Notes From the Couch – Dragons Live Forever – What is Your Legacy?

My mother’s father passed away when I was only six years old; he left this world way too soon. My grandfather sucked the marrow out of life and derived pleasure from the simplest of things. He was a playful man with a fierce passion for life. He had a gift of presence and lived each day as if it were his last. He ate the foods he loved up until the end of his life, despite the associated health risks. He preferred to enjoy the moment regardless of the future implications of his choices. Impulsive and carefree, he gravitated towards adventure and radiated charisma.

My grandfather was a true character, magnificent and larger than life. He wore stylish fedoras, smoked cigars and drove a Cadillac. He played the piano, bet on horses and charmed women. One of many children born to Russian immigrant parents, my grandfather was a baby when he arrived at Ellis Island with his family. He worked his fingers to the bone as furrier, chemicals burning his fingers as his passion for life burned deep inside his soul. His pockets were always empty, yet he carried himself like a wealthy man. When diabetes and heart disease descended upon him, my grandfather ordered a hot fudge sundae with a side of cheesecake. He then threw back his head and laughed, his big rosy cheeks glowing and a trace of mischief dancing in his eyes. Through my grandfather I learned how to harness the joy of the present moment.

My mother’s mother lived to see the ripe old age of ninety two. She was a solid and sturdy woman who survived many hardships including the great depression and prolonged, intense poverty. She saved her pennies and asked for very little in the way of material possessions. She cried once because she was too poor to afford new hangers for her clothing. During her youth she cried often because life was a constant struggle. Yet through it all, she prevailed and raised her children in the face of adversity, finding pleasure in the simple things, like a good night’s sleep or a fresh piece of meat from the butcher. She loved to dance and smile and often reminded me that “no man is worth a woman’s tears.”

My grandmother never owned expensive jewelry, rarely traveled and lived a quiet life with my grandfather. They loved to take long drives, exploring new neighborhoods and laughing together over silly things. Despite her lack of material wealth, my grandmother was a rich woman- a true survivor and a pillar of strength. She taught me about the beauty of a smile and the importance of fortitude. She has been gone over four years now, but I still feel her constant presence as a guiding force in my life.

My father’s father was a creative and playful man with a remarkable sense of humor. He was a chameleon of sorts; a writer, painter, and a salesman, in addition to many other hobbies and endeavors during the course of his life. With my grandfather, imaginary fleas came to life with unique names like Feelix and Feeli; they liked to dine in Chinese restaurants and march to a comical theme song called “The Flugal Flea.” I eagerly awaited his surprise tickle attacks and enjoyed watching him draw animated pictures with pastel crayons.

I have often heard it said that the loss of a grandparent reflects the loss of childhood. Just as little Jackie Paper kept a lookout perch on Puff the Magic Dragon’s gigantic tail, I maintained my own childhood perch inside my grandfather’s enchanted world of fantasy images until he, like puff, fell ill and ceased his fearless roar. My grandfather left me with the wonderful gift of creative inspiration.

Several times each year I drive south to visit my final surviving grandparent- my father’s mother in Clearwater, Florida. Seated at grandma’s kitchen table or in folding chairs on her cozy back porch, our visits typically entail card games and Rummy-Cub challenges interspersed with laughter, witty banter and nostalgic conversation.

As a small child visiting my grandmother I enjoyed long leisurely bubble baths, chocolate kisses hiding at the bottom of my milk glass, and Sunday morning pancakes. Grandma taught me to needlepoint, sing songs and float on my back. When I burst into tears at the top of a Ferris wheel, she was there at the bottom, ready to comfort me. When my ice cream cone fell into my lap, she dried my tears and surprised me with a new one. With grandma I always felt adored, cherished and unconditionally loved.

I admire my grandmother for her refined demeanor, enduring patience and flawless integrity. She has always been my rock and my compass; a trusted and soothing backdrop resting quietly against the rugged terrain of my life. Despite all of the changes in my life beginning in middle childhood and continuing through early adulthood with my parents’ divorce, frequent geographic relocations, the college years, professional challenges and romantic woes, grandma’s home provided a peaceful oasis amidst a sea of chaos and loss.

Moving through adolescence and into adulthood, grandma’s home has been the only place in my life capable of satisfying my constant yearning for a sense of connection to the past. My childhood photographs and mementos have remained in fixed locations through the years. Like a lighthouse on a foggy night, the familiar sights, sounds and smells of my grandmother’s home provided a sense of integration and comfort when my life felt splintered and fragmented. She taught me the value of family ties, patience and integrity.

Presence, fortitude, the beauty of a smile, creative inspiration, patience and integrity are my legacy; the six prongs of wisdom I carry with me as eternal gifts from my grandparents. If you find yourself in troubled times, facing a challenge or battling inner turmoil and despair, I encourage you to go back to basics and reacquaint yourself with your roots. Close your eyes and experience a spiritual visit with your own parents/grandparents. Dust off the old photo albums, find your departed loved ones and look deep into their eyes. What unique gifts have they left behind for you to claim?

Even in the toughest of times when you feel most alone, you are not an island. Rooted firmly in your own heritage, these gifts are your birthright. You are forever connected to a long line of those whose shoulders you stand on, and those who will follow in your footsteps. If you are familiar with the story of Puff the Magic Dragon, you may recall that “a dragon lives forever but not so little boys.” You are not a magic dragon, but your fearless roar-the voice of your soul- can last a lifetime. What legacy would you like to leave behind after you have gone?

Source by Risa Mason-Cohen

Nutrisystem Food Examples – Here’s a Look at Some of My Favorites

As this is the time of year when we all start to think about finally dropping those extra pounds, I’ve started getting emails asking me about some of the specifics of the Nutrisystem diet. I’ve been getting many questions asking me about what types of foods you are allowed to eat, how this food taste, and if the variety and convenience are there. In an attempt to answer these concerns, I’m going to give you some examples of some of my favorite Nutrisystem meals (as well as a sample menu) to hopefully give you a better idea of what types of food choices you have on this diet.

Examples Of My Favorite Nutrisystem Breakfast Foods: Breakfast is very important to me and this diet is sort of unique in that it does limit the amount of “bad” carbs that you consume, but you still get to eat foods that would otherwise be off limits like cereals, breads, and sweets. They have modified the foods to be more “glycemic friendly,” but the results do not taste bad and it’s very attractive to be able to have these choices.

The sorts of foods on the breakfast menu are foods like: muffins (banana nut, blueberry, cinnamon bun, and chocolate;) scones (apple strudel and chocolate chip;) cold cereals (granola, crispy rice, squares, and frosted crunch;) hot cereals (apple cinnamon oatmeal and brown sugar oatmeal;) as well as some egg and pancake dishes.

I pretty much enjoy all of the breakfast foods, but my favorites are the pancakes and the muffins. I end up eating the cereals the most though because they are the quickest and allow for me to be out the door quickly. Most of these morning foods are in the 100 calorie range with under 5 grams of sugar. They encourage you to add a fresh sides like some fruit to the cereal or yogurt with the muffins.

Examples Of A Nutrisystem Lunch: There are a lot of foods like: soups (chicken noodle, minestrone, and vegetable beef;) salads (Caesar, chicken, and tuna;) and pasta / rice dishes (red beans and rice, rice and sausage, and cheese tortellini) on the lunch menu. You’re looking at around 200 calories with these entrees and again you will be encouraged to add a fresh side. There’s also granola bars and a turkey hot dog, all of which I really like. I also like the rice and sausage and tortellini.

Sample Nutrisystem Dinners: The dinners are where you get to eat the comfort foods like ravioli, pizza, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, fajitas, hamburgers, pepper steak, and bar b que pork. There are a lot of choices here, but these are some of my favorites. Dinner is where you’re allowed the most calories. You’re looking at the mid to high 200 calorie range. But still, once you add up your three meals, snacks and desserts and sides, you should still be somewhere in the 1200 calorie range which is about where you want to be to make relatively quick work of the weight loss.

Nutrisystem Dessert And Snack Items: As I have a sweet tooth, these are probably my favorite foods in the entire diet. Yes, the portion sizes are small here, but at least you get to have these things. There’s chocolate cake, cookies, “candy” bars, pudding, snack mixes, pretzels, and chips, as a few examples. They all resemble the non diet foods relatively closely meaning that you pretty much look forward to them when you are on this diet, at least I do.

A Day’s Worth Of Food On The Nutrisystem Diet (A Sample Menu:) Here’s a sample day of foods for this diet. For breakfast, you might have pancakes with fruit. You may have lunch consisting of sausage and rice (with a salad on the side.) You’re mid day snack might be cheese puffs and a diet soda. For dinner, you’d have sour dough pizza with salad. For dessert, you might chose the diet’s strawberry short cake. In my opinion, this is really not at all bad. I’ve certainly had worse in terms of taste, variety, and restrictions.

The nice thing about this plan is that you are eating quite regularly, you do get to eat the foods that you’re probably eating now (with some modifications,) and you’re still lowering your calories and carbs enough to get into ketosis and hopefully lose a decent amount of weight relatively rapidly.

Source by Ava Alderman

What Can I Eat at Holiday Or Cocktail Parties and Stay Trim? Take This Healthy Eating List With You

The holidays are approaching and at this time of year a healthy eating schedule often goes out the window. However, you don’t particularly want to put on five pounds and feel like a stuffed turkey. So what kinds of foods can still be part of a healthy eating schedule when invited to those frequent parties? Memorize the list below or put it in your pocket or purse when going to a party. And remember even gorging on the good stuff can still make you uncomfortable and can cause tiredness after eating.If none of these following goodies are at the party, eat small amounts of the foods that you feel contain healthy nutrients. You’ll feel better (and stay trim).

Shrimp, not breaded

Chicken satay


Raw Vegetables (fill up on these) – small amount of dip

Grilled vegetables in moderation


White cheese (a couple of pieces)

Whole wheat or rice crackers

Nuts – small amount of almonds, filberts – cashews in moderation

Chick peas

Water with lemon or lime

Orange juice, tomato juice, soda water with lemon

Red wine – in moderation

Limit or Avoid Empty Calories:

Hors d’oeuvres with a pastry coating or batter – i.e. – mushroom puffs, quiche, potato pancakes, little hot dogs in blankets

Potato chips

Salted pretzels, other munchies such as cheesies- (non foods)

Chocolate or shortbread (have one piece of each, only if you can stop at one)

White flour products – crackers, cakes, crepes, cookies (low in nutrients)

Hard drinks

Rationale: Anything fried, battered is fattening and often made with white flour. Also, these foods may be made with a type of oil containing trans fatty acids, that are unhealthy. These treats can cause you to not only feel stuffed but also nauseated. They also do not qualify as foods that reduce cholesterol!

If you must try something, make sure it really tastes good and enjoy it – without guilt. Otherwise, if after the first bite you decide that it’s not worth it, don’t have any more. Don’t waste the calories on something that just tastes fair!

For nutrition health benefits and to avoid overeating, have a small snack before you go to the party such as fruit and nuts, a power bar, vegetable juice or a piece of chicken or cottage cheese and toast, or a half a sandwich. Concentrate on enjoying conversations. Notice when you’re getting full and try not to eat beyond that point. Most of all, enjoy the holidays!

Source by Rosalie Moscoe

As Seen on TV – Lowest Price

Today we experience many as seen on TV products. These items are popular for many reasons. I will briefly go over some of the more popular as seen on TV products. Let’s get to it.

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Source by James Mason