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It is five o’clock in the afternoon and you are just about ready to make that long commute home, when your immediate supervisor hands you a white envelope. You initially experience some anxiety, so you wait to open it until you get to your car. You think to yourself, I sure could use a bonus right about now. You finally get to your car, you open the envelope and find out that, instead of receiving a pay increase, you received a pay cut. Ouch!

In the economic times we live in today, this is a very common scenario. If it is not a letter of termination, it is a reduction in one’s income. An area where payroll cuts are inevitable are for state workers. Type in a keyword phrase ‘state employee cuts’ and you will find that just about every state is ready to make payroll deductions. It is sad because that is where our public school teachers, policemen, firemen, and many other important servant type occupations are employed.

Many state workers are being forced to supplement their income. They do not make much to begin with, but if they want to provide for themselves and their families, they have to find supplemental income that makes sense. If you find yourself in this situation or one like it, I would like to help answer the question, how do State workers supplement their income so it makes sense for their lives?

How Do State Workers Supplement Their Income?

1. State Workers Supplement Their Income by Finding Work That Pays Well

If you find a need to supplement your income, you need to get a job that pays well. It needs to pay you well or it probably will not be worth it to you. An extra job is not worth it if it pays you so poorly, that by the time you drive to and from the workplace, you have already spent what you got paid for that day, so it is not making you any money.

If you find a job that you have already been trained in and experience in, there is a much greater likelihood that you will be paid well. Examples of that would be, a policeman working security at a high school football game; or a school teacher tutoring students after school. So you want to get paid well so those extra hours will truly supplement your income. A second thing to consider if you have to have supplemental income, is to find work you enjoy.

2. State Workers Supplement Your Income by Finding Work You Enjoy

If you have to be working extra hours, you might as well enjoy what you are doing. Most people working jobs to supplement their income, do so, just to get by. They will settle for anything so that they can pay the bills. But if you find work that you have a passion for, that is the type of person employers like to higher and are willing to pay extra to get on their team. Most likely, this passion comes from work you are already trained and experienced to do. These days, with so much competition for jobs, those that have the training and experience are landing the jobs. A last area to consider when trying to find work that will supplement your income is to look for work that makes sense to your schedule.

3. State Workers Supplement Your Income by Finding Work That Fits Your Schedule

Do you have a family? It is so important to consider their needs as you add another job to your already busy life. If you do not think through how a supplemental job will affect your family, you might be making a great income, but to the loss of your family in the process.

One area to consider when you are thinking about supplementing your income is the home based business industry. The home based business industry has grown in popularity over the past decade. Working a second job from home gives more flexibility to your schedule. There are no extra vehicle and food costs. It is nice not to have to worry about the daily commute. Not only that, but your wife would love the occasional extra hand around the house from time to time. The home based business nicely fits the 3 areas I had you consider when looking to supplement your income, it can pay very well, it is enjoyable, and it is very flexible for one’s daily schedule.

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