Lipstick And Lipgloss

The most popular beauty product world over, is lipstick. Form the corner

store to the largest cosmetic counter you are sure to find lipsticks

available. There is wide variety of brands, colors, textures and finishes to

create those much sought after lush, beautiful lips.

You can find lipsticks in traditional tubes, pots, pencils, and even wands

with innovative designs emerging daily. While color selection is a

personal choice, current fashion trends also play a big part in influencing

a woman choice of lipstick.

To create that perfect pair of lips you should start by lining with a

neutral colored pencil following your natural lip line. Using a lip brush fill

in with lip color of your choice. Use your lip brush to blend the two so

that there are no harsh edges.

The secret of creating the picture-perfect lips lies in the choice of color

and correct application.


  1. If you are not fortunate to have full lips, wear the lightest, frostiest lipsticks you
    can find. They will cause your lips to look fuller. Follow with lipgloss.
  2. You should use a Vitamin E Lip Protector before application of any type of
    lipstick. It moisturizes and nourishes the lips preventing dryness and cracking.
  3. To create your own smudge-resistant lipstick blot your lips with one sheet of twoply
    tissue. Reapply lipstick and blot again. This will absorb the oils in the product
    and leave the pigment and matte waxes.
  4. If you are over 40 we advise that you should avoid wearing matte lipsticks. You
    will look best with a little shine on your lips. Always use a lip liner since it builds
    a dam that keeps the lipstick from ‘bleeding’.
  5. To remove lipstick from clothing, apply glycerine on the spot, rub lightly and
    wash as normal.

Lipstick, long the favorite of many women, is now getting some tough

competition from its counterpart lip gloss.


  1. Apply lip gloss over lipstick or alone. Remember that gloss would emphasize and
    therefore make your lips appear to be fuller.
  2. Women with extra-full lips, should use lip gloss very sparingly.

Source by Della Upsher

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