Interested to Know the Origin of the French Kiss?

Many people think that they know the French kiss origin. Obviously, it seems as if it originated in France because of its name. On the contrary, these people are quite wrong because this misconception is simply not true to history or documents. There are plenty of theories as to why it is called a French kiss; however, no theory can ever be confirmed because there are no documents found yet. More than likely though, it did not originate in France as most people like to believe.

One theory comes from the fact that the French have been known as sensual, immoral people in history. Therefore, the term French kissing is an insult to the French and their ways. It is also an insult on their public display of their promiscuous nature. Also, the French were the first people to allow public displays of love and affection such as kissing and dancing. The French supposedly had dances that ended in huge make out sessions for every couple that came to the dance.

Another theory is also an insult to the France and its people just as the first theory was. During a war, a general once said that the French would rather make love with their hands than fight and battle. He is practically saying that the French were too afraid to fight and would rather make love. Therefore, this theory also degrades the French people and their morale in fighting and public displays of love.

Other phrases that incorporate the word French that do not really have any affiliation with France or its people are French toast, French fries, and the phrase “excuse my French.” None of these derived their origins from the country of France or from the French people. The last one also is an insult to France and its people. When someone uses the phrase “excuse my French,” it is usually after he or she swore or said something inappropriate. This insinuates that the French are crude and rude people who have no courtesy for the common public.

As of this present time, no real, accurate documents have been discovered or found in supporting any of these theories. The author of the term “French kiss” may never been known. If he or she saw that the phrase is so widely known and used today, he or she would be shocked. It is interesting to note that this phrase has the same meaning it did centuries ago as it does today. However, it can be documented back to the 1800s. In addition, the utilization of the phrase French kiss was once again rampant in the 1920s.

Whether the theory derived from war times or the theory derived from the nature and manners of the French, no one will ever know. Either way the term probably was derived form some form of insult to France and its people, and it is not literally from the country of France itself or its people. Wherever the French kiss origin is, the French kiss has always and will always be a universal symbol of romance, love, or lust.

Source by Lauren Worthington

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