Factors to Consider When Buying a Hand Blender

In the kitchen, a hand-held blender has many names: stick blender, immersion blender, or wand blender. Its function is to blend ingredients directly inside their own bowl, pot, or just about any container you want to use. The motor is in the upper section of the handle and is connected to a rotating blade at the bottom. A protective guard around the blade helps prevent accidents. The shaft of the blender could be stainless steel or plastic, but the blades should always be stainless steel.

With a long history of award winning culinary tools and three models to choose from, the Cuisinart® hand blender has options in color choices and additional accessories (whisk, chopping tools, and more). When using this type of blender, simply combine your ingredients into a pot, container, or bowl, insert the blender, and turn it on. When the blender is immersed into a liquid, a whirlpool is created by the rotation of the blade drawing in the ingredients as the food is mixing. Since the blade is completely immersed, it is less likely to splatter like other hand mixers can do. Hand blenders are also quieter than traditional blenders, and so much easier than dragging out the big blender.

Here are some important factors to review as you consider buying your own immersion blender:

The Design

  • Does it offer different colors to go with your kitchen décor?
  • Is it safe and comfortable to use?
  • Is it easy to operate?

Clean Up

  • Are all the removable parts and attachments dishwasher safe?


  • Are attachments included? If not, are they available separately?
  • Are they good quality, and replaceable?

Plug In or Cordless

  • If portability is important to you, choose a cordless model.
  • For plug in models, make sure the cord extends away from the blender so it isn’t in your way.

Need some ideas of what you might use a Cuisinart® hand blender for?

  • Cocktails – choose the handy cordless model to take anywhere you want
  • Pancake lump removal
  • Smoothie creations made faster and with less mess
  • Fluffy egg whites for meringues, whipping cream, or even egg white omelets
  • Frothing milk for dessert dishes
  • Gravy mixing right in the pan or pot

The Cuisinart® hand blender (or Cuisinart® Smart Stick) is ergonomically designed for comfort, ease of operation, and effortless clean up. Between the three models available, you have easy one-touch control, your choice of plug in models, or a rechargeable cordless model, and numerous attachments to handle a variety of culinary needs.

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