Madagascan Vanilla and Caramel Flan

Vanilla & Caramel flan (6 persons)


This is an easy recipe for a wonderful desert to impress your guests. A wonderful combination of eggs, milk and vanilla!


½ Vanillabazaar vanilla pod (split)

4 small eggs

½ litre milk

Sweet condensed milk (according to taste)

Some roasted flake almonds

4-5 spoons of sugar for caramel

Chocolate chips/sugar bits


Put the sugar in a non-stick pan and let it gently melt on a slow heat then quickly pour it evenly into a deep flan dish and keep it aside.

Mix the milk with condensed milk, vanilla, half of the almonds and bring to the boil and let it cool down. Beat the eggs separately and add slowly to the cold milk, stirring constantly.

Pour this mixture into the flan mould.

Set the flan by putting the mould into a larger pan filled with simmering water and let it cook slowly. Make sure the water does not get into the mould. You can check if it is cooked by inserting a dry knife and see if it comes out clean – this should happen within about 20 minutes.

Then let the flan cool down and put into a refrigerator. Once cool, take the flan out of the mould by dipping the mould in some warm water and waiting a while. Edge the flan out from against the mould using a knife and then turn the flan upside down onto a plate.

Decorate the top of the flan with the rest of the almonds and top with the chocolate chips and sugar bits. Enjoy!!

Source by Sakina Jodiyawalla

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