How to Make Vietnamese Grilled Lemongrass Beef Skewers – Thit Bo Nuong Xa

Before grilling meat, I usually want to marinade the meat in juice for 4 hours. Best juice to choose is orange juice, but you can also try pineapple, apple and carrot juice for a different flavor. Being marinated in juice for couple hours, the meat will turn out very tender and flavorful. After that, I will marinade in sauce overnight and grill the next day. Give it a good care and due dilligence, you will have a wonderful grilled meat. By adding dark soy sauce to the meat, it will have a darker, smoky color when it’s done. If you don’t have dark soy sauce, you can use regular soy sauce instead. You can also substitute beef with chicken breast, or pork sirloin if you prefer.

Recipe for Grilled Lemongrass Beef Skewers – Thit Bo Nuong Xa


– 1/2 cup orange juice

– 3 lbs beef sirloin tip, trim in 2 inch wide and.3 inch thick

– 2 tbsp honey or syrup

– 1 tbsp fish sauce

– 1/2 tbsp salt

– 3 tbsp soy sauce

– 1 tbsp dark soy sauce (optional, if you don’t have dark soy sauce, use regular soy sauce instead)

– 3 tbsp minced lemongrass (=1 stalk lemongrass, trimmed and minced)

– 2 tbsp pepper

– 1 tbsp minced garlic (3 cloves garlic)

– 2 tbsp cooking wine

– 1.5 tbsp sesame oil

Clean the beef, trim into slices and pat dry using a paper towel. Marinade in orange juice for 4 hours. Combine all the ingredients above into marinaded beef. Leave the juice in. Use your fingers to mix the ingredients up, making sure that each strip is coated on both sides. Cover with plastic wrap and marinade for at least 1 hour or overnight in the refrigerator.

Remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes before skewering. Meanwhile, soak 24 to 30 bamboo skewers, each 8 to 10 inches long, in water to cover for at least 45 minutes.

To grill the beef, prepare a charcoal fire or preheat a gas grill to medium heat. While the grill is heated, drain the skewers and thread the beef onto them, putting 2 to 3 strips on each skewer. When beef is browned and a little charred at the edge, turn it around once and finish the other side.

Tip: Do not turn beef around more than once. Doing so, you will make the beef dry and not juicy when finished. This dish can be accompanied with some leafy lettuce or featured in a salad roll or noodle bowls. Sprinkle some crushed peanuts and fried onion on the top if desired.

Serves 4


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Source by Lena Ho

My Experiences Trading Coffee, Cocoa And Orange Juice Commodity Futures Contracts And Options

COFFEE futures and options are certainly filled with action. Long haul and day trading coffee can be very exhilarating. Support and resistance points can work very well. Cocoa and orange juice are best traded for the long haul. The liquidity in all three is limited, but still enough to move in and out with your dignity.

For about $2800 of account margin you can control a 37,500 pound contract of Coffee worth about $45,000. A 1 cent move equals $375. (example: a move from 120 to 121)

When the coffee market is motivated, it can rip through support and resistance points easily. Stops usually work well but slippage is always possible with the NYBOT. Coffee futures and options trade for a very short time daily. (9:15-12:30am EST) The opening indications are usually wrong. Many times the market indications have suggested small moves in one direction. When it opened, the reality was a large move the opposite way.

Look to the LIFFE London Futures Market for movements in the coffee, sugar and cocoa market overnight. You can go online for delayed quotes. These quotes are based on European and African pricing situations. They may not apply directly to our trading in the U.S, but are a rough overnight guide.

Coffee has traded as low as 40c a pound in 2001 and as high as 337 in 1977. Most of the time coffee seems to be in a holding pattern followed by short bursts in one direction. Unless you are already positioned, these sharp moves are difficult to get on board once they begin. You must have faith in your analysis to hold and sit tight.

In the past, coffee has made tremendous up move spikes. These kind of moves can make you a lot of money if traded well. Brazil is the country to watch for supply and demand problems. However, the quality of their coffee is not high enough for the contract specifications. Still, a freeze or a disruption could still send prices flying.


Cocoa futures and options also trade on the NYBOT. Cocoa is not as volatile as coffee. Novices often trade cocoa because it’s relatively liquid and doesn’t have a big margin requirement. The market usually doesn’t make large movements, but don’t underestimate its potential. Various political forces in unstable areas of the Ivory Coast and West Coast Africa can cause cocoa prices to rise or fall sharply overnight.

For about $1200 you can control 10 metric tons of Cocoa worth about $16,000. A 100 point move equals $1000. (example: 1600 to 1700)

Cocoa has traded as low as $800 a ton in 2000 and as high as $5300 in the mid 1970’s. A move of three hundred to five hundred dollars a ton is considered good. ($3,000-$5,000) Cocoa is not a great day trading vehicle. There are better markets for day trading out there.

Cocoa options are slightly difficult to enter and exit. A five to ten point bid and ask difference is the norm. Best to put in a resting order near the theoretical value for a fair price.

Cocoa has short trading hours. (8:00AM -11:50AM) This makes it the first commodity to open in the morning. For those of you who sleep late, choose another commodity. Most of the big cocoa moves and the best prices occur right at the opening.


Orange juice is a freeze oriented market. There was a time in the 1980’s when January freezes were like clockwork. Traders would load up on positions in the late fall looking for the freeze. Then in normal fashion, the market changed.

For about $2200 you can control 15,000 pounds of Orange Juice worth about $30,000. A full 10 point move equals $1500. (example: 210 to 220)

Juice prices have been as low as 32 cents a pound in 1971, and as high as $2.20 in 1977. The high occurred when a devastating ice storm hit Florida.

Up until a few years ago, orange juice had been in a relentless bear market for a decade. It certainly paid its dues in the 1990’s. It was an excellent option writing market during this time. After these major lows, juice went on to make historic highs in the 2000’s. The juice news kept getting worse as crop after crop got hurt beyond recovery. A freeze in Florida can make the market go wild. But recently, hurricanes have had more impact than freezes.

Orange juice has limited day trading potential due to liquidity problems. Though, when it’s active, day trading is possible. The juice market is usually best traded using long term positions. The market trends well and often reaches price objectives. It also tracks well with the TimeLine.

It’s an interesting point that Florida oranges are used in juice, while California oranges are used more as fruit. Thus, a bad California orange freeze may have little effect on the juice market. The other major supplier of orange juice is Brazil. One must be vigilant of weather and crop size of both the Brazilian and U.S. markets.

Recently juice prices have had a great run from 54 cents in July of 2004 to $2.10 in December of 2006. This was a $23,000 move for every contract held. During this rally the normal declines ran about 20-25 cents. Some position traders like to add to positions on each similar decline. This can be an effective strategy for a long haul trade.(Rather than buying break-outs)

Orange Juice options are fairly illiquid but can be traded effectively. Expect fill reports to be slow, but the executions are generally fair when the market is active. Just keep in mind that you are trading on the NYBOT market. (NY)

Good Trading!

There is substantial risk of loss trading futures and options and may not be suitable for all types of investors. Only risk capital should be used.

Source by Thomas Cathey

Causes of Cloudy Urine

Usually, healthy and normal urine is clear or pale yellow in color. However, if you pass cloudy urine, you would get worried and wonder what are the causes of cloudy urine. Why is it that all of a sudden you are passing urine that appears cloudy and heavy?

The body always informs a person that there is something wrong. For instance, when the immune system is affected, the body tells a person that there is a problem by way of a cold, cough or fever. Hence, when the urine appears cloudy, it should not be taken lightly. It is a sign from the body that there is something wrong and the person should consult a doctor to figure out what is the matter.

There are many causes of cloudy urine, and some of them are discussed below:

One of most causes is a urinary tract infection. When the urinary tract is infected by bacteria or viruses, they cause the urine to turn cloudy. In addition, the person will also experience pain and a burning sensation while passing the urine.

Another cause for dark and concentrated urine that may appear cloudy is not drinking sufficient amounts of water. The problem can easily be remedied by drinking water and then ensuring that a person drinks a minimum of 8 glasses of water everyday.

The kind of food a person eats has an effect on the color and appearance of the urine. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will cause clear and odorless urine, while a diet rich in meats, spices and oily foods will cause the urine to be cloudy and with an odor. Also some foods like berries, orange juice, beetroot, milk and asparagus can cause cloudy urine. The same is also true for alcohol, which tends to dehydrate the body.

When vaginal discharge or semen gets mixed with urine, it causes the urine to appear cloudy. This is not a cause for concern as the next urine will be normal. In such a case, the person does not suffer from any pain or discomfort while passing urine. However, if the urine is always cloudy and the person does not experience any discomfort or pain, it is best to consult a doctor to figure out the cause for the cloudy urine.

Certain medications can also result in the urine appearing cloudy. Vitamins B and C supplements are the major culprits for this and also medications containing phosphates.

Cloudiness of the urine can also occur due to kidney stones, gonorrhea, infection of the bladder, infection of the vagina or cervix, infection of the prostate, and kidney disease.

Source by Kum Martin

Foods That Induce Lucid Dreams

There are many methods available that promote the occurrence of a lucid dream. Eating specific food (otherwise known as “lucid nutrition”) before sleeping is one of the most successful methods to induce them. This is a list of the best three lucid foods and liquids to intake. To achieve the best possible results, remember to eat or drink immediately before sleeping.

Orange Juice

Orange juice, or any other pure fruit juice with no additives keeps your nervous system active while your body’s muscles relax. Drinking a full glass of juice will allow for more vivid and memorable dreams, ultimately increasing the chance of a lucid dream.

Milk and Cheese

While it is known that milk and cheese (or any other dairy food) can help your body rest, they also greatly improve your dreams. Milk and cheese contain amino acids which have been proven to stimulate the production of a vital neurotransmitter for sleeping and dreaming, melatonin.


Various sources have reported that eating a tablespoon of mustard will promote a higher success rate for lucid dreams. It may take up to three attempts for it to be successful, so it’s important to remain patient if the method repeatedly fails.

Other foods include pickles, ice cream, popcorn and fish. While they are not as successful as the three foods and drinks listed above, some have suggested that they will improve your overall dream memorability and “train” your brain for future, naturally triggered lucid dreams. However, their use immediately before sleeping is not recommended as they contain fatty acids, salts and sugars which certainly doesn’t help getting a good night’s rest.

Source by Liam Schembri

Candied Yams Sweetened With Orange Juice And Maple Syrup

I try to make everything a little bit healthier; candied yams are no exception. Most candied yam recipes call for butter and either brown sugar or dark corn syrup. I keep the butter but swap out the less healthy sweeteners for a combination of orange juice and maple syrup. I steep the mix with real vanilla beans to add complexity of flavor. I top the whole thing with natural vanilla marshmallows from a local bakery. The result is somewhat decadent, somewhat healthy and completely delicious. I like to bake the candied yams in my toaster oven while my main dish is in my full-sized oven. This way everything is hot and ready at the same time.


4 large jewel or garnet yams (any yams will do, but these have the most beautiful colors)

1/2 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice (Valencia oranges work well in this recipe)

1/2 cup of grade B maple syrup (grade B maple syrup costs less and tastes better than grade A)

1 stick (4 ounces) of butter

1 vanilla pod

1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon of ground mace (you may substitute ground nutmeg if you can’t find the mace, but lower it to 1/8 teaspoon)

1/4 teaspoon of sea salt

12 ounces of natural vanilla marshmallows


Heat your toaster oven to 400 degrees F.

Peel the yams. Cut the yams into 1/2 inch cubes and place them into a shallow baking dish. Combine the butter, orange juice, maple syrup, vanilla extract, cinnamon, mace and sea salt in a saucepan. Carefully split the vanilla bean lengthwise and use the back end of the knife blade to scape out the seeds. Put both the pod and seeds into the saucepan. Heat over low heat for 30 minutes, try to avoid letting it boil or simmer during this time. Remove the vanilla pod and pour the sauce over the cubed yams. Gently stir to coat all the cubes. Bake until the yams are soft all the way through; this should take about 45 minutes. Remove from the toaster oven and evenly distribute the vanilla marshmallows over the top. Return the yams to the toaster oven and turn the temperature up to 475 degrees F. Bake until the marshmallows are slightly browned; this should take about 8 minutes. This is one area where a toaster oven is very useful. The close proximity of the heating elements leads to quick and even browning.

You may have trouble locating natural marshmallows and the ingredients in normal store-bought ones are far from natural. Here is my suggestion: go to a local bakery and ask if they would be willing to make them for you. Chances are, someone at the bakery also took a few candy making and confectionary classes while at culinary school. Most locally owned small businesses are more than willing to provide their customers with whatever they are looking for. The bakery around the corner from me makes mine as long as I give them a 48 hour notice.

Visit Toaster Oven Reviews to find the best toaster oven for candied yams and so much more. You’ll find thousands of reviews as well as a handy buying guide to help you along the way. You will also find more recipes perfect for your toaster oven.

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Conceiving a Girl by Drinking Sweet Orange Juice

You’ll find lots of plans for conceiving a girl and some of them involve eating or drinking certain items. One particular program involves you consuming sweet orange juice on a daily basis before attempting to conceive.

Before undertaking such a program you should consider the pro’s and the con’s.

Why Orange Juice?

Oranges are incredibly good for you as they are full of vitamin C. They are high on the list amongst many other foods that are recommended to get pregnant with a girl.

Of course they are just one of many items that are suitable for how to have a girl, and are chosen by many experts because they are an acidic fruit.

Female (X chromosome) sperm react a lot better than male (Y chromosome) sperm when they are placed in an acidic environment. In fact the male sperm cannot survive very well at all in acidic conditions.

Therefore, as food and drink can alter the acidity levels in the body, orange juice would be an ideal drink for conceiving a girl.

Only Juice?

Although oranges and their juice may be full of vitamins you need a fully balanced selection of food and drink, in order to stay healthy.

It would never be a good idea to overdose on one particular item of food or drink. So no matter how good for you the drink is, you’d be advised not to miss out other necessary foods and drinks.

Instead you’d be much safer if you follow a full comprehensive balanced food and drink program for conceiving a girl.

Source by Penelope Louise Brown

Skin Benefits of Orange Juice

I am sure that the tangy taste of orange definitely makes your taste buds drool. But you will be happy to know that orange has tons of skin-beautyfying qualities too. In our more-beautiful looking quest, we subject our skin to many harmful chemical preparations. But these chemical preparations are very harsh on the skin and costly too. It is the time to abandon all these chemical preparations altogether and return to nature. An orange can help you a lot in looking good. If you do not believe me, then read this article to know the amazing 11 beauty benefits of orange. Also learn how to use orange juice in your beauty applications. All these beauty uses of oranges are easy to use and effective.

Beauty benefits of oranges

1. Orange juice works effectively for shrinking the open pores. Just apply the juice of an orange on your face; let it stay for 2-3 minutes and wash off immediately. This helps in closing the enlarged pores and giving a shining glow to your face.

2. In peak summers, sunrays are the worst enemy for your skin. Just rub half an orange on your face for few minutes. It will tone and refresh your skin in a jiffy.

3. Orange is rich in citric acid, which is very helpful in drying away acne. Oranges contain fruit acids that gently exfoliate your skin to reveal a brighter skin every day. Just mash the grated orange peels to apply on your acne and its scars. If followed regularly, you will see visible reduction in the pimples and its marks.

4. Apply orange peel powder either mixed with milk or curd on your face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash off. Use this home remedy daily to bleach your face naturally.

5. Orange is an excellent beauty aid in reversing the aging process. It is replete with vitamin C, which increases the production of collagen and keeps the skin firm and moist. So from now on, always make it a point to eat one orange every day to ward off aging and wrinkles.

6. Orange has powder to flush away toxins from the body. Eating oranges helps to activate the detoxification of your body. It keeps oxygen in the skin and combats free radicals to make your skin radiant and fresher.

7. After eating the oranges, do not throw away the peels. Dry them in the sun to use its powder as a body scrub.

8. You can apply orange peel powder mixed either with curd or milk cream on your face daily to impart a rosy glow to your face. This home remedy helps to fade away blemishes and dark spots of the face too.

9. You can prepare a skin-refreshing spray with orange peels. Just pour boiling water over the orange peels and keep it on for one day.

Next day, strain the liquid and keep it in a spray bottle in the fridge. Apply this liquid on your face with the help of cotton pads; keep it on for some time and see how it gives a soft and glowing touch to your face. You can use this liquid in your regular face masks too. Or just add this liquid in your bath water for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. This liquid is useful for your hair too. You can use this liquid on the hair as last rinse to get rid of dandruff and get shiny hair.

10. Take out the juice of 2 oranges and put it in ice cubes tray. Then rub the frozen orange cubes on your face to spruce up and brighten your dull and lacklustre face. This refines your pores and reduces the oiliness of face to control acne. It is one of the most important benefits of applying oranges on the face.

11. Orange juice is a great conditioner for your hair. Just prepare a wonderful conditioner at home by mixing juice of one orange, water (orange juice and water in equal amount) and one spoon of honey. Apply this mix on your shampooed hair. Keep it on for 5- 10 minutes, then wash off. The result: a healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.

Source by Karan Khurana

How To Make Orange Juice, The Secret That Will Prevent Stroke

Do you enjoy orange juice? If you drink orange juice bought from a store or squeeze it yourself on one of those simple squeezers then you are cheating yourself out of some of the greatest health benefits that any juice can provide.

How To Properly Juice An Orange

You’ve seen the traditional orange juicers where the orange is squeezed against a raised tip with ridges. Sometimes these have a motor to ease the work of squeezing. These are terrible devices that waste most of the nutrition of the orange leaving less than 10% of it in an orange flavored sugar water.

Real orange juice uses the whole orange minus the peel. Oranges must be peeled to be properly consumed by the body, but you must peel it correctly by taking only the orange part. The peel contains an indigestible aromatic oil that you want to avoid taking in because your body cannot digest it. On the other hand, just below the skin is a white pith that is perhaps the most nutritious part of the orange. After peeling only the surface orange color off, the orange can then be run through a regular juicer.

The Secret To Getting Juice Power From Oranges

The white under the skin is called the pith, it contains a lot of bioflavonoids and it strengthens the capillaries throughout your body and especially in the brain and thus helps avoid stroke. Also important is the other nutrients in oranges help reduce blood pressure thus providing further protection against stoke and brain hemorrhage. Leaving the pith on while juicing is the big secret for getting maximum nutrition from oranges.

Oranges are high in vitamin C and this provides great antioxidant properties which help boost your immune system and protect against cancer. They also protect against asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis

Oranges have over 170 different phytonutrients along with more than 60 flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and blood clot inhibiting properties, and work with the vitamin C to create a strong antioxidant effect.

Limonoids are also present in oranges and along with the vitamin C help fight cancer of the lung, colon, breast, mouth, and stomach. Oranges are powerhouses of nutrition if you juice them correctly.

Real Orange Juice

As you can see not all orange juice is worthy of being called orange juice. It must be made from the whole fruit to provide the protection and nutrition that it is capable of.

This orange juice recipe is very simple, 4 medium sized oranges peeling the orange skin off, remember to leave as much of the white membranes or pith as possible as it contains the stoke preventative nutrition. Then just drop them in your juicer and let it rip.

Source by Michael Griffin