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This article sets out to inform and help you to recognize a good piece of furniture and to tell the difference between a shoddy, flimsy piece and the genuine article; so that you can make a good and informed decision when purchasing a piece of wood furniture.

Home decor is included amongst the top priorities of the socially active. Because of the many changes in furniture choices over recent years, people now have a wider choice and more quality of choice in the furniture they buy. Among the top choices of the experts of items of furniture are those made out of wood.

Furniture can add value to your home; especially if it is a piece made out of rustic pine, oak, cedar or cherry for instance. And if you are a lover of designer furniture, bespoke furniture can be a real turn on. If you would like your home to be representative of your personality and who you are, tailor-made upholstered chairs could be an example of what you are looking for. Some items of quality, wooden furniture can be considered masterpieces; as such a lot of work and craftsmanship goes into producing them.

Hardwood is the most preferred choice when making furniture pieces. It is available in many natural colors, ranging from the darkest to the lightest tones. Hardwood is the most durable type of wood among those used for making furniture. Another advantage is that hardwood is very low maintenance and requires a minimum amount of care due to its strength and sturdiness.

Some wood furniture dealers sell fakes, so you need to be incredibly cautious when buying an expensive designer or bespoke piece of furniture from a dealer which have emerged in the market. As a general rule, when looking to buy wood furniture, the heavier the better, since heavier wood furniture is an indication of strength and quality. So, before buying a piece of furniture, see if you can lift it first. If it is considerably weighty, you will know that it is a genuine piece.

You should also consider examining any furniture made of wood before you buy it. You may be surprised to learn on examination that some pieces have protruding nails, cuts and bruises and even some other defects. If you run your hand gently across the surface of the piece of furniture, before buying, you will be able to detect any such flaws and so squandering an enormous amount of your hard earned cash.

If on inspection you find that the piece of furniture has a minor defect that can be easily corrected, you could ask the dealer to do a discount for you. It is likely that the dealer will be happy to earn a new customer in you, and will also be pleased to oblige since their reputation is at stake.

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