Are You One of the Ten Percent?

As your college years come to an end, your job search success as well as the positions and starting salaries you are offered take on a new level importance. Your needs, goals and personal responsibilities will all change, since you will be expected to make your own way. Being a grown-up means new challenges and behaviors as well as a different way of thinking.

Only about ten percent of any workforce is both willing to and capable of taking on a significant project or assignment, successfully carrying it through to the end and gaining a reputation for performing at a level that will lead to promotions and salary increases. If you want to be someone who is in the top ten percent, you must be aware of the factors that will get you there and keep you there.

A Career Success Strategy for Recent College Grads

1. Demonstrate a strong interest in your job, your employer and the assignments you are given

2. Add to or demonstrate your knowledge of the issues to be addressed (You may have to do some research or interview those who have been involved)

3. Develop a clear understanding of the desired results

4. Demonstrate the ability to carry out an assignment to the end

5. Demonstrate the ability to gather the resources (information, people, money, tools) needed for the job

6. Be willing to make decisions yourself, but ask for additional help, instruction or resources when needed

7. Demonstrate a positive attitude and genuine enthusiasm

8. Develop and demonstrate the ability to overcome obstacles and solve problems

9. Demonstrate the ability to deal with criticism and sniping from others

10. Show respect and appreciation for the people who help you

11. Each week, try to learn something new about the people, products, services, changes, problems, solutions, history, future and the customers

12. Keep confidential information confidential

13. Write clear and effective reports and make impressive presentations

14. Accept any praise with a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘glad I could help’ and credit the people who helped you

15. Be ready for or ask for another project or assignment

16. Offer to help others managing projects that are of interest to you

17. Always try to deliver more, better or faster than expected

18. When you are finished, ask ‘What’s next?’ and ‘What else can I do?’

Learning and performance improve

with effort and determination,

so does success.

Launching your career is your responsibility. Only you can do that. Because it will take so much time, effort and dedication, employers know that not every college grad will be up to the task. They are looking for the ones who can.

If you want to be one of the ten percent who will advance in your organization, receive above average salary increases and will be seen as someone who belongs with this employer, pay close attention to the strategy outlined above.

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Get a Better Customer Experience With Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Overview of Liferay Digital Experience

Liferay portal is an open-source enterprise portal that offers collaborative workspace and mainly is used to enable corporate extranet and intranet. Moreover, it comes with a robust web application platform that uses portal development and website development features. The enterprise portal collectively builds a collaborative platform for web building and allows corporate integration socially and collaboratively. Liferay Digital Experience Platform is designed for users to give consistent CX across web and connected devices.

It helps in identifying the needs of digital Customer Experience

If we talk about digital business, then we’ll find it more personalized and unified on various devices. It has become essential to interact with people at multiple stages throughout the lifecycle. One can streamline the process by identifying the customer’s requirement and improving the digital experience through digital transformation with the help of Liferay DXP.

Improves marketing accuracy and customer engagement

Individual platforms allow tracking the behaviour of the customer at every digital touchpoint. You’ll find companies that help to access more channels of customer data with enabling to draw new insights. The customer data can add points that offer individual personalities, transactional data and other browsing time and social share.

Use integration and flexible architecture with staying along with trends

Liferay digital platform improves customer experience and achieves an adequate level of integration and flexibility to be more cost-effective. With time you get the technology and strategy right with gearing up for the next change to move. In today’s digital experience platform, experience digitally to integrate with the outside product and mitigate the risk of investing in a significant investment to act on digital trend.

Customer Experience Vs. DigitalCX

Customer Experience

  • CX is an aspect of digital transformation.
  • The CX covers anything from traditional customer service channel to the new digital interface.
  • With increasing customer retention rate by 5 per cent, increase profit from 30% to 90%.

Digital CX

  • DCX refers to customer experience with an organization on a digital platform.
  • Whereas DCX mainly focus on the latter, which includes both front-end services and back-office process optimization.
  • Higher Digital Capabilities company will convert sales at three times greater than companies at low levels did.

Liferay Consulting Capabilities

You can use Liferay Digital Experience to give your customer a better and useful feature. Hire Liferay experts to define the scope of work that interconnect employees and departments to collaborate. The Liferay consultant will go deep down into your system and optimize the process to bring the best results. Get in to know more:

· Portal Migration

Create a personalized online experience that works across connected devices on web and mobile using Liferay portal development. Hire a Liferay Digital platform expert to develop dependable modern web portals that connect workplaces and empower employees to enhance digital transformation.

· Portal Development

Create a personalized online experience that works across connected devices on web and mobile using Liferay portal development. Hire a Liferay Digital platform expert to develop dependable modern web portals that connect workplaces and empower employees to enhance digital transformation.

· Portal Optimization

The workspace should offer a strong preference that is open to our suggestions and builds a command line with Liferay IDE. One can achieve a substantial increase in customer experience process to optimize the needs of the customers. But make sure that such customization can meet in varieties of ways from complex configured workflow to complete modularization business services.

· Portal Upgrade

You can upgrade everything with Liferay upgrade in one shot. The upgrade tool run most easily from files or inside the command line interface. Before running an upgraded portal, the user needs to configure the core upgrade and then non-core module upgrades. Later you can upgrade again before restoring the data from a backup.

Liferay DXP comes with various technological enhancements to empower IT leaders by gaining a new level of productivity for businesses. Some of the best Liferay solutions include:

· Mobile Experiences:

If you’re looking for a better platform that uses mobile strategy, then Liferay Digital Experience platform works well for you. You can create a native app while creating a long-term Mobile enterprise platform.

· Integrated Intranets:

Build an integrated intranet software that uses the digital workspace to connect with people and systems. The system uses a modern interface that mainly focuses on increasing productivity.

· Bespoke Portals: Liferay Digital Experience software comes with a modern interface that gives seamless integration to build a personalized portal. It connects with several businesses to have more consistent experiences.

· Intuitive Websites:

Serve exceptional CX with Liferay DXP by delivering bespoke content experiences and meet the specific needs of your businesses.

Are you the one who is looking to deliver personalized customer experience for customer and employees?

Connect with our experts to get the best Liferay Consulting Services.

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Disadvantages of Booking Online on Travel Portals

Online travel portal allows the customer to find the various destination of their choice, Information related to the place, availability, price comparison and hotel reservation or if they are looking for any package then they can also find with the help of the Various Vacation Package Booking. A traveler can enjoy a fast and efficient search for your travel need with the help of Online Travel Portals. Prior to the invention of Internet People used to visit the Travel agents and Tour operators for their Hotel Booking, Car Reservation or Excursion. But What I have seen that though the Online Travel Portals offers so options available to the end customer it still fails to attract the maximum number of Target Audience. We will discuss what are those Disadvantages of Travel Portals in the below.

1) Limited Options: Travel Agents who are offering good rates may not have the online Travel Booking Engine where the customer can directly book his Tickets and get the confirmation.

2) Real Time Confirmation: Many Tour Operators System will allow the customer to book online but do not offer real time confirmation.

3) Hidden fees and Security: Travel Agents and Tour operators they often advertise low rates to attract the customer but then they charge some hidden fees. Booking Travel Online requires to pay some amount to pay in advance this will put the customer in risk through an insecure website.

4) Paid Advertisements: Booking online will rarely gives a Customer to speak with someone about the service. There might be a case that Customer will find a testimonials on the website of Travel Agents and Supplier website but you can be never sure whether it is paid advertisement or genuine.

5) Specific Needs: Customer cannot confirmed the specific requirement while making the Online Booking through the Hotel Reservation System.

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How to Build a Successful Online Web Portal Using PSD to Zen Cart Implementation?

It’s taken for granted that an attractive and user friendly online store guarantees high traffic rate and visitors who are potential customers. So it became inevitable to build an online web store with all sophisticated features and utilities. PSD to Zen Cart integration is an ideal shopping cart solution to create comprehensive ecommerce sites.

For those who don’t know, it is an open source user friendly online store.It ensures easy management of online shopping carts and web portals. In PSD to Zen cart conversion, designs in any formats can be easily converted in to customized websites without major modifications. This particular format supports multiple currencies and languages, different payment options, order processing history etc. Converting PSD files to Zen cart implementation will assure you maximum return of interest. At the same time; it augments the chance of brand recognition.

Now you can get a quick glimpse on how this integration proves beneficial for online retailers and web portals. Following are the main points:

• Easy to install

• Order tracking

• Multiple ad banner controller

• Referral tracking

• Multi-display modes

• Inventory and Catalog Management

• Easy-to-use Offline and online payment processing mechanism

• Facility of managing product delivery

• Multiple extra pages facility

• Develop add-ons

• Managing products easily

Aren’t you looking for a shopping website with attractive easy to navigate pages and which loads quickly? It’s possible to get our desired end product using this integration. It is always on the safer side to hire a developer to develop high-quality theme/template, perfectly integrating with your website. An adept and experienced developer possesses the ability to modify or customize PSD files to Zen cart theme/template of your store to meet your exact requirements. You can find innumerable companies offering PSD to Zen cart conversion. While choosing a proficient developing professional, you have to make sure that there is no going back in terms of quality and also your requirements. You can also look upon the clientele, because companies with good track record always have good clients.

The service provider should also ensure minimum turnaround time and also timely delivery of the end product. The main advantage of the web portal powered by PSD to Zen cart integration is error-free coding.All these done and kept in mind, you are ready to leap in the field of online e-commerce and marketing with the help of PSD to Zen cart conversion services and will ensure you the real value for your money.

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B2B Portals Emerge As Holistic And Universal Trading Solution

Ever-since Information Technology came into existence, it endured to get out of its abstract self. By understanding the nuances of tangibles, which ultimately rules one’s life, the IT endured to make a cross over. It initiated the process by providing general information services, net messaging services, social networking, etc., to the global masses. But it was able to accomplish certain degree of acceptance towards this end is only through Business to Consumer (B2C) portals. It arrived with the punch line “one does not have to leave one’s shelter to survive”. Unfortunately, B2C online services were confined to end users of particular region and were not able to translate the services cost effectively to far away places due to various factors.

While B2C provided ease of getting things being in one’s home, Business to Business (B2B) websites provided services cost effectively by overcoming international trade barriers and through volume. World Trade Organization’s aim of offering multilateral trading system in the world, is best responded by B2B portals. The goal of B2B websites is to provide not just multilateral rather an universal trading system, that which will in turn allow each player, the freedom to showcase or source one’s product or service with utmost ease of doing business.

B2B websites have evolved over a period of time to address the comprehensive needs of the trading community around the globe. The innovative concept has enabled each and every business house to advertise one’s company with minimum expenditure. Most of the B2B’s provide free membership, and the premium membership comes with a price tag. But the free version is basically a trial service made available to the clients to accustom with the functions of the site in particular and to encourage them to become premium members in general. Further all the popular B2B portals empower every exporter and importer to establish a business relationship among one another by spending less time and money. Some companies use these portals even for their domestic trade.

If a trader is looking at an option of doing business through any B2B portal, it would be ideal for his or her company to register primarily as a free member and then get upgraded, once he or she is comfortable with the functions. The best recommended membership is the premium membership of any leading portals which comes with a host of ingenious features. The premium status can increase one’s company’s chances of getting genuine trade inquiries. To gain maximum exposure, one should register as a premium member of all the leading B2B portals.

The major feature of a B2B portal is that it helps one to search whatever products or services one is looking forward to sell or buy through “Trade leads”. A Trade lead is nothing but a description of the product or service which one extends to the market with an intention of selling or buying. A Trade lead further enables one to minimize the time spend on business exploration through its product or company specific search. Thus B2Bs literally help a trader to interact with businesses across the world by just sitting in one’s office chamber and keying in some words of communication.

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Black & White Dating: Things You Need To Know

Companionship can make a big difference in a person’s life. There was a time when the only method to date was to dress up, hang out with friends and keep your eyes open for the single people out there.

But today we live in a technically advanced era. And so this traditional approach takes a backseat. Men and women are known to interact more often thanks to the internet. And gradually, this technology is making its presence felt in the dating sector as well.

There are various dating sites that welcome you to come share your profile and look for like minded people as companions. A relatively recent yet popular trend emerging through these interracial dating sites is black women white men dating and white women black men dating.

Yes! The concept of interracial dating is growing fast and there are many who have found their loyal companions through this trend. So, if you are interested or rather open to the concept of interracial dating, there is no reason to hold back.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Register first: There are many portals that offer interracial dating service. Find a good and reliable portal. This may end up taking quite a bit of your time since you are expected to do a little bit of research and gather reviews on the portals. But the effort is totally worth it. Register yourself on the portal and get started.

Understand the differences: When it comes to interracial dating, you need to understand the cultural differences that are likely to get into the way. Doing a little research will help you learn better.

Interact with the person: Before you jump to any conclusions regarding the person, give him or her a fair chance. Meet them and understand their priorities. And this will ensure that you are choosing the right partner.

Be open to talk about race: Interracial dating means that you need to be open with the idea of discussing race. And ensure that the conversation does not offend the person on the other side.

Family relationships: These relationships can be different for both people. While white people are comfortable talking about family relationships, their status and residency, black people may be hesitant. While indulging in interracial dating, it is important to keep these nuances in mind.

Comments will come: When you are in an interracial relationship expect comments to come your way from people around you. This is normal. Just remember to speak up if the situation demands. After all, your partner should not get uncomfortable during such conversations.

Apologise if needed: If you are used to making racist jokes, you will need to change your habit. Accidentally if you end up making such jokes, be quick to apologize. Saying sorry never harmed anyone!

Black and white dating can lead you to a great relationship provided you know the right approach. At the heart of it all, remember, it’s true love that you are looking for so be willing to invest the effort that it demands.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

What Is Softswitch in Actuality?

The term softswitch is ordinarily connected to IP calls, truth is told, and it is material to landline calls too. A softswitch controls associations in the middle of parcel exchanged and circuit-exchanged systems. Regularly, a this product can be alluded to as a Media Gateway or a Call Agent, in any case, truth be told, those are two softswitch segments. In this manner, a call specialist is in charge of call services, charging, call steering and comparable administrations, constituting useful rationale of these elements. A Media door is utilized to interface different sort of media streams, consequently making a last way of the auto (information and voice). A Call Agent in its turn offers guidelines to Media entryway on what interfaces to utilize.

How delicate switch for the most part works?

There are different employments of a delicate switch in the field of media transmission and systems administration. It normally has two branches or better to state sub parts on which the focal gadget of a Softswitch takes a shot at. They are Media Gateway and Call operator. We should perceive what these two sub-parts do to make Softswitch work easily:

Call Agent: This is the essential sub-some portion of the Softswitch. By and large, Call Agent deals with a couple of consecutive functionalities, for example, call directing, exchanging the signs, call administrations, charging, and other little capacities. A Call Agent is additionally in charge of controlling different elements of the delicate switches with the assistance of TCP and IP associations, wherein TCP remains for Transfer Control Protocol and IP remains for Internet Protocol. It is likewise used to control the elements of media passage, keeping in mind the end goal to associate with media and additionally different interfaces. This technique is used to keep the interfaces quite obvious for accepting calls from any telephone lines.

Media Agent: The other piece of Softswitch is known as Media portal, which is exclusively in charge of different sorts of advanced gushing. It on the whole attempts to make the end to end association and control the voice call. Keeping in mind the end goal to make an association with other telephone lines, various interfaces are utilized. These interfaces are utilized to make the scaffold between the media and the PSTN, which could be DS3 or DS1, and once in a while utilized one are E1 and US interfaces. To put it plainly, Softswitch is another methodology adjusted by a large portion of the media transmission industry, which makes steering of the calls simple and basic.

More Facts about Softswitch and Its Advantages

Softswitch has gotten an upheaval the telecom business. Those days are far gone when regular voice switches were utilized immeasurably around the globe. These days, with the assistance of Softswitch you can send Fax, and make either a voice or video call. Subsequently, it contributes a great deal increasingly and better offices to the telecom businesses. With regards to an appropriate meaning of the Softswitch it is very straightforward. Softswitch are virtual programming applications that are extensively used to make calls from one telephone line to the next. It is exclusively overseen and worked with the assistance of PCs. It is normally used to make calls which depend on Internet Protocol, ordinarily known as IP. With the assistance of this office, you can make calls from your PC to any landline too.

The principle errand of the Softswitch programming application is to control the associations between the two circuits, exchanged systems and the parcel exchanged systems. The Softswitch programming application is related to a Call Agent or a Media Gateway. These two are the components of Softswitch make it work easily. Call Agent is principally utilized for call charging, call steering and other such administration. Then again, the Media Gateway helps in connecting distinctive sorts of media streams, which will make a last way to transmit information and in addition voice. The Media portal gets guidelines from the Call Agent on which interfaces to utilize while associating a call.

Favorable circumstances of softswitch

  • Scalability: Since the IP delicate switch principally controls the association made between various telephone lines and less of exchanging part, it is oversees more number of customers without over-burdening the processors.
  • Hardware free stage: It can be effectively introduced on desktop or compact gadgets like tablets, which will have the essential equipment setups.
  • Upgradeable: on off the chance that another variant is as of late discharged, you will effortlessly have the capacity to update it. You should simply to download the new form and take after a couple ventures to finish the establishment method.
  • Expandability: if new expansions or trunks are should have been included, then it should be possible effortlessly. You can buy expansions to extend the offices of this product application to make it all the more simple to utilize and snappy.

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Enhance Your Business By Integrating WordPress With SugarCRM

Think of your enterprise powered by CRM technology, designed to perform and easy to use. Deep industry-specific functionality and an interactive interface, deliver new solutions that endue your business to innovate and stay competitive. Customer Relationship Management software applies to the system through which businesses market, sell, and deliver services to customers. CRM must provide customization which fulfill the needs of the business, whether it is a small, medium or large business organization.

“CustomerPortalPro” is such a platform that allows organizations to quickly and easily create a dedicated SugarCRM Customer Portal which they can access from their WordPress interface, a more secure and efficient way of consuming information and interacting with processes, applications and other users to meet the requirements of specific industry sectors.

This plug-in will help your customers to use several Sugar modules in their WP interface, which you can define from your admin front. It can integrate modules like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Calls, Meetings, Notes, Cases, Documents, Tasks etc to your WP customer interface for their use.

It will simplify and reduce your task of communicating with your customers through any other means. Your customers would be able to update all the above modules on their own.

Core Benefits

  • You can decide access of which module should be provided to all customers from Sugar side.
  • Customers can access the plugin through username and password.
  • In the Edit and Details layout of Contacts you can set which fields your end customers can view and use
  • To avoid duplicate data entry the email ID, username and passwords are mandatory, also emails and passwords must be unique.
  • You can assign roles to a specific user
  • The assigned user must be configured in WP configuration.
  • The assigned modules to a specific role will be displayed in portal based on the roles.

Industry Specific Benefit

Enabling organizations of any size to capture client related information and analyze the data to achieve excellent quality and ultimate customer satisfaction. Solutions must be such that it can be precisely tailored to meet the exact needs and are highly scalable so they can be extended as your business expands. Successfully building brand loyalty and keeping long-lasting relationships with customers is important to attract and retain customers in the face of amplifying competition.

Self-service is the key to attract consumers today and CRM integrated sites have become an integral part of user interaction with enterprises they do business with. They might be employees, customers or partners who wish to interact with the organization from anywhere around the globe at anytime. A portal such as this provides a convenient way to post service issues and lets you stay open for business around the world. 24 x 7 service will let you deliver a high-quality experience for customers.

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Panic Portal – Is It Your Way To An End To Panic Attacks?

The PanicPortal program, better known as Panic Away, which was created by researcher Joe Barry is probably the most popular online panic attacks and anxiety treatment program today. With over 25,000 people who had used this program and with raving reviews from users and medical experts alike, Panic Portal provides great hope for people who still suffer from panic attacks and anxiety.

But is it your way out of your personal attacks and anxiety? What can it help you with?

If you’re looking for a 100% foolproof solution, this isn’t it. Basically, nothing works for all the people with all the problems in the world. The human psyche is simply too complicated to find 1 perfect treatment which will fit everyone. However, Panic Away does have a remarkable customer satisfaction rate: well over 90%. And besides, if you want a solution to your problem, you will have to take some chances in order to get better. Something which has worked for thousands of people with such a high success rate is worth taking a look at.

I’d say that this program works best for people who suffer from panic attacks or general anxiety disorder and works slightly less for people with phobias, unless these phobias trigger attacks of their own.

Furthermore, this program can be the end to your attacks only if you’re willing to work to make the most of it. This isn’t a magical pill which you take before you go to sleep and wake up feeling better. This ebook can teach you how to cure your panic, but you will have to apply what you learn. If you are prepared to put in that bit of effort, you have every chance of using this program successfully.

In conclusion, Panic Portal is a program which has helped a lot of people. It has a great chance of working for you as well if you’re prepared to put in some little effort and apply what it teaches you.

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