Oatmeal Skin Masks – Do They Work?

You have probably read about oatmeal skin masks and seen lots of different recipes for how to make them at home. But do they really work? Can you get beautiful smooth skin just by using an oatmeal skin mask?

Well, how effective a homemade face mask will be for your skin depends on what your complexion is like today. You shouldn’t expect any miracles to occur, but neither should you discount the possibility of getting benefits.

Oatmeal has shown to purify and smooth the skin, so yes, oatmeal skin masks can work. Important is of course what other ingredient you’re mixing it with. One of the best oatmeal mask recipes is blending raw egg and oatmeal, and possibly cold pressed olive oil. This kind of mask will moisturize your skin while making it smoother.

If your skin is oily you may want to mix in a little bit of lemon juice, which is naturally drying and makes the pores smaller.

But you can only go so far with a homemade face mask. Yes, they are beneficial to use every once in a while but they won’t have big effects on wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, or other bigger skin issues.

For a more effective improvement you should look for natural skin care products with active ingredients that are proven to work. Only when the ingredients are tested in clinical trials with human volunteers do you know that they actually work.

In order to find really effective natural skin care you should look up the company behind the products to see if they are trustworthy. This may sound unnecessary, but you wouldn’t believe how many unserious skin care companies who only want to make a big profit there are out there. When you have found a sincere company who delivers on their promises it is worth the time you spent on a quick look up.

Source by Ingela M. Johansson

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