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Wrought iron chandeliers are among the strongest with in the iron chandelier category. Each wrought iron chandelier has a special wrought iron bronze finish. There is also a wrought iron crystal chandelier category for the crystal enthusiast as well as a black wrought iron chandelier category. The quality detail and workman ship is second to none.

The 100% crystal wrought iron chandelier is part of a great European tradition. Nothing is quite as elegant as the fine crystal chandeliers that gave sparkle to brilliant evenings at palaces and manor houses across Europe. These beautiful wrought iron chandeliers are inspired from the Versailles Collection and there are known to be decorated and draped with hand-cut and polished 100% crystal that capture and reflect the light of the candle bulbs. The frames are Wrought Iron, adding the finishing touch to a wonderful fixture. The timeless elegance of the wrought chandelier is sure to lend a special atmosphere anywhere its placed!

There are a lot of types of wrought iron chandeliers and lighting. In today’s day – like most other things from back then – the wrought iron chandelier is not made like it used to be. That being said you can still find that the quality and workmanship for these types of chandeliers are excellent. They are still made of metal and or iron but they are not hammered out and as heavy like they used to be. Whether you are shopping for a iron chandelier or a bronze chandelier you are sure to make any room look better then it did before. They truly are part of the great tradition of a wrought iron chandelier.

Assembling a chandelier or any other crystal chandelier can sometimes seem over whelming at first. You have a few choices you can either DIY and save money and feel accomplished and look at it every day knowing you put all your hard earned money and time into it, or of course you can take the easy way out and hire an electrician. No shame in that, its what most people do.

The basics of the basics in assembling goes as follows – most of them have the same idea, the one tiered iron chandelier usually starts with a bronze chandelier plate at its base. So if you have a ten light chandelier for example the plate that will sit at the bottom of the chandelier should have ten holes. Each arm will a have screw coming out of it at the bottom end of the arm – you will then put the arm with the screw coming out of it into one of the holes in the plate. Then you will take the nut that comes with it and you will screw it onto the bottom screw to tighten the arm to the plate. You will then do that for each arm.

After you are done putting all the chandelier arms in the right places and fastening them with the screws you will have wires coming out of each arm – you should 1st consult a licensed electrician – but here or some of the basics of wiring your chandelier. First you should locate the two main wires that will be carrying the electricity to the ceiling, you can mark one main wire A and the second main wire B, then you should notice that the arms should have two wires coming out of each of them. Take a wire from each arm and label one of them A and one of them B (it does not matter which one is A or B).

So to recap for a second being we have a ten light chandelier we should have a total of 11 wires marked with the letter A and 11 wires marked with the letter B. You then take all the ones marked with the letter A and tape them all together with certified electrical tape, then do the same for all the letter B’s. You will then have a beautiful crystal chandelier electrified and ready to be hung into place.

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