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My Dad bought some rocking chair plans thinking about making a rocking chair over a year ago. He has been real busy and never seemed to have the time to get to it. When he got the news he was going to be a grandfather for the first time, he knew that the right time had come to make his chair.

He is the kind of guy who wants to make something nobody has, a unique creation, no matter how long it takes. Well, he said, I got about 8 months left to have it done on time to rock my first grand child. That said, he began to go to country stores and furniture outlets on the weekends to get some ideas. He was determined to make a very original chair.

He went to Cracker Barrel, got some magazines, went to the flea markets and so on. I asked him a few months later how things we doing with that chair. He said he still had not seen a style he really liked. Then a light bulb went on in my head. What about this woodwork plans kit you got online? I asked him. I don’t think they got any rocking chairs on that was his answer. I was pretty sure he didn’t even looked at them.

So I went to his computer and logged into the program. I pulled the chair plans and I found several rocking chairs designs. I printed them all out and went back to the living room and showed him what I had found. He took a long stare at the plans and gave me a big smile. I told me that he did not see any chairs like that anywhere he went and he really liked one of them.

The following week my dad had bought the material and had started to cut the pieces of the chair. He made a special carved design in the back that was his original idea. I was very impressed by the final result when he got done a couple month later. He worked on it every once in a while and took the time to sand it real good and to put several coats of varnish to protect it. I am sure that using these rocking chair plans was a great idea.

My best moment was a little while after my son was born when I saw my dad rocking him in his new chair. He said to me that now he had to made him a rocking horse and some wood toys. I told him with a smile that he knew where to look now for ideas.

Source by Tim A. Davis

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