Organized Home: New Uses for Leftovers

One of the greatest feelings a person can have is to have your home organized and in order. Very close to that feeling to find that there is far less food being wasted. Leftovers are often stored in the refrigerator until they get thrown out in the trash! Give them new life and save money in the process. It is estimated that nearly half the food purchased by the average household is thrown away. Why? Because it has gotten stale, past the expiration date, too much left after a meal, the family didn’t like it, or stored food is forgotten about.

Tips to save food from being thrown out:

Use up all the pancake batter and freeze the extra pancakes or waffles. They are excellent for a busy morning and save the cost of buying frozen ones, and taste better too.

Use leftover spaghetti or macaroni by combining with leftover veggies and cooked meat, stir in a can of cream soup and have a delicious new dish to enjoy for dinner.

Always check the expiration dates before purchasing items, especially if they are not used up quickly.

Use leftover veggies and shredded cheese or sour cream as toppings for baked potatoes.

Keep a plastic container in the freezer and when you have a few veggies leftover add them to the container and when full you have the veggies for vegetable soup.

Use stale or leftover cookies for crusts by crushing them and using them as you would graham cracker crumbs.

Use stale crackers or bread as crumbs for frying chicken, or other meats.

Use stale bread for croutons and for use in making dressing next time you make chicken and dressing.

Make homemade broth by boiling bones from roasts and hams and other boned meats. Add spices and carrots and celery and the next time you need broth you have your own delicious broth.

Leftover mashed potatoes can be used as a thickening agent for gravy. Use as dumplings in stews and soups by placing spoonfuls of mashed potatoes in the boiling liquid.

Mix an egg a small amount of flour, some grated onion and salt and pepper to mashed potatoes, form into patties and pan fry.

Once you get into the habit of finding new ways to use leftovers and other foods you would normally throw out your creativity will soar, your food bill will drop and you will be left with a wonderful feeling of not being wasteful.

Source by Patricia M Hines

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