Reprint Rights – One of the Easiest and Best Ways to Start Making Money Online {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

Selling information products with reprint rights is an easy and excellent way to get a fast start making money online as well as by mail. Especially since they can bring you free traffic to help you build up your mailing list.

When I first started my own online business I had nine years previous experience selling reprint rights products by mail order. It didn’t take long to figure out that there were people out there like me that also wanted to make money in mail order.

All I had to do was advertise something and it would pull in small $10 – $30 orders and even as much as $100 on repeat or back end orders. Once I spruced up a few dead beat looking reports into a decent new looking product that I would personally buy they sold really well.

I have gotten orders for as much as $250 at a time but mostly in the $30 – $100 range. Like a hot rod car or a fancy motorcycle, anything that I personally liked in the mail order realm others liked also. So I just created juicy sales flyers using the hottest titles I could find to get orders.

I even cleaned up the print in many of the reports with my word processor making them look brand new. I soon found that if I created a new product series by bundling together random titles that others liked them too. And they sold well and still do today.

I naturally gravitated towards selling online after a while. I actually bought a $47 Internet reprint rights series of e-books that also came with short videos that showed me how to get set up online and taking orders.

Once I learned about using pay per click advertising and could take orders through PayPal I was able to start actually getting online orders. Because I had spent so much time making my own mail order flyers I naturally wanted to make my own cool sales letter web sites.

Instead of using Microsoft Word I started using Microsoft Front Page (There are free site builders out there like Composer). To me it is like being a hunter or fisherman. It is like making that one crazy fishing lure that really pulls them in!

Another advantage to reprint rights is that you can have built in PROFIT CENTERS within the products that are advertisements for your other products. They can also be links for affiliate offers as well.

The free advertising or free traffic comes when others buy and start selling your reprint rights products. Your info products can be short informative 7-15-page reports.

Another bonus is that as you produce your own products you can offer both basic reprint rights and master reprint rights as well. Offering master reprint or resale rights is an instant back-end product.

Whether your info-products are Internet or mail order based the basics remain the same:

1.) You need targeted sales content.
2.) You need to build a large mailing list.
3.) You need to follow up with your list.
4.) Offer anything on the front end (a free report, a juicy discount, do whatever to build your list) because…
5.) Real profits start on the 2nd order.
6.) And leverage the efforts of other sellers to build up your list.
7.) Focus on selling repeating income products. It can be a newsletter, web hosting, auto responder service, etc. This offers you even more leverage.

Source by Lee Cusano

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