Candle Boxes – What You Must Know Before Buying Them {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

Candles can make the perfect gift for anyone no matter what the occasion. Candles can be simply practical, decorative or romantic whilst omitting a soothing scent. If you are intending to give someone a candle or set of candles as a present, then you will need to have candle boxes. These boxes will keep the candle safe from any chipping during transportation and they will also keep it at an optimum cool temperature.

Candle boxes can be made from wood or cardboard. Wooden boxes offer and more intimate and decorative touch to the standard candle gift because they have usually been hand made. Cardboard is a widely available product that is made from compressed tree pulp. Cardboard boxes are easy to get hold of and they can be altered in many ways to suit your needs or to reflect the person that they are being given to. Whatever material that has been used to make the box, all boxes are then filled with layers of soft tissue paper so that the candle remains protected.

The size of the box that is being used to accommodate the candle will depend on the size of the candle or candles and ultimately how many are being gifted. There are different types of candles, these range from large church candles to tea lights and also include standard candles that are used to create light at a romantic dinner. You might also choose to present you candles in a different shaped box. Traditionally many boxes that are used for candles are cube or oblong shaped, although you can also get circular boxes for a more unique feel.

All candle boxes can ultimately be decorated, although whether you want to is up to you. If your candle is being presented in a carved wooden box, then you might be happy with the overall look of the box, this is similar to if the box is cardboard and has a really nice pattern on the outside of it. However, both of these materials make it very easy to chance. Wood can be painted and cardboard can be covered with fabric and painted to create a sense of personal style.

Some shops that sell candles will sell then in pre-made boxes, but if you are looking for something a little different then you should try shopping online. Online shopping will give you a much greater choice of products as well as making the whole experience much quicker and easier. Online shopping is also more convenient and often a lot cheaper.

Candle boxes can sometimes be more stunning to look at than the actual candle, depending on what they are made from. If you buy a good candle box then it can be re-used long after the last part of the candle wax has melted.

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10 Best Small Business Ideas For the Home {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

More and more people making the decision to work from home. There are literally thousands of possible ideas available, many with very affordable startup costs.

Direct Sales

There are hundreds direct sales company options to choose from. Whether you love jewelry, home décor, cooking, crafts, pets or clothing, there is a direct sales company for you. Typically, all that is required to begin is the purchase of a “Starter Kit” of products and paperwork and acquaintances who are interested in hosting parties.

Personal Shopper

If you love to shop, this job is for you. Many people don’t have the time or desire to shop and will gladly pay someone to do it for them. Offer to shop for everything from groceries to gift items, on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Lawn Care

Lawn care services might include mowing, sidewalk and driveway edging, raking leaves, pulling weeds and lawn irrigation. You can start out small with just a push mower and a few other inexpensive yard tools.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting services can typically be provided in your own home or the home of a client. You can specialize in taking care of just dogs and cats or offer to care for birds and exotic animals as well. Some pet owners may require that you be bonded.

Personal Chef

If you love to cook you can provide generalized cooking and baking services or target a favorite niche, such a vegetarian, Chinese or low-carb menus. Typically, cooking in someone else’s home does not require licensing.

Web Design

If you love to create web pages, this is a home business that requires very little in startup funds. In addition to creating web sites, you can also provide clients with banners, logos and graphics.

Senior Care Services

With the increasing number of seniors who want to stay in their homes, a senior care service is typically a lucrative home business. Not only that, helping these folks with the tasks of daily living can be personally rewarding, as well.

Affiliate Marketing

If you love sales and the Internet, affiliate marketing might be just what you’re looking for. There are millions of products to choose from and several ways to market them. Companies pay you a percentage of each item you sell.


Turn your knowledge into income. Individuals seek tutoring services for everything from music lessons to crafts to cooking to general educational topics. You can choose to offer services at your home or the home of a client.

Cleaning service

There will always be the need for cleaning services. You can offer to clean homes, commercial buildings, attics or garages. Typically all that is required to get started is a wide variety of cleaning products and the physical ability to perform the job.

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