How To Use Online Video For Marketing

Video marketing is an excellent way to boost engagement, increase brand awareness and enhance search engine optimization. Video is shared more and gets more response than text, which is why your business needs to use online video for marketing.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive equipment to create a marketing video online. Smart phone work great for recording videos for YouTube.

Introduce Yourself

Make a short video about yourself, including why you are working in your chosen niche and how you can help your customers. Upload the video to your website home page. People want to know if you’re the right person to trust, and seeing your face and hearing your voice why will help them to get to know you.

Keep It Short

Usually, short videos are best. Think of three short points about a certain subject and talk about them in a short video. Include closed captioning as an added touch. It will not only be appreciated by people who are hard of hearing, but will also help your videos be picked up by the search engines.

Create A ‘How To’ Video

Your target audience will love seeing how to do something so they can do it on their own. They’ll also see you as more of an expert than before. When you upload your marketing video online, take the time to include the title, tags and descriptions, as well as links to your landing pages or website.

Going To An Event?

When you go to an industry event video some of it. Then put it together or make several videos from the event to make a series of short videos. Try to make your videos as professional as you can based on your audience’s preferences. Having said that, don’t get too caught up trying to make everything perfect. Sometimes a ‘straight from the heart’ video will have more effect than a professionally shot video.

Something New Coming?

If you have a product launch coming up, an online marketing video will whet your audience’s appetite for more. Make a short video with a question that makes them think of the problem that they have that you might solve. When you make your video, remember your background. You can create a good background with a fold-out wall separator or room divider. Add a plant and the suitable lighting, and you’ll have a great background for all your videos.

You Don’t Have To Appear On Camera

When you’re creating an online marketing video you don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want to. You can use software like PowerPoint or Keynote to create useful slides that can be transformed into a video. As you create more videos the process will become easier and quicker.

Source by Jon Allo

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