Low Profile Paintball Hoppers

Normal paintball hoppers can be big targets when playing. When you are shooting at an opponent, your paintball hopper will often stick out and give something else for your opponent to hit. Even when you get hit on your paintball hopper, you are out of the game.

To avoid less hopper shots you can make your target smaller by using low profile hopper systems. There are a couple of options out there that will give you a very low profile and decrease your target size when you are hanging out and shooting.

The Q-loader is a hopper system that can mount under your paintball barrel or above your gun. It is spring powered, so no batteries are needed. You don’t need to worry about your gun shooting faster than the Q-loader can load either. The Q-loader can feed at a rate of 30 bps. Plenty fast enough for any paintball gun. The Q-loader uses spring loaded pods that can hold 100 paintballs. When the pod is empty you remove it and clip on another pre-loaded Q-loader pod.

The Warp Feed system made by Airgun Designs will take your current hopper and move it to the side of your gun. This prevents the hopper from sticking out when you are leaning out to shoot. The Warp Feed is battery operated and will push paintballs fed from a motorized hopper through a tube directly into your paintball gun.

Having a low profile is important when playing paintball. A low profile will help keep you from getting shot easily. Low profile hopper systems like the Q-loader will replace your bulky loader with a smaller spring loaded Q-loader pod that you can fit under your barrel. The Warp Feed system will take your bulky motorized hopper and place it on the side of the gun where it will be less likely to get hit.

If you are looking for a good low profile hopper system that will give you an edge over the competition by making your profile smaller, either the Q-loader or Warp Feed are good systems to consider.

Source by Ryan Gert

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