New York Food Trip

New York is captivating especially if you go for a walking tour. It will bring you to the city’s most splendid historical and cultural spots, and will never let you crave for its modernized views in the region. Since a tour and sightseeing is common to almost all visitors and tourists here try to make your experience a bit twisted by simply strolling around and enjoy a food trip along your course.

This metropolis has loads of foods to serve you. From its local luxury restaurants to small food shops and eateries, you can take a chance to gaze at this cosmopolitan’s life through its culture, history, and entertainment offers. There are places in NYC where you can perfectly view its diverse culture through their served foods.

History & Culture in the Chinatown

In Chinatown you will discover secret eateries and food shops where authentic Chinese style foods are offered. There is a broad variety of regional cultures also, such as Shanghais, Cantonese, Pekingese, Hongkonger, and Taiwanese. This specific location will expose you to distinctive Chinese cuisine including the following:

Scallion Pancake of Shanghais – This is a very delicious fried flatbread with minced scallion and oil. It is crispy and favorite of many locals and tourists.

Dumplings of Pekingese – This food has filled with veggies and meats. The outside part of the dumpling is crunchy, while tender on its inner part. You can’t resist eating some.

Taiwanese Teas – These are the traditional drinks of Chinese that offer goodness to health. A lot of people consume teas to improve their well-being, because they know how teas are being created to bring the finest healthy result.

Local Foods in NYC

Local Foods can be found anyplace in the city.

Belgian Fries – These are available in many eateries all over NYC. They are freshly served to customers in affordable prices. The sauce served with it adds spark to the taste.

Italian Cannoli – This is an Italian dessert that’s perfect in dinner. This is made of a creamy pastry shell in tube shape and filled with chocolate, ricotta cheese, and fruit or nuts.

Chocolate Cookie Eclair – This is made with layered of vanilla custard and chocolate glaze as toppings. People who like sweetened delicacies will love this!

All of these foods mostly satisfied the sweet tooth of many tourists!

Hence, if you want to experience an utmost holiday in New York City, it is best to combine the walking tour and classic food tour. Imagine yourself walking around in one of the world’s most renowned city, savoring its authentic delicacies? You will realize that each stop is enjoyable to take pictures for souvenirs.

Though going to New York can be expensive, but cheap flights and discounts for travelers are available to deal with your budget trip.

Source by Alma May Bacarrisas

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