Making Powerful PowerPoint Presentations With Videos and Animated Backgrounds

It is easy to prepare a presentation with the help of software like PowerPoint. Even kids today can come up with one. Making a presentation using software like this, however, can be very different from making an effective one. There is a growing need for effective presentation skills nowadays. Whether you are a student or somebody working in the corporate field, you need to know how to create powerful presentations.

The wise use of various elements can make a difference in your presentation. Video backgrounds, for instance, can make your slides more interesting. They help catch the attention of your audience and serve to break the monotony of thoughts expressed in words alone.

You can easily find videos and animations online. Some are available at certain prices while some are free.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when incorporating animations and video backgrounds in your PowerPoint presentation.

Appropriate Choice

Many presenters fail to choose an appropriate video or animation for their presentation. The first rule is to choose videos that support the subject or theme of your presentation. Do not use any clip or video that has nothing to do with the main idea. Otherwise, you will confuse or mislead your audience and deliver fragments of messages and thoughts instead of a whole idea.

Right Speed

Make sure the video or animation has the right speed. Remember that you are conveying a message to the audience so make certain that the video is neither playing too fast nor too slow.

This also applies to animated backgrounds. Too fast background motions might only distract your audience. Slow to medium video backgrounds will help your audience keep their focus on the text or other more important elements.

Fitting Appeal

Go for videos and backgrounds that do not compete with the text you flash on the slides. In most cases, you are using them as support to the theme of your presentation. This is why such elements should not overpower the message conveyed by the written words. Their appeal should be enough to capture attention but not to the extent that the audience will totally forget what the text means. This is particularly true when it comes to moving backgrounds.

Seamless Loops

Effective video backgrounds should loop seamlessly. They should play back continuously in a way that the audience will not notice the loop point.

It is easy to find such backgrounds online, particularly in websites offering videos and backgrounds designed for presentations.

You will find many websites offering free clips and animated backgrounds. You can download and save them in your library for future use. Some websites sell such videos and backgrounds at low prices. Some of them also buy works from artists who create interesting motion backgrounds.

The best thing about searching online is that you will have access to a wide range of options. Whatever topic you have to discuss, you can easily find appropriate clips and backgrounds. Go online today so you can find reputable websites offering a range of videos and animations for your presentation.

Source by Hannah Mowll

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