How to Market Yourself Online Using Videos Without Tearing Your Hair Out (in Frustration)

The challenge for most business owners is to let people know they’ve got a business, without spending all their marketing budget in one go.

More and more people are hearing that video marketing is “the next big thing” and they’re right, although rather than being “next” – it’s already here.

If you use my techniques listed below you won’t be tearing your hair out or having headaches – it’s so simple I’m sure you’ll be surprised.

This technique doesn’t need a video camera, a digital camera with video, or a smart phone or device (like an iPhone, Android or iPad) although all of these can be used in future. This technique is as simple as it gets – using some software on your computer (I’ll list software to purchase and others with no cost, to suit everyone), you’ll create a simple slideshow or presentation and eventually put it on YouTube.

I’m going to walk you through 5 simple steps to get you started, which are:

1. launch your presentation or slideshow software

2. create 3-5 slides

3. export as video

4. publish to your YouTube Channel

5. publish on your website

Now lets’ look at each of those in more detail

Step 1 – Launching the Software

Make sure you have one of these types of software to create Presentations and Slideshows:

• Powerpoint (for Mac & Windows)

• or Keynote ($20 for Mac),

• or OpenOffice (for Mac & Windows – no cost!)

Decide on a Topic – the easiest way to get started is to think of one question someone has asked about your business. Name the file with the name of the question, and answer the question in the video.

Step 2 – Creating the Presentation / Slideshow

Launch the software. On a sheet of paper or online if you prefer, you need to list the following things and then turn each one into a slide (use more than 5 if you need to):

1. your opening slide – photo, logo, business name, introduce what the video’s about, your name (make sure your logo and website name appear on each slide)

2. next slide – type what you’re going to tell them about, and how it will help the viewer

3. next slide – type whatever is is that you want them to know, being clear and concise to get your message across

4. next slide – type a brief overview of what you told them, including the benefits

5. closing slide – put a Call To Action — what would you like them to do now? Sign up for your newsletter? Visit your site and get a free PDF download? Whatever it is, make the message LARGE and clear. Save the file with a name using the keywords relating to the content of the presentation.

Whichever software you choose, you will be able to “Record” yourself talking, while you move through each slide (generally by pressing the right arrow key on the keyboard).

You can run through as many recordings as you like until you’re happy, but really it just needs to be simple (and fast) – you’re not trying to make a multi-million dollar blockbuster.

Step 3 – Export as Video

Once you’re happy with the recording phase, select File / Export from the menu.

The file will be exported in a movie format, which might or.mp4, depending on whichever system you use.

Step 4 – Upload & Publish to YouTube

If you haven’t created a YouTube account for your business, do so now. When you’re ready, upload the video and publish.


Copy the link for the “live” video, you’ll need that next.

Step 5 – Publish on Your Website

For the best benefits from SEO, create a new page on your website for each video you publish on YouTube. The steps you now need to take are:

• create a new page using the same Title you used for the exported video

• add a short introduction on the page

• paste the link from YouTube onto your page, using whichever technique needs to be used by your website software (there are many ways to achieve this – check with your website company if you’re unsure)

• if you can, type a few sentences about the content of your new video, or even better type a transcript (you can also extract the text from your presentation which is very easy to do)

• when your page is ready, Publish it.

Congratulations – you’ve just published your first short video for your business!

If you make a list of 7-10 questions you usually receive, each one can become a Question and Answer video which gets published on YouTube and your website.

Bonus Step

Upload your new video to other video distribution portals online, do a search to find them. Now pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Don’t forget to rinse and repeat, do the same again using a different question, upload and publish. Then rinse and repeat. Keep doing this and you’ll have lots of great information on the internet pointing to your website and showing your knowledge and expertise in your field.

If you’d like to know more about my tips and techniques for website and business owners, or follow my tutorials and any of my other lessons online, you might be interested in a series of free videos I’ve created to help website owners to start marketing their business or website online. If you like, you can sign up and grab your own copies of these videos on this link on my website:

Source by Teena Hughes

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