It’s Back! WordPerfect’s Amazing Comeback

Have you noticed WordPerfect is gearing up for a comeback in a big way? And fortunately, they are succeeding. If you’re like me, an ole’ diehard WordPerfect 5 user, this is music to my ears. I love Microsoft Word, but I long for some of the features WordPerfect had to offer.

Among the great advancements WordPerfect has made are their OfficeReady products. These are customized template packages that allow you to pull up ready-made templates and customize them for your business. You can then easily prepare your documents, spreadsheets and presentations. PowerPoint presentations have never been easier, and if you want to design a newsletter for your business, this is the way to do it. I recommend that you check into the OfficeReady Business Basics and the OfficeReady Stationery Pack. It provides you with everything you need to set up letterhead, business cards, brochures, newsletters, fax cover sheet, etc. You can easily download some of the samples by going to [] site. Also, sign up for their newsletter and stay on top of the latest tips and techniques.

Here are some additional tips:

Creating Templates – Have a favorite letter or document you want to make into a template. Here’s how:

  • File
  • New from Project
  • Choose Options
  • Create WP Template
  • Insert
  • File
  • Select the document you want
  • Insert
  • Make the changes to allow for it to be used as a template
  • File
  • Close
  • Yes to save Template
  • Type a description
  • Add in template name (what you want to call it)
  • Select the category where you want the template stored
  • Choose OK

Need to mark a spot on a page so that you can easily go to it when you open a document, perhaps so you can begin typing there, here’s your answer:

  • Go to where you want the mark
  • Tools
  • Bookmark
  • Click on Set Quickmark
  • Save document

Then to call up that Quickmark

  • Open document
  • Tools
  • Bookmark
  • Go to Bookmark — Bingo you’re there!

Adding Multiple Hyperlinks

To create an easy way to type hyperlinks, especially those you use frequently, you can list those under Speedlinks and then just type in a keyword to utilize. When you need to use one of the hyperlinks you have created, you merely type in the keyword preceded by the @. For example @virtual is my keyword for []

  • Tools
  • Click on QuickCorrect
  • Click on the SpeedLinks Tab.
  • You’ll see the two boxes there. The first box is the @name (keyword) and the second is the website destination. Now, add in your websites or add them in as you use them
  • Okay

Then when typing a document you merely type @keyword [Enter] and your hyperlink will appear.

There are many places online you can go to get help for questions or the latest macros, shortcuts, and tips. If you haven’t checked these out, I highly recommend doing so. Here are a few of my favorites:

Hope you found these tips helpful!

Source by Diana Ennen

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