How To Use Swingers Chat Rooms For Swinging Vacations

I always advise couples who are new to the swinger lifestyle to go on “swinging vacations.” Why? Well, it makes the experience seem more like fun than a profound new aspect of your life. Also, if you don’t like it, you can easily walk away and leave behind the people and the places where you did it.

What I will do is show you how to quickly and easily use swingers chat rooms to arrange these vacations.

Why Chat Rooms, Davina?

I LOVE online chatting. It is the quickest and purest way to connect with people. Before I ever arrange a swinger event I spend hours chatting to the same people. You really get a feel for them. It is also a LOT harder for people to lie or hold things back when they chat. So, the second they say something that rubs you the wrong way, you can drop them and move on to the next person.

The method

Swingers chat rooms are usually the most highly populated. To use them for swinger vacations you need to make it clear that you want to meet someone away from your home area. You can either find someone to accommodate or meet them in a hotel or motel. The method of doing this is being very OPEN.

Enter the room and tell them that you want to swing away from home. Would anyone be interested in chatting with a view to staying at their home over night or meeting in one of their local hotels?

A lot of swingers prefer to swing miles from their front door. So, use this method, and you are left with the RIGHT type of swingers for you.

Now all you have to do is put in the effort. Chat to them. Do it for hours, for days if you have to. Decide if you are all sexually compatible. Have “virtual experiences” with them. Test them out.

Eventually, you are ready to move on, pick up the phone, and make arrangements to meet.

So where are they, Davina?

I’m amazed at how many of these rooms have closed down in the last year or two. It used to be that you could type in a Google search and up would pop thousands of them.

My two favorite places now are Facebook and dating communities (all of which have chat).

Source by Davina Anderson

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