Oatstraw For Your Nerves

Women! Are you stressed out and overworked? Do you feel like you have one nerve left and that person next to you standing on it? Do you feel on edge, exhausted and stretched beyond your limits?

I have good news for you. There are many natural herbs that nourish your body. One is oatstraw, a soothing and calming herb that nourishes those frayed nerves. What is oatstraw? This herb is the same plant that produces your breakfast oats. It is full of magnesium and calcium, perfect for calming those nerves.

It has gentle but yet powerful properties for healing the nerve cells and restoring the nervous system. When you feel frazzled and out of sorts, drink oatstraw infusion throughout the day. It will nourish and tone those nerves. You can also end the day with an oatstraw bath, soaking in all that calming oat goodness.

Do you toss and turn at night from nervous exhaustion? Drink a cup of infusion before you go to sleep and then again before breakfast. After about 2 weeks you should notice you are sleeping better. It even eliminates leg cramps!

You can make an infusion by pouring boiling water over 1 oz. Oatstraw herb in a quart canning jar. Let it set overnight or for about 8-10 hours. Mix with raw honey and ice for a refreshing drink. You can also mix it with your other favorite herbal teas.

Oh, and for that bath? Take a quart of infusion and mix it with your bathwater. Soak for at least 20 minutes. It will nourish and rejuvenate those nerves.

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How to Flavor Barley, Cooking Ideas For This Healthy Whole Grain

Barley is a plant that can withstand extremes in temperature and has a short growing season. About 95% of the barley grown in America is used for animal food or to make beer. Like all grains the outer husk of barley must be removed to make it edible. Whole grain barley (hulled barley) is the most nutritious form and the best to buy.

Unfortunately, most grocery stores carry pearled barley, which is more processed. The size determines how much of the bran and germ have been removed. The larger the pearl, the less it has been milled and the more nutrients and fiber it has retained. Whole grain barley can be found at health food stores. It has three times as much protein as rice, and like oats it can help lower cholesterol. You should also know that it contains small amounts of gluten.

You can get barley flakes and cook it as an alternative to hot oatmeal. Like oatmeal, it can be spiced with cinnamon and complemented with raisins or berries. You may also use it as a substitute for oats when making cookies. Bob’s Red Mill is one producer that includes the bran and germ and, thus, maintains the grain’s nutritional value. Without these parts, you are left with the same starch as found in white flour.

Speaking of flour, you may substitute up to ½ cup of barley flour for every 2-3 cups of regular flour called for in a bread or other recipe. Try this easy muffin recipe, which uses just barley flour. Whisk together 1 cup of barley flour with 1½ teaspoon of baking powder, ¼ teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Separately beat together an egg, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and ½ cup of water. Add the dry ingredients and stir in 1/3 cup of raisins. Bake at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes (until browned) by filling muffin liners half full. It should make 6 muffins. Like white flour, barley flour may be used as a thickener. Try it the next time you make a gravy or sauce.

You end up having to cook whole-grain barley longer than the pearl barley. It can take up to double the time to cook, in fact, which I’m guessing is why it hasn’t become as popular as other starches. You can reduce the time by soaking it overnight (if you are good about planning ahead). However, a pressure cooker will reduce the time to about 40 minutes. While other grains double in size when cooked, barley expands to about four times its grain size.

Because it takes so long to cook, most recipes require that you make it before adding it to other foods, unless you are using a crock pot. So if you are just adding it to stews, soups, salads or casseroles, you need to cook it first. It has a great nutty taste that is hard not to like. Combine it with parsnips to expand that nutty flavor. For vegetarians it also adds a chewy texture that makes up for the lack of meat. Adding beans to the pot makes for a complete protein and makes for more leftovers.

If you have a favorite recipe that involves potatoes or rice or pasta, give it an added twist by substituting these starches with barley. It will be a nice surprise for both you and your family. Barley can handle any kind of spice you want to throw at it, whether it involves hot peppers or lightly aromatic herbs. I like using Szechuan peppers with barley, along with thyme and sage. Whether you sweeten the flavor with cinnamon for breakfast or use it in a hardy soup, feel free to spice up barley with any of your favorite seasonings.

Source by Linda Murdock

Oatstraw Tea For Osteoporosis

Oatstraw (Avena sativa) is the stem and the milky grain of the oat plant (the same one you get oatmeal from). It is packed with calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and C. In fact, your body can assimilate the calcium easier from herbs than it can from many of the calcium pills on the market. If you want a calcium supplement, just drink a cup of tea a day. Oatstraw can be taken any time of your life. It is a gentle herb and can be blended with other herbal teas.

This herb is favored by herbalists for building and maintaining strong healthy bones. It mends the bones and makes them more pliable. Drink a quart of oatstraw infusion a day and take an oatstraw bath a couple of times a week to help your bones heal from breaks, cancer, osteoporosis and rickets. It improves bone density while nourishing your nervous system.

You can make a tea or an infusion from oatstraw. A tea is made with boiling water poured over the herb and steeped for about 5-10 minutes. Infusions are made like tea, but they set for a longer time to extract more of the vitamins and minerals from the herb for healing.

Here’s how I make an Oatstraw Infusion:
1 oz oatstraw
1 quart canning jar

Put 1 oz of oatstraw in a quart canning jar. Pour boiling water to fill the jar. Put the lid on and let it set out overnight or about 8-10 hours.

Strain off the herb and you can drink right away, or drink it iced or blended with other teas like raspberry. To make a bath, simply pour a quart of infusion in your bath water and soak in it 1-2 times a week.

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Source by Shanna Ohmes

Natural Remedies to Stop Smoking Today

If you prefer the alternative way to stop smoking, you will find the natural remedies to stop smoking below useful

* Ginger – You can use ginger to conquer nausea, one of the commonest signs of stop smoking. Smokers, trying to quit, experience nausea in the first few days to weeks of dropping off cigarettes. If not quickly checked with ginger, nausea can cause a relapse, a situation that will not be too good. The ginger root also aids digestion.

* Lobelia – Like ginger, Lobelia assists in overpowering nausea. It also produces feelings similar to nicotine on the brain and usually relaxes the body. Even though it’s a stand-in for nicotine, Lobelia is not addictive.

*Oats – This home remedy works by getting rid of the toxins and making the body recover from the lack of nicotine. To prepare oats, add two cups of boiled water to a tablespoon of ground oats. Cover it overnight and then boil it for 10 minutes. Drink the mixture a few hours after your main meals every day. Avoid taking the mixture at night.

*Orange and Grape Juice – The acid content of both the orange and grape juices helps to do away with the nicotine in the body. They can help you stop smoking.

*Grape Seed Extract- This is a vital home remedy. It repairs the harm done to the lungs by several years of smoking.

* Supplements – Consuming supplements like green tea, apple cider vinegar and chlorophyll helps because they cleanse the body of toxins.

*Healthy Diet – By nature, smoking robs addicts of the essential nutrients in food. It also makes them lose energy, so, when you are attempting to drop off cigarettes, endeavor to eat healthy meals.

* Water – Water is a detoxifier as well as a powerful cleanser. Consuming it during nicotine withdrawal helps battle cravings and reduces the withdrawal symptoms. Also, it helps to get rid of the nicotine in the body system.

*Cayenne – Get rid of nicotine urges by making use of cayenne to deaden the respiratory linings to nicotine and other substances contained in the smoke. Cayenne also works as an antioxidant that soothes your lung membranes and assists to stop further harm. Your longing for a cigarette are also lessened by the hot spicy taste of cayenne.

*Honey – Honey is exceptionally rich in ingredients that will assist the body recuperate faster. Don’t forget the body has been badly damaged by smoking. It contains vitamins, proteins and enzymes which make dropping off cigarettes easy.

* Orange juice mixed with cream of tartar -This can help decrease your hunger for smoking a cigarette. Every time you feel like lighting up, add one half spoon of tartar in a glass of orange juice and swallow it. When you do this often, it will reduce your cigarette urges to a point where you will no longer want to smoke. It is advisable you gulp this mixture every night before sleeping.

Source by Jane Allen

Penis Enlargement Tips To Make Your Penis Size Bigger

The main reason of this article is to help men who want to increase their penis size. Before starting up, very important thing to keep in mind that the process of penile enlargement is a marathon, therefore patience is very important factor to achieve any positive result. The aim of this article is to give you some tips that help to make the journey little less difficult and more enjoyable.

Penis enlargement is not an overnight process. It takes some time so don’t give up. Result may be very for different people, some people can get quick results compare to others.

Warm up is necessary before doing any exercise. So, before starting penis enlargement exercises you must do some warp up.

It is a good idea to do PC flexes exercise (kegels) during all the day, whenever you have time. This simple looking exercise produces some very good result to increase your penis size.

Many people think that over is always better but it is not true in terms of over doing a penis enlargement exercises. Over workouts can not benefit you in any way, so do not over do it. A 20 to 40 minute workout is a good idea to get any positive result. During your schedule it is advisable to take at least one day off in a week.

10 reps of The Ferrari trio each, 12 minute stretching and 200 to 300 reps of jelqing exercise is a good workout. After few days when you get use to these exercises it don’t take too much time and trust that it will help you to increase your penis size. I tell you that my workout exercise is only take 25 minute to complete. Though I still try to increase length but in just 15 days of workout I manage to get 1/4 of an inch thicker and 1/2 inch long penis.

Apple and pineapple is a very good fruit to eat. Anything with oats like oatmeal is beneficial for penis enlargement. Chicken is also helpful to increase your penis size because it discharges testosterone into main blood stream. These all little things help a lot to increase a penis size. Drinking a full glass of water before going to bad is also beneficial to increase sex power and erections. It really helps me a lot.

Before doing penis exercise, keep your penis loose, it’s very difficult but you have to. Experience says that for better result do penis exercises when your penis is in loose condition. Try it yourself and you will see the positive result in couple of weeks. Usually workout for 2 days and take a rest of 1 day. Work out on the same part is very good idea but does that with different kind of exercise. Just similar to one day you use one kind of exercise when you twist and another day use different type of penis exercise. This all little but very powerful techniques help to make your penis much thicker and stronger.

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Type 2 Diabetes – Five Foods to Avoid When You Have Diabetes

While convenience foods serve the purpose of being well, convenient, they are not the healthiest option for anyone. Convenience foods are often full of added sodium, sugar, and artificial ingredients. Convenience foods can also pack in a hefty dose of refined carbohydrates throwing your blood sugar out of whack.

Here are the top convenience foods that raise your blood sugar…

1. Frozen Dinners. Frozen dinners are notorious for containing tons of added sodium, not to mention additives. It is best to skip these and make as much of your food as you can. If you are short on time, try tossing together a salad with a lot of vegetables and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

2. Soda and Juice. Both soda and juice are loaded with sugar! So don’t be fooled about diet soda. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners which are just as harmful as refined sugar. Skip the soda and fruit juice, and choose plain sparkling water sweetened with a splash of fresh lemon or lime juice.

3. Granola Bars. While often thought of as healthy snack choices, granola bars can contain as much added sugar as a candy bar! If granola bars are your go-to snack, then be sure to read the nutrition label, and skip anything that lists sugar as one of the first ingredients. Try sticking to a granola bar that is naturally sweetened with ingredients such as dried fruit, raw honey, or pure maple syrup.

4. Flavored Yogurt. While a convenient breakfast or snack choice, flavored yogurts are heavy on the sugar. The good news is you can still enjoy yogurt; choose full-fat unsweetened Greek yogurt and sweeten it yourself with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey.

5. Protein Shakes. While not all protein shakes are unhealthy, many protein powders contain added sugar and artificial ingredients. Added unhealthy ingredients can be hard on the digestive system, can trigger inflammation, and can also cause blood sugar imbalances. If you do like to enjoy a protein shake as a convenient snack, try to stick to a protein powder free from added ingredients: protein powder such as collagen protein, or hemp protein.

While convenience foods can make eating on the go easy, they are not all healthy and can lead to a host of issues when it comes to balancing blood sugar levels. Skip the foods on this list, and choose one of the following healthier convenient food options…

  • a piece of fruit with a handful of nuts,
  • full-fat unsweetened yogurt with fruit,
  • a bowl of overnight oats, or
  • avocado toast.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

Greek Yogurt: Your Blank Canvas for Healthier, Easier, More Delicious Meals

Looking for something that’s versatile, easy to use, and can improve your health while saving you money? Sound impossible? It’s not when you have Greek Yogurt and recipes on your side! Forget about spending lots of money on those less-healthy pre-prepared yogurt cups when you can use a container of plain Greek yogurt and your own recipes. This fermented dairy product has beneficial probiotic bacteria, is lower in sugar, and provides protein for energy… but it does have a ‘tart’ flavor that’s not for everyone. That’s where recipes come in, because this creamy white food is your blank canvas for flavor and nutrition.

What is Greek Yogurt?

It’s the generic term for yogurt prepared by straining out most of the whey which makes it thicker and preserves the ‘sour’ or ‘tart’ taste. It is naturally lower in sugar than regular yogurt, and is made with beneficial live culture probiotic bacteria.

What type of Greek Yogurt should you look for?

Save money by selecting larger containers (not single-serve) of plain, unsweetened yogurt. You can scoop out however much you need for your recipe or serving. Any brand will work, but look for ‘live cultures’ for maximum benefit. Avoid “Greek-Style” because that can indicate added artificial thickeners, and avoid ‘no fat’ because the healthy fats in the regular yogurt help you absorb nutrients. This sets up your ideal clean slate for recipes.

You need recipes.

Greek yogurt lives up to its reputation for being ‘sour’ or ‘tart’. Plain Greek isn’t for everyone, (maybe you’ve tried it before) and kids especially aren’t going to choose it. With easy recipes, you’ll be surprised at how versatile it is. You can blend it in and make it undetectable, or have it as the star of the show from sweet to savory to frozen and more. Most containers don’t give much further hints than mixing in some ‘favorite fruit’, but that’s what articles are for: good ideas to get you started.

How about when the recipes are so easy, you can get an entire one in just a single sentence? If you’re meal prepping you can try this one on for size. Leave the peel on, and dice 1 sweet apple then, add it to ¼ cup water, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon raisins (golden or regular), 1 teaspoon chia seeds, 1/3 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 pinch of nutmeg & simmer on the stove for 8 minutes.

That’s it, that was the entire recipe & its instructions. Your yogurt topping is ready in 10 minutes and is much better for you because it is packed with fiber (apple peel & chia seeds) free from preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup or refined sugar, and you can change the taste simply by changing the type of apple. Since it’s make-ahead, this makes 2 servings you can keep in the fridge so breakfast (or snack) is at your fingertips when you put it on your Greek yogurt. (Add nuts for crunch!)

Yogurt for health

Of course, there’s the usual calcium for bone health, and protein for energy, but everybody knows about those. But how about boosting metabolism? “MedicalNewsToday” cites a study that suggests a higher protein diet may increase the amount of calories you might burn in a day. Probiotics are also on the list, they’re the beneficial bacteria that help you digest foods, stamp out invaders (like bad bacteria and viruses), and some of them even encourage your gut to produce serotonin, the chemical with the ability to reduce anxiety. Forget about side-effects, it’s time for side-benefits.

What doesn’t it have?

Fiber. Greek Yogurt is a fiber free food, and many people don’t get enough fiber in their diet… so what can you do? Have a consistent mix-in. Whenever you reach for the Greek, reach for the chia seeds. Unlike this yogurt they have zero flavor. Nobody can dislike them, and they’re packed with two kinds of fiber, plus their own protein, calcium and omega-3 oils. The seeds are also really tiny, they’re not going to get in the way of your soup, sauce, popsicle, smoothie, overnight oats, or spread. Cooked, raw or frozen, when you team up this yogurt and chia seeds, you’ll really be on track for healthy eating. Yet another benefit is knowing what probiotic bacteria eat to thrive and continue helping you… that’s right, it’s fiber! You can’t digest insoluble & soluble fiber, but these little helpers can. When you consume both at once, it’s a one-two-shot of nutritional power.

Because it isn’t flavor free like chia seeds, you do have to work with Greek Yogurt before you eat it. Fortunately it’s easy enough to play around with as you discover what you like best. It can go in pasta sauce for a touch of added creaminess (and the same thing in soups), you can use it in salad dressings (with the added benefit of healthy fats you’ll absorb more nutrients from the leafy greens-forget no-fat dressings!), and simply scooping a tablespoon or two into a smoothie is so easy.

However, it isn’t usually enough to simply ‘throw some fruit in’ and try to eat it. It isn’t regular yogurt, and you’re not going to convince any kids that way either. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to become a cook to be able to go beyond scooping and smoothies. If you’ve got a blender (of any type) you’re well on your way because you can add it to almost any home made popsicle recipe to make them creamy. (Like a banana, this yogurt doesn’t freeze solid very well, which yields the creamy texture) Overnight oats are also a smooth-textured creamy treat that’s ready for any busy morning.

This seems too simple to taste as amazing as it does but give this a ‘whirl’ in the blender jar: ¼ cup oats, ¼ cup almond milk, 1 teaspoon chia seeds, ½ cup Greek Yogurt, 1 frozen or fresh banana, 1 teaspoon vanilla, optional ½ teaspoon cinnamon and let sit over night, blend in the morning and enjoy. Of course, the mixture can also be frozen in pop-molds to be enjoyed later as well. If you’re interested in those pastel-colored smoothie bowls that are so popular on Instagram, Greek yogurt is a great way to achieve the hue you’re after, as well as the consistency to hold up the fancy toppings.

Recipe keys:

Where Greek Yogurt is thoroughly mixed in, is usually the best place for it. If you’re adding fruit, it’s better as a prepared somewhat-liquid topping, or all blended together like the recipe examples. This prevents too much of the tart flavor from ending up in a single bite. The best way to combat tart or ‘sour’ flavors is with natural sugars in fruits like bananas, raisins, pineapple & berries. In fact, you can have a tasty breakfast or snack if you mix ¼ cup Greek yogurt, ¼ cup pineapple slices (Fresh or frozen), about 4 fresh or frozen strawberries & a splash of plant milk in the blender. Going DIY with fresh or frozen fruit at home saves you from the really unhealthy levels of sweeteners companies add to their ‘fruit yogurt cups’. These days, what’s left out of the recipe can be as important as what you put in… when it comes to better health. With the guidelines & tips in place from this article, let the internet be your gold mine for ideas that suit your taste preferences. When you know ahead of time what’s likely to work/taste good, you can pick & collect winners to try in the kitchen at any time.

Source by Emily N Morris