How to Make Your Own Jigsaw Costume For Halloween

Jigsaw, the puppet like bearer of bad news from the Saw movie series, would be a rather interesting costume for Halloween and pretty easy to make too. I really love the Saw movies so I think it would be a really great costume, and it’s not one you see very often so it would be pretty unique as well.

And it would always be a relevant costume around Halloween too because that’s the time the latest installment in the Saw movie series always comes out. And who knows, if you do a really good job at it, that you may even win a prize or something at your next costume party this Halloween.

If I was to dress up as the character Jigsaw from the Saw movies for Halloween, I would probably concentrate on the mask. Now I wouldn’t recommend this costume for anyone who was going to be around children however, especially enhanced with any of the further details like a saw, because I’m sure that they or their parents might find it pretty disturbing.

The Jigsaw mask would make it rather evident that you were trying to be him right away. To make the mask I would recommend taking a white mask and then dressing it up with the Jigsaw features. These features could easily be painted on a plain white mask. You can also find the Jigsaw mask at several locations but if you wanted to save money you could make it yourself using some paint and a few other items.

The obvious first features would be the red spirals on the cheeks. Also, the Jigsaw mask is like a dummy mask so there would have to be lines drawn down from the middle of the lips to the bottom of the chin to make it look like that part of the mask would move if the character were to talk. Deep red lips with some red blood dripping from them would also make the mask even scarier if you’re trying to go for a scary look.

Other than the mask the costume is quite simple – you could wear mostly black or dress up in a suit as I believe Jigsaw does whenever you see him in the movie. If you wanted to allude even more to the movies you could put something on the Jigsaw costume like something from one of the scenes. The first thing I thought of was needles from the needle pit that they dove into in Saw IV. Although this would be a safety hazard if you used real needles you could just use pictures of needles on your costume or something similar like toy syringes.

I also would think of using a hack saw from the first Saw movie, with chains attached to your legs or something like that. Again though, be cautious and make sure that it doesn’t have a blade that could harm people. I think most people would understand that your costume is simply based on the mask though.

So, I hope that if anyone decides to make their own Jigsaw costume that they have a lot of fun doing it and also have a lot of fun wearing it. Jigsaw costumes have a lot going for them – they are not too common, but are creepy as you’d ever imagine. So go rent a copy of Saw and get ready for even more Jigsaw costume ideas.

Source by Debbie Ray

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