My Recommended Top 10 Things to Do in Kuching in 48 Hours

Many tourists like to visit Kuching city, fondly known as the Cat city in Sarawak, Malaysia. Some tourists come on their own based on Lonely Planet guide recommendations of where to go, see and experience. What better ways to experience the city than through a local person’s recommendations.

1. Upon checking in at the hotel in the morning, go for a Kuching city tour. If you follow one of those guided tour, the tour will bring you to the top of Civic Centre Tower for a panoramic view of Kuching city skyline, Sarawak Museum to learn about the past histories and then drive past the gigantic Cat Monument. Many tourists would stop by to take pictures. If you come during the Chinese New Year, the Cat could be seen wearing a traditional Chinese costume. If you come during the Ramadhan month where the muslims celebrate Hari Raya, the Cat would be wearing a green Malay costume. You will also get a glimpse of Kuching South city council, drive through Chinatown, visit Sarawak’s older Taoist Temple, Catholic church, pass through the Malay village and then visit the old State Mosque with 5 golden domes.

2. Next, you will go to one of those famous Sarawak Pottery Factory. If you visit it in the morning, you may get a chance to see the skilled workers carving the lamp, vase and etc. The tour will then end at Kuching Waterfront where most of the pre-colonial buildings are situated.

3. Next, you will go for souvenir shopping at Waterfront or along Gambier Road. You may even chance upon some antiques that you like to buy home.

4. In the afternoon, go visit Semenggoh Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. You may want to check with your guide or the travel agent counter the feeding time of these orang utans so that you can catch them in action.

5. You will then come back to city and have your dinner at Topspot Seafood Restaurant. There are several seafood centre for you to choose from. The dishes that you MUST order are stir fried midin, a local jungle fern stir fried with belacan, a type of prawn paste, bamboo clam fried in curry powder and oyster pancake.

6. The next day, you will have the famous Sarawak Laksa for breakfast. You can easily find stalls selling them at any of the coffee shops in the city. The food is spicy. If you cannot eat spicy food, then you are recommended to have Sarawak kolok mee for breakfast.

7. Then you will set off to Sarawak Cultural Village and spend the whole morning there. As it is almost an hour drive from the city, you are recommended to take shuttle service to there. You may purchase the shuttle service ticket at Grand Margherita Hotel entrance. Otherwise, you can easily inquire from the hotel receptionist. When you have reached Sarawak Cultural Village, do visit the various ethnic houses and do not miss the cultural performances. You should be back in the city by noon time.

8. You will then have stir fried tomato noodles for lunch. It is a specialty dish available only in Sarawak.

9. Next, you may want to go for a foot massage by this blind masseur located beside Mc Donald outlet opposite Grand Margherita Hotel. The service is not expensive.

10. Then you head for dinner at any of the fine city restaurants in Kuching. Some of my recommended restaurants are Jambu Air, Magenta and several others.

After an evening of fine dining, you will head back to hotel to catch a flight home the next day.

Source by Sandy S K

A Low Impact Wedding

Doing something very different is often far more memorable than doing the “normal”. Planning and preparing for a low-impact wedding will bring such pleasure and GRACE to your nuptial experience. Surprisingly, you will probably find you can also save an immense amount of money for example; this is the amount of money some couple used for their wedding:

$ 420 – Attire

$ 170 – Ceremony location and cost of officiant

$ 225 – Reception site rental and linens

$ 585 – Food and Drink for 100 people (we had a pancake and Mimosa brunch)

$ 210 – Stationary (Paper, ink, envelopes and stamps)

$ 25 – Flowers and Decorations

$ 5 – Music (We had a friend play his Cello for the wedding)

$2300 – Photographer

$ 300 – Wedding rings

$ 150 – Gifts for our attendants and other helpful individuals

$ 125 – Wedding Favors – Etched wine glasses


$4515 Total cost of wedding

With the average cost of a US wedding running at around $20,000 it seems obvious that weddings have a huge footprint, both ecological and economical. Going green doesn’t?

What about having a very small, immediate family wedding, a larger reception (but still small) and a green voluntary honeymoon (separate article)? Wow! Let’s see how that can be done and still have an incredibly memorable experience.

OK, you want to be married in Costa Rica on the South coast. Everything is already naturally GREEN. How can you have a wedding that barely impacts the environment. Find a hotel equipped to handle your very special green wedding.

  1. You can totally eliminate stationary by using the Internet, Facebook or if you must use paper, use recycled “green” paper with natural dye inks. If you use the Internet or Facebook maybe you might want to make the background green. Also, be sure to indicate that you are hosting a green wedding in small print some place on the page.
  2. Set up a website for RSVP’s.
  3. Flowers should be readily available in any hotel with lush gardens. At the most all could be decorated lavishly with leaves and flowers and bouquet for very little. Most should be free.
  4. Material stores in Costa Rica sell material very suitable for a wedding dress. A dress to your taste could be made by a local seamstress for a minimal amount of money. Or. you could bring a heirloom dress, or, since we are very tropical you might want a very light long beautiful sundress. In Costa Rica there are stores called “Ropa Americana” and it is even possible to find a suitable dress for several dollars.
  5. Catering the wedding is always doable and should easily be 1/3 of the cost in the States. If you want to go totally green you could have a raw food wedding, or even vegetarian. There are local beers available and local wine makers. Having a keg of beer, wine and water would avoid bottles and plastic waste. Also, by using re-useable glasses, plates and dinner ware you will be doing your part in preventing unnecessary waste.
  6. While it is traditional to give a small gift to the guests, you could provide a small plant or a flower depending if they lived here or were visiting. Or, giving a small gift from the local economy would aid aa local merchant.
  7. Photography can be hired by a local photographer. Because so much cost and paper are involved in traditional methods of wedding photography, your family and friends could all be asked to bring their cameras and take pictures. Create a website for all to upload to and then everyone could download and have copies of the pictures they wanted. And for sure.
  8. You may want to find an Eco-Logde type of hotel, small, elegant and green.
  9. Plan a daytime wedding in natural light. Find a hotel with an outdoor Rancho, perfect for the small outdoor, green wedding. The Rancho is a multi-purpose space that is open but covered in case of rain or blazing sun. (With a daytime wedding, you will be saving electricity.

Another option would be to ask a good friend to be the photographer and take all the pictures. Again, download to a single website to view and distribute.

A wedding like this, kept small and green and very conscience could be done for very little money…only the hotel rooms, facility rental, food and beverage, minimal costs for dress, flowers and drink. The best part is you would remember how hard you and others worked to create minimal impact on the environment and you would be married feeling good about doing your part to keep that small piece of the world in time and space green.

Source by Rosemary Mac Gregor

Guide To Baltimore – Outdoor Activities

Baltimore is a city teaming with natural trails and beautiful landscapes. An outdoor vacation is what this place is all about, with many naturally beautiful wonders waiting to be discovered in Calvart Cliffs State Park, Savage River State Forest, Janes Island State Park and many more wildernesses here. You can enjoy the outdoors in protected isolation, as this place offers a long list of adventure and leisure opportunities to its visitorswith activities such as camping, biking hiking and more with just a cheap ticket to Baltimore. Here is a list of outdoor activities you can enjoy in Baltimore.

Ride the Rail Trails. The state of Maryland has more than a dozen of these railroad trails. As more and more railroad tracks went obsolete, they were paved and converted into flat bike trails. This provides a wonderful opportunity to be amidst nature and view Baltimore first hand. This is very popular activity amongst the tourists. It will keep you close to your fitness goals as well as help you enjoy your trip at the same time. This is especially good as vacations are where we dwindle away from our diets and indulge in criminally high calorie feasts.

Appalachian Trail. This is a fairly easy hike if you are an active person. This is a 40-mile hiking trail from Pen-Mar to the Potomac River. This is a very scenic trail and you can take several pictures here. Being here will make you relive it again and again as you realize being in nature can be so beautiful.

Assateague Island. This is a one of a kind get away. Just outside the city this island is full of wild horses and serene beaches. It is a perfect place to have some alone time to reverberate on your life and goals. You get to see wild horses here -it is a very Hollywood sequel experience.

Smith Island. This is an island a short ferry ride away from mainland. This is famous for it’s delicious layered pancakes and the wilderness that is not yet messed with. This offers a sneak peak into the world as it was intended to be by mother nature.

Gunpowder river tubing. This is a local annual event where everyone rides a tube down the cold waters of the river. This is especially a good way to beat the summer heat and have some fun. The river is not to worry about with just a few light rapids. Shuttle services are available to take you back up river once you are done.

Camping at Green Ridge Forest. This is a few hours away from the city. This is a dream come true place for outdoor lovers. Here you can camp in the primitive forest sites and can go fishing and paddle boating. The place is very picturesque and elevating.

Marathon. The state hosts more than a dozen marathons every year. Along with the marathons, ultra marathons, trail runs, 15ks, 10ks and other running events are scheduled every weekend. This is a very good place to get your running shoes on and get along other fellow runners to enjoy the natural beauty this place has to offer.

Being in nature is a luxury nowadays and one must enjoy such experiences whenever possible. Living in the cities we are drifting away from natural living, this is what we can correct on nature-centric vacations in places like Baltimore.

Source by Jack T Parker