Features and Uses of Instant Tea Premix

Instant tea is a type of tea that can be prepared in a few minutes using tea premixes. The term “tea premix” or “instant tea premix” is used for granules derived from pre-brewed tea leaves. You can prepare tasty beverage by mixing instant tea premix both with cold and hot water. If you haven’t yet used any such mix for preparing tea, reading this article will help you immensely. The discussion here includes detailed information about features and uses of instant tea premixes. In addition, you will also get to know the right process of storing the product.


The most fascinating attribute of this special ready-to-use tea mix is that it is available in a wide variety of flavors. The most popular ones among them are: lemon, fruit juice, cardamom, spiced tea etc. If you are looking to drink a cup of tea after coming back from work, you should opt for lemon tea. This will quickly revitalize your senses and help you stay lively and active. Cardamom tea and spiced tea taste best when prepared by adding milk. Thus you should never drink these types on an empty stomach.


You can serve instant tea with a meal; just make sure you pick the right combination. For example, do not end up serving milk tea prepared with cardamom flavored premix with a fruit platter. Other than serving beverages prepared from these instant premixes with meals, you can also serve them alone.

You must consider the weather conditions when preparing beverages using instant tea mixes. During the summer months, it is always wise to greet your guests with iced tea. However, if the temperature is low, we would advise you to prepare hot tea (with or without milk) for your guests.

Storage Guidelines

You must store instant tea premixes properly to avoid formation of lumps. These products are usually sold in packets, jars or cans. Any mix left in the package after first use should be poured in a separate air-tight container to prevent lump formation. Ideally, you should use a plastic or glass jar for storing the mix and close the jar tightly after every single use. If you don’t use an air-tight jar for keeping the mix or forget to close the jar tightly, the tea granules will start absorbing moisture from air and soon you will find that the product is no more usable. It is also important to keep the jar containing the premix in a dark, cool and dry place.

Source by Mehul G Brahmbhatt

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