Hammer Classifications {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

A hammer is used by home owners a lot in their premises so they must have one in their possession. Maybe you are not somebody who usually does carpentry, but this should not hinder you from owning one because it is a very useful tool in the home. It is used in simple repairs around the house, to sink sticking nails to stay down in place.

Many people have never stopped to consider how many types of hammers there are but these are just some of them.

1. Claw – It is the most popular of all hammers since it is to be found in almost all the households and is used for various tasks, majorly to grip the head of a nail while work is going on. Its name is derived from the shape of its head that looks like a claw but is actually V-shaped. The handle is made of wood or fiberglass but can also be rubber.

2. Sledge – The heaviest of hammers and is also very large with a long handle. All construction sites have this kind for their heavy work. It is used to drive wedges, doing the posts, and breaking down tough walls. This hammer is so heavy that it must be supported by both hands when using it.

3. Mallets – This is for light use like for tapping chisels or for wood joints, not to mention other types of easier jobs. It is usually used instead of the metal hammer when you do not want to put pressure that would end up damaging the surface of the item you are working on.

4. Ball Pein – This kind is used by engineers for shaping metal and closing of rivets. The name is obtained from the way its head is shaped, round on one side but flat on the other.

5. Nailers – They are able to drive the nails automatically by electric function without the person using it exerting any effort at all. It is the reason you are likely to find it being used on construction jobs involving decks or where large planks of wood have to be nailed down.

Several types of hammers exist but most people would recall having seen some of the ones mentioned here being used at one point or another. Know that if you need to buy at least one hammer that can do most jobs around the home, the one to go for is the claw hammer.

Source by Heather Matthews

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