Ingredients And Products Needed For Beer Brewing (Breweries)

What is beer? – Simply put, beer is fermented; hop flavored, malt sugared, liquid.

Brewing beer is fun and easy; if you can make mac and cheese from a box without help, you can make beer. This section will provide you with all the necessary ingredients and products for you to brew beer.

All beer is brewed from malted barley, hops, yeast and water, although other ingredients such as fruit, wheat and spices are sometimes used. The yeast turns sugars in the malt into alcohol and the hops provide the bitter flavors in beer and the flowery aroma. The flavor of the beer depends on many things, including the types of malt and hops used, other ingredients and the yeast variety. Getting the yeast right is essential as each variety has its own distinctive effect on the beer.

Carbon Activated – ENO – (For decolorizing and purification)

Carbon Activated – CPW – (For decolorizing and purification)

Carbon Activated – 2SW – (For deodorizing)

Caustic Potash Flake – (For cleaning)

Caustic Potash 50% Liquid – (For cleaning)

Caustic Soda Beads (For cleaning)

Caustic Soda 30% & 50% Liquid (For cleaning and water treatment)

Chlorinated Trisodium Phosphate (For cleaning)

Citric Acid Anhydrous (For use in cleaning)

Dextrose – Enhances the body of the beer. (Aids the yeast in completing fermentation.)

Dicaflock Fibers (Dicalite) – (As pre-coat during filtration)

Diatomaceous Earth (Dicalite) – (Various grades for initial filtering to polishing.)

Filter Modules (Filtrox) – (Both 12″ and 16″ modules available as either flat ends or with “F” adaptors.)

Filter Sheets (Filtrox)- (Standard and custom sizes for coarse filtration, clarifiying, fine filtration, germ reducing, and sterile filtration.)

Gelatin – (For removing unwanted solids)

Hydrogen Peroxide 35% – (For cleaning and disinfecting)

Muriatic Acid – (General cleaning)

Peracetic Acid – (General cleaning and disinfecting)

Potassium Chloride (Pellets) – (For water softening)

Propylene Glycol USP – (Coolant for refrigeration)

Propylene Glycol Inhibited – (Coolant for refrigeration)

Soda Ash (Dense & Light) – (For neutralizing)

Sodium Chloride – (For water softening)

Sodium Hypochlorite 12-14% – (General cleaning and disinfecting)

Sodium Percarbonate – (General cleaning)

Sterox & Sterox Foaming – (General cleaning)

Sterox K & Sterox K Foaming – (General cleaning)

Sulfuric Acid 93% – (For cleaning and water treatment)

Trisodium Phosphate – (For cleaning)

Yeast – Mauribrew Ale – (Active Dry Yeast)

Yeast – Mauribrew Lager – (Active Dry Yeast)

Adjuncts, other ingredients such as rice or corn, can be used to “extend” the ingredients imparting a “clean” to “no taste” and providing the beer with longer shelf life.

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