How to Find Belief in Your Self

Believe it or not; what you believe is what you are and do. A serious point to also consider is that what you believe is also what you don’t do. As in the great words of Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right!”

So what does this mean to you? Simply this, if you believe you can do something you usually do it without trepidation. Conversely if you believe you can’t do something you will not even try. So by not believing you can; you severely limit yourself from many possibilities.

There is a difference between choosing to not do something, and not trying because you have limited yourself. Let us use a sport example. If you believe that you can not play tennis, then you won’t try and will never know if you have a hidden talent or not. However to choose to not play tennis as you are in too poor of health and know your bones could not take the abuse, is a choice based on facts and not on belief.

So what have you not done because of a belief? What has someone told you that you could not do and you believed them? It is so sad to see so much possibility wasted because a person does not believe that they can.

Now, just trying and failing does not mean you can’t do something. Chances are that if you did try tennis you would be beat. The reason you would lose is because you do not know all the rules, tasks, techniques, and skills needed to play the game well. You gain this knowledge and ability through practice, and soon you become a good player, and eventually you begin to win more than you lose.

So it is with anything in life; the universe if full of unlimited opportunity and unlimited possibility. To not even try because you believe you can’t is wasted opportunity. How do you know you can’t? Have you tried once and failed and so do not try anymore? Have you tried it and determined that you can’t because of logical reasons? Have you not even tried because you do not think you can?

You can do and be anything you will to be. The only thing holding you back is your belief. What do you believe about yourself? Do believe you can’t do something and so you never even try? Stop that, if you can not find a valid and logical reason for not being able to do something; then you can do it. What? You better look at that last statement again. Whether you choose to do it or not is a different matter, just believing that you can is what is important here.

So look at anything in your life that you believe you can’t do. Dig deep into yourself, and find out all the things you do not think you can do. Write them down as you think of them. Make the list as big as you can. Start out with things that are obvious; like “I do not think I can lift a thousand pounds” and soon all the not so obvious ones will appear. Keep writing; make your list four or five pages long.

Now review your list, as you think of more add them to your list. As you are reviewing your list ask yourself why you think you can’t do something. Is there a valid logical reason? Look at each item and you will see that most everything is indeed possible, simply that it would require some work to make it happen.

For example: Why can’t you lift a thousand pounds? Is it because you are not strong enough? Could you work and become strong enough? Possibly, you could eventually lift a thousand pounds, just not right now. This proves that it was only an erroneous belief that was holding you back from doing something. If you decide that lifting a thousand pounds is a worthwhile endeavor then you can; by gaining the knowledge and skills through practice, to achieve that goal.

If you look there is nothing that is impossible, everything you thought you could not do, you can; if you only gain the knowledge and the skill. So look at this again, what is holding you back? Probably only your belief.

Be Blessed

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Source by Ralston Heath

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