Hot Chocolate Massage

Warning to chocolate lovers…this may be addictive. Imagine warm chocolate oozing over your skin, opening your pores to receive the rich minerals, vitamins and antioxidants needed to reduce aging and even prolong your life. The next several mouth-watering minutes will have you melting in your seat and eager to get out and find a chocolate massage.

The Beauty of Chocolate

What if I told you that chocolate could make you beautiful? Put aside the evils that we have been taught throughout the years about chocolate and its negative effects, and get down to some new and innovatively exciting information that gives you every reason to eat, drink, smell and wear Chocolate. Yes, I said wear. Actually I want to take it further than just wearing chocolate, I am suggesting that you smear it all over your body, professionally supervised of course, until you feel like a human chocolate bar.

One of the latest treatments appearing at spas around the world is chocolate massage. Sure it sounds like a gimmick at first, a way to get cocoa lovers into the spa, but it is now being heralded as extremely therapeutic on many levels. One such beneficial claim is that chocolate may actually make you live longer. A study of 8000 people, half eating chocolate and the other half abstaining, showed that the ones that consumed the chocolate recorded a longer lifespan. It is hypothesized that this is due to the presence in chocolate of antioxidants known as polyphenols, which help to reduce heart disease. This study was related to the consumption of chocolate, but it is widely known that the skin, being the largest organ in the body is able to absorb such organic chemicals and enter them into the bloodstream, which would result in the same effect. Polyphenols have also proved to reduce the onset of wrinkles, which is a highlight of anti-aging. Not only can chocolate help you live longer, it will have you looking fabulous along the way.

Chocolate massage is an explosive sensory experience. The creamy cocoa butter, rich in minerals and vitamins, and used as the base ingredient for chocolate massage, has been a favorite emollient in cosmetics and lotions for centuries. It too has antioxidant properties, and feels divine as it soothes tired and dry skin, improving the circulation of oxygen rich blood throughout the body. This increased blood flow has been attributed to flavanol, another amazingly important antioxidant that removes free radicals. Cocoa is one of the best sources in the world for flavanol, so having a chocolate massage will not only leave your skin revived and glowing, but may actually help combat anxiety or depression. That is exactly what a visit to the spa is supposed to provide for you.

The benefits of chocolate massage have proved to help the skin and the cardiovascular system, but did you know that they also have an influence on your hormonal system? Yes, that’s right. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter both have mind and hormonal altering agents. It contains two neurochemicals that specifically help in the proper release and distribution of serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter.

Feeling good is exactly what hot chocolate massage is designed for. As you lay under the smoothly flowing hands of your therapist, the warm chocolate is gently rubbed into your skin, and you are taken into another world. The pleasure centers of your brain are working overtime, generating pain reducing opiates which melt away your stress. The aroma of chocolate during the massage, mixed with the absorption into the skin increases your endorphin levels, leaving you in a peaceful state of well-being.

It is irrefutably obvious that the skin and major systems of the body are all highly benefitted by the healing properties found in chocolate. No wonder the Greek name for chocolate translates to ‘food of the gods’. This gift from Mother Nature will heal you inside and out. I highly suggest that you find a practitioner of chocolate massage in your area, and end your day feeling like a goddess.

Source by Laurence De Conto

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