Red Slime Algae Culture

There are many people in the world who are fascinated with the different forms of life underwater and therefore they are quite passionate about bringing some of these lives in their houses with custom aquarium for the different forms of underwater creatures that they are fascinated with.

Their main concern after some time in this case becomes the red slime bacteria or the cyan bacteria that can rapidly grow in unattended fish tanks and that can actually hamper with the lives present in the aquarium or the tank.

Cyanobacteria are a cross between algae or bacteria in characteristics and in fact it is one of the oldest life forms on earth. It is believed that it is one of the earliest life forms to have spouted on earth. It is quite common in saltwater areas and fish tanks or aquariums have this problem a lot because of poor maintenance of the tanks.

The overgrowth of the red slime algae can cut the oxygen supply of the creatures in the tank and can even interfere with the light and temperature of the aquarium and thus can pose a serious threat to the living conditions of the creatures in the aquarium. It is necessary that once this problem is detected, proper steps should be taken to eradicate the problem and these steps should be taken rapidly before the problem escalates into being huge.

It is usually a result of many reasons, such as infrequent changing of the water in the tanks, the maintenance of proper temperature levels. It can also be because of the lights being turned on in the aquarium for too long or too little time. This will also trigger off the growth of the algae.

There are many red slime algae treatments that are available to the people today but they should take these steps one at a time to make sure that they understand the source of the problem and the method of treatment that proved to be the most effective.

The first that they should do is clean the tank and methodically scrub the insides, floor and the accessories in the tank. It is important that the source is obliterated fast. The next step would be to have a salt water mixture handy so that they can frequently change the water at regular intervals.

Only use lights and pumps that are meant to be used for the aquarium and they should be the correct size for the volume of the given aquarium. There are red slime algae suckers available in the market that can actually suck the offensive slime away from the tank.

There are also some chemical treatments available in the market that can help in arresting the growth of the algae. However, you should get it verified from the vet that the chemical should not be harmful for your pet because they would have to live in the tank too.

Sometimes the slime can be hidden under the rocks and stones in the tank and therefore it would be a good idea to clean them at each cleaning session too.

Source by Shawn Carrol

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