilet roll. Cut a fairly long slit along the can. Put the roll into the can and seal it with the lead.Useful Tips and Tricks to Make

12. Create Your Own Lantern

Strap a head lamp to either an old soda bottle or gallon jug of water. This will ‘magnify’ the light and keep your tent well lit.

13. No Need for Speakers

Instead of packing your phone’s separate plugin speaker, simply place your phone in a mug. This will work perfectly, provided the mug is ceramic.

14. Natural Repellents Work Best

If your campsite is infested with mosquitoes, don’t waste money on repellants. Sage is a natural herb that keeps mosquitoes away when it comes into contact with fire.

15. Easiest Way to Pack Your Spice

Your food doesn’t need to be bland just because you’re camping. A Tic Tac container is the best way to store whatever spice(s) you may have in mind.

16. Heading to a Cold Campsite?

Put on the clothes you intend to wear the next day and climb into your sleeping bag. While you sleep at night you’re actually warming your clothes. This trick works best, especially during winter.

17. No Kindler? Use Doritos

If you’ve ever done this, you know that Doritos are a great way to kindle fire. Do this if you’re not having much luck lighting damp wood.

18. No Need for a Coffee Maker

All you need is a coffee filter and dental floss. Put your desired amount of coffee into the coffee filter and use the dental floss to tie it up. This will act somewhat like a teabag.

19. Conserve Soap

Peel your bar of soap into thin slices which you can use for each bath you take.

20. Zipping Made Easier

Attach a keyring to small sized zippers that give you a problem when you’re wearing mittens or gloves.

Source by Bob Tom