Recipes: Fluffy Cheese and Other Omelettes I Have Known

I make the omelettes at our house. The other day it was my wife’s birthday so I made her a cheese omelette. I did one thing different. I was watching a television show featuring an old diner that has been making omelettes the same way for many years. To make the omelette fluffy the cook mixed it on a regular drug-store-type malt mixer. I decided to give it a try and mixed our omelettes on our kitchen high-speed mixer.

How fluffy the omelette turned out depended somewhat on how much milk you added. The main thing is to get a lot of air into the mixture before you place it in the frying pan.

You can put about anything into an omelette. My wife is a purist and wants only cheese. But you can add leaks, bacon, ham, sausage, paprika, potatoes, shrimp or what have you. I have my preference. It is crabmeat.

I learned about crabmeat omelettes in York, Pennsylvania. We use to go down to the Roosevelt Tavern just to get a crabmeat omelette. Making a crabmeat omelette in Idaho is not like buying one at the Roosevelt Tavern in York, but it’s better than not having a crabmeat omelette.

A good site for omelettes is There you will find a wide variety to put you in “Omelette Heaven.” One that interested me is an egg recipe from France for Omelette Lyonnaise, an omelette made with caramelized onions and sprinkled with vinegar. I don’t know if that sounds good or not. I guess the only way to find out is to try it.

An omelette that would interest my English friends would be a recipe from France for an open faced omelette with smoked salmon.

Know that the English know little about cooking eggs. I had to teach the cook in my hotel in the Midlands how to make a cheese omelette. He put it on his menu and thereafter when you walked into his restaurant at breakfast time you would see that all the Americans and many Englishmen had settled on the cheese omelette.

That’s one thing I did for England.

Source by John T Jones, Ph.D.

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