Nokia N8 Themes – Reviewing The N8

The global market has been competing intently with gadgets and products that are closely similar in form, feature, and specialized built-in programs. With this ongoing competition, Nokia has been constantly working on keeping their name and reputation on top amongst so many other brands that also give out surprisingly good products. The gadget that used to be simple and solely used for texting and calling has now been transformed. It is now a communicating device and entertainment center in one. With good features for communication (calling, texting, and the likes), the Nokia N8 themes the first camera phone that uses a 12-megapixel camera sensor size of 1/1.83 inches, which actually makes it the largest sensor camera phone at the time of its launch in October 2010. Built with a Carl Zeiss lens, a Xenon flash, and a loudspeaker, the Nokia N8 camera can actually compete with high-end digital cameras available. It has been by far recognized to have the most pre-orders among all Nokia phones.

Using the newest version of Symbian program, the Symbian^3 operating system, Nokia N8 themes now gives its user the latest 2D and 3D graphics architecture for more exciting and clear views of pictures and texts. With it also comes useful and faster Nokia N8 applications that will make you satisfied indeed with its better performance. Nokia N8 reviews tell us that it has been so far the most ruggedly handsome device you will ever lay your eyes on. Great physical presentation plus great Nokia N8 themes and features mean more people who would want to own the phenomenal Nokia N8. It has key built in applications: calendar, contacts, music player, photos, videos, built-in video & photo editors, office document, and radio. Part phone, part computer, part entertaining system, it is also equipped with PC applications which include the Nokia Ovi Suite and the Nokia Ovi player.

The Nokia N8 allows its users to experience faster transactions and connectivity because of its ability to manage memory. With this feature, you can now run several applications at the same time without the usual lags that previous models gave you. Being WiFi ready, you can browse the internet anytime as long as there is a connection available and you. Talk about taking with you your life, your work, your career, your phone, and basically almost everything you need in just one package.

Source by Emma G Collins

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