Interesting Facts About the Lemonade Diet

There is any number of places a person could hear about the Master Cleanse because of its recent burst of popularity. This fast was developed by Stanley Burroughs to be used to eliminate toxins that have built- up in the body over the years. It has been reported to have rejuvenating properties, to improve stamina, to promote weight loss, relieve pain, to improve clarity and the ability to focus, end bad habits and even help a person determine whether or not they have food allergies and what they are.

There has been an argument concerning whether or not the master cleanse even works. The individuals who have used the lemonade diet gives it high praises but others are still looking for some evidence to support the claims. It doesn’t really matter what other people think because it is always important for the individual who plans to try something new to thoroughly check things out. It is also important the guidelines are followed so that the cleanse works the way it was designed to work. Always make sure that you have discussed everything with your doctor before you begin the process.

Even though the lemonade diet has become the link to quick weight loss in the media that is not what it was originally designed to do. Its original creator intended the master cleanse to be just that —a full body cleanse. People have reported losing various amounts of weight in a week, but weight loss is just one of the benefits. If a person intends to go back to the same old eating habits as before the master cleanse, they are basically waste their time. It is believed that the master cleanse should change a person ideas about dieting and good health.

Any program or diet that people use can cause possible harm if the guidelines are not followed. It is especially important for anyone with medical issues to consult with their doctor before starting the lemonade diet or any other diet/fitness program. We all must remember that just because something works for one does not mean it will work for another. We must do all the necessary research and then make the decision for ourselves. There are some who believe that not using the lemonade diet aka the master cleanse to detox the body will possibly lead to health problems and/or disease at some point in your life. As with anything else, there are some who agree and some who are against it and have no problem whatsoever saying so.

Source by Cheryl A. Vinni

Live, Love, Have Hope

Everyone has heard the old proverb, “When life hands you lemons make lemonade. Unfortunately, for some reason right after receiving a great big bushel of lemons the last thing you want or have the energy for is making lemonade. Sometimes it seems we are on the verge of everything falling apart or even worse. When things are great we hold our breath because we are waiting, “waiting on the other shoe to drop,” another one of those sayings that seems to make no sense.

Here is the reality; life is this shimmer of time that seems to move either incredibly slow or incredibly fast. We have no way of knowing how long our shimmer will be around so if my choices are to make lemonade or wait for shoes to drop I say no to both.

Life steps in and sometimes hands us really bad news. It can take both hands and reach inside us and feel as if it is ripping out our very hearts. There is no one person on this planet who can tell you how to respond, feel or get through it. Your heart, its beat, its rhythm, the pulse of it has its own pace unlike any other and while there are those who may feel as if they understand they don’t. Nobody can. However, they can be here, to remind you the pain you feel comes from where once loved resided. The moments of anger and bitterness can be nourished into strength and courage.

Our shimmer while here on this planet is too bright, beautiful and unique to be making lemonade or holding our breath. When you love openly, completely reveal all the love you have and one day if the time comes and you should lose that love you will know it was given openly and completely.

I didn’t learn this lesson from a book, or even just my own experience, rather from being a visitor to other great shimmers that we share this round ball of clay with. Some are very old and have learned from their own experiences and others are very young. They may have, cancer or a tumor or some other life threatening situation and yet the world is greeted with a smile and if asked to make lemonade they would do so willingly. Their hearts shine with hope and courage and they remind us all of something we sometimes forget.

To feel loss we must first have loved; to be handed lemons we must have been willing to receive and to be waiting for the other shoe to drop we must first have a shoe. Life and the very essence of it throughout history has taught us that some people must face difficult times, yet there are those who smile and appreciate even the slightest signs of hope. Hope is to purpose as air is to life.

Source by Cheryl Lorene Nordyke

Dealing With Stress – The Diamond Principle

Stress shows up and manifests in many ways. Dealing with stress can vary from situation to situation and person to person. Most important, is how you show up as you deal with stress. And, who you are a result.

Often, the advice to cope with stress sounds like this, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This advice was very helpful for many years. It resonated for my personal life, but began to fade in my business life.

This phrase no longer resonated for me. I was tired of making lemonade. Neither the metaphor nor the visual motivated me. In fact, it began to have the opposite effect. I was tired of making lemonade. Lemonade made me think of a somewhat messy, bittersweet drink that sold for a low price. My life was calling for a new metaphor. A new motivator.

Then one day, when the pressure was really great, the diamond metaphor came to me. I thought of how a diamond is formed. How they are formed down deep, from pre-existing materials. The heat builds and a new material is formed. If other conditions like pressure and chemistry are right diamond crystals begin to build. Then, after thousands of years rough diamonds rise to the surface and are discovered. And still, most need additional care to get to a jewelry-store-ready shine.

This is my new metaphor – minus the thousands of years. A metaphor that reminds me I will not burn up, burn out, or explode under pressure. And, since it speaks to nature, it speaks to my desire for Tao-centered living. A nice plus!

Now, when I see myself under stress, and feel it down deep, I slow down, take a deep breath, and remember the pre-existing situations through which I have survived. I allow the pressure to mold and teach me. And, see myself rising above the stress to shine anew. Even more precious and valuable.

In short, it happens under extreme pressure and takes time, energy and resources to create a shining diamond. Now, I see myself going through stress and rising to the occasion to shine. It brings whole new meaning to the phrase, “diamonds are a girls best friend.”

So tell me, what works for you lemonade or diamonds? More importantly, how do you deal with stress? And, how does it change your life when you can deal?

Wishing you strength under pressure and the ability to shine! Peace.

Source by Karen McMillan

Great Relationships Turn Negatives Into Positives

Instead of dwelling on the parts of your relationship you aren’t happy with or letting them upset you or cause tension, make them positive by turning the negatives into an action list for the relationship.

You may have heard the expression: “When you are given lemons – make lemonade.” Overtime, relationships are handed several lemons. The sources for negative feelings and unbalance are numerous. Some are directly caused between both people because of poor or missing communication. Indirect sources of anxiety in a relationship can be work- related or financially based.

When the interpersonal aspect of the relationship is creating the negativity, consider this simple exercise. First, you and your partner must be open to honest feedback. Next, ask your partner this question: “On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate our relationship (keep in mind the word “relationship” can be substituted for intimacy; support of one another, etc.).

Allow your partner time to reflect and provide an honest reply. If the answer is “Seven,” ask this follow-up question: “What are three things I can do to get our relationship to a ten (if the answer is “six,” you would ask for four things, etc.)? Again, give your partner time to consider their response. It may be hard to listen, because the answers may sound critical and negative. But really, the answers are solutions to turn the negatives into positives.

There is one more critical part of this exercise. After your partner is finished and you have taken in and acknowledged the areas for improvement, ask this question: “What are three (or whatever the number needs to be) things you can do to get our relationship to a ten?”

By asking this follow-up question, it’s putting the relationship back on equal footing and back into the spirit of a true partnership. Except for certain extreme and unfortunate examples, most relationships are successful, or not successful, because of the contributions and efforts of both. Take an honest look at how you are contributing to any negative circumstances, but also be aware it does take two to make it work and to create a more positive and healthy relationship.

When lemons drop from the trees, but you and your mate were expecting apples, begin to make lemonade by creating an action list of what you both can do to get apples next time.

Source by Alex Blackwell

Tax Loss Harvesting – Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Has the volatility of the stock market got you thinking about what to do? Now may be the right time to make your own lemonade stand. Consider doing some tax loss harvesting.

So how does this work? Selling securities at a loss can offset your capital gains tax liability. At the end of the year, your capital gains and losses get netted against one another. Your short term gains are taxed at your ordinary income tax rate. In most cases, long term gains are taxed at 15%. In any year, there is no limit to the amount of losses that can be taken to offset realized gains. You also can deduct $3000 of realized losses against your ordinary income. Any remaining losses can be carried forward into future tax years indefinitely. These tax loss carry forwards can be used to either reduce future capital gains or $3000 of your ordinary income each year.

This process doesn’t have to be done at year end. You can do this at any point during the year. You may have losses that you can take at the beginning of the year, which may not be available at the end of the year. A few things to consider: be careful of the IRS Wash Sale Rule. This states that you can not sell a security and buy the same identical one back within 30 days. If you do this, you will not be able to use the loss for tax purposes. Additionally, you can not use any realized losses in retirement plans or IRAs to offset gains in taxable accounts.

Tax loss harvesting is usually easier to do with mutual funds and ETFs (Exchanged Traded Funds) versus individual stocks. Here are a few examples: you can sell Fidelity Select Health Care (FSPHX) and buy the Vanguard Health Care Fund (VGHCX), maintain similar exposure, and not have to wait 30 days, and take the loss. You can sell SPY (S&P 500 index) and buy IYY (Dow Jones U.S. Index Fund). It is recommended by tax professionals that you do not sell one index fund and buy the same index fund offered by another fund company. It’s better to buy a different index with the proceeds.

If done right, tax loss harvesting can reduce your tax liability and come close to maintaining your portfolio’s original structure. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as individualized investment advice.

Source by Justin Krane

Positive Thinking – Make Good Things Happen- Turn Lemons into Lemonade

The Alchemists of old worked over many years, centuries, in their quest to turn base metals into gold. At least that is the popular notion. In fact, alchemy is a blend of science and philosophy. It has been so since before the Common Era, when the ancient chemists did attempt to turn inexpensive metals into expensive ones, but always with the underlying thoughts that their work was also symbolically related to the perfection of life.

Alchemy started in China and India, then the Egyptians developed it to a high state. They postulated that earth, air, fire and water could be combined into anything, anything at all! That concept is translated into the notion of Spiritual Alchemy, which is that we can transform any part of our negative thinking or our unworthy deeds into something more valuable. It is a way of looking at Good, Right Action and Positive Thinking.

So, each day, each moment, reflect on how you can change the world by changing your reaction to the everyday things that confront you. Use Spiritual Alchemy! Turn any little unhappiness into happiness, by seeing the good in everything that you possibly can!

Turn greed into charity, instead of viewing the benefit of something to you, consider the benefit to others. Want for others, especially those in greater need, rather than wanting for yourself. Turn ego into admiration for others, rather than for yourself. Turn anger into contentment, by realizing that the poison of the mean spirit will do more harm than good, and that by recognizing the good in another, you are making the world a better place.

Chaos can become order, through alchemy. Using organization and doing what is right can bring sense and dignity to almost anything! It is easy to write these words but not so easy to accomplish. But, if you have the desire to bring order and beauty into your life, it can be done. And even if you do not succeed at first, you will have enriched your self-esteem and, even in some small way, energized the condition in a positive way.

Source by Stuart Malkin

When Life Offers Lemons – Make Lemonade Or Have it As an Alkaline Drink

With so many health drinks in the market it is very difficult to make the right choice. But if you do know what is ailing you, you can take the help of a dietitian or nutritionist to understand what will be healthy and beneficial for your body type. An alkaline drink or an alkaline supplement is that which have a pH value of more than 7.0 when it is absorbed by the body. To make a drink that has more alkaline value than acidic that triggers unhealthiness specific ingredients are taken. Real fruits or even herbs are blended to make the drink more potent. Just like it is important for one to maintain the right pH levels in the body, the alkaline state is also essential. When the human body has pH value of 7.4 it has an ideal alkaline balance. It is able to destroy harmful bacteria and toxins that are consumed. People will still consume unhealthy packaged food or processed foods. When the balance of acidic and alkaline are skewed the body reacts by paining, the organs are pressurized to perform and they are damaged. In case the balance moves more than two tenth chances of death are also possible. Hence it is vital for an alkaline based supplement to be consumed. An alkaline drink has many benefits like other health drinks.

We should be consuming about 70% alkaline based foods and about 20% acidic based fruits. This keeps the balance in the body. If lifestyle patterns can be changed then one takes care to have a perfect stability of alkaline-acid foods. Alkaline-based rich foods and drinks, taking alkaline supplements are taken to stop out the effects of acidic foods that are detrimental to our health. Examples of alkaline foods are almonds, cinnamon, curry, fruits like avocados, grapefruits and lemons vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, and cucumber, and other low-sugar foods. They are made through the addition of detailed ingredients that are processed very cautiously. These drinks contain natural ingredients that have a register pH which is higher than 7.0 after these are consumed. An alkaline supplement helps to reduce the acidity in the body. Hence drinking lemon juice is recommended. It is healthy and also natural. It is easily available in the form of a drink. Lemonades are common during summers when the body pH levels are changing according to the climate. When life is offering lemons make lemonade or have an alkaline drink!

Source by Winston Jenkins

Why Should You Put Only Correct Information on Your CV? "Making Lemonade Out of Lemons"

When Life gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade! That’s a very interesting thought, let’s see why!

Lemons, here, are experiences and opportunities. We have to make sure that we have got the lemons to start with. Without lemons, you cannot make lemonade. Lemonade is hence, the perfect career profile or trajectory. The problem we are going to try to resolve here is what do you do when you don’t have the lemons. Do you use a flavoring agent or fake lemons or do you not make lemonade at all? Let’s see what happens when you use fake lemons i.e. fake experiences.

How many of you have heard about Plagiarism? These checks are a fairly common phenomenon these days. I remember from my recent days in college how even for our dissertation projects, worth a 100 marks, there were proper plagiarism checks and believe you me, even if you are the most honest person around, you’d be scared to death while you imagine your project being scanned for the sin.

Back in college, we also used to have Reference Checks on our resumes before the placement process began. This was because a lot of students had a tendency to forge certification and achievements. We had to carry to the placement head, all our awards and certificates to prove the credibility of each bullet on our resumes.

These plagiarism & reference checks are fairly common even in companies during the recruitment processes. In fact, it’s where their actual utility lies. It’s to warranty your claims on the resume and during your interview that reference checks are conducted. Your recommendations/references are matched, your past work experience is checked on and more often than not, your social presence is adjudged by the means of your social profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. In the world of social networking technology and sound verification systems, it’s only foolish to attempt forgery.

Apart from this, a very common mistake that job-searching worked up candidates end up committing is copying sample formats or resumes on the web. With so many resources online, to improve your professional profile, it’s only human to err. You might lift the content from x site on the web and then feel confident of your transformed profile but would you ever wonder what kind of audience can potentially be using the same resource as a reference or as a carbon paper? No, you wouldn’t. For any given job, at an average 118 people apply. That’s a big enough sample for such behaviour to be exhibited by more than one person. So now think about it, can you risk it?

In the light of the above mechanism to check reliability in place and to ensure that only credible individuals are recruited, you need to have a POA for the kind of resources you’d look to for reference and the way you’d make the most of them. How to do this?

1) Avoid lying- This might lead you to losing that job that you are taking so much pains of lying for. You must assume that the employer will verify every piece of information on that piece of paper and if you are caught lying, you can lose that job, or be fired later. Misrepresenting is unlawful and can prove disastrous for your career.

If there are gaps and parts of your career and/or employment history that you want to hide, there are better ways around it. Don’t lie!

2) Do NOT copy- Do you have nostalgic memories around copying from your friend’s notebook or test paper only to find out your answer was the correct one? How frustrating was that? The worst you can do to yourself and your career, at large, is to not believe in yourself and simply edit your name and personal details in the perfect CV format as being suggested by a website or blog on career development. You have got to get philosophical here, no one knows you better than you yourself, don’t let ready-made samples and examples take over reality, they should guide you but you shouldn’t alter your own self to fit them. Instead, you need a tailor-made profile for yourself. Is why the final suggestion is to-

3) Do it Yourself- It’s you who knows each experience on your profile in and out and no one other than you yourself can do a better job at writing your resume, cover letter, linked in profile and the like. You have to sit down to do your own SWOT- Analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats and zero down to ALL the things that are key highlights of your profile and/or career. You don’t need a professional CV writer, a job-board resume writer or a career specialist to write your CV, Cover Letter or LinkedIn Profile for you. It’s all about self-management fuelled by constructive feedback and guidance.

So, our cool advice would be as it’s commonly said, make sure that your Resume is making Lemonade out of Lemons. If there are gaps in your employment, justify it and don’t create stories around it. If you didn’t get a degree, focus on learning. Associate your apparent failures with positive and constructive learning experiences and use them to your advantage.

Always remember, how a doctor made a doctor by forging expertise cannot always heal the patient, a mechanic who doesn’t have what it takes to be one, will never be able to repair every machine that comes his way, an engineer who has to forge his candidature will never be able to solve all the problems. Forgery can give you temporary success. For instance, your liar resume might clear the first round, but would it also take you through the interview? Would it make sure that you can keep the job for long enough? Think about it! And then, take a call.

You yourself can be the most awesome self-driven Resume Improvement System. You don’t have to copy or refer to anything else. Create your own patented resume today! Good luck!!

Source by Sanchi Arora