Electronics Are Indispensable

I’ve grown up knowing that life will not be the same if you take electronics out of the question. I mean, how will I be able to enjoy instant coffee in the morning if I did not have my electronic coffeemaker in my condominium? That thing virtually cut off a lot of my early morning preparation time for work. Without it, I would have to spend around 10-15 minutes preparing my own coffee every day, and I have to shower and get ready for work afterwards! It even helped in making my log-in time at work a lot earlier than before.

You see how electronics are so vital to our world? It would be like going back to the Stone Age once someone decides that using electronics was a big no-no. It’s not like we would not survive, but it sure would take a lot of adjustments and changes to get used to. Take how the Internet has made life so fast-paced these days! If someone took the Internet and electronic mail away, for instance, then things would be back to snail mail. Remember how it took at most 2 months or at least 2 weeks to receive a letter from overseas? Though it did heighten up the thrill back then, some urgent messages could not be received in time. Imagine how it felt to know that your grandmother had died only two months after she had passed away? With email, messages are instant and news is spread easily. It would be hard to cope with snail mail again once you have used to using the e-mail for communicating with loved ones abroad.

That is the same role that is played by electronics in our lives, as you all have known already. Thus, you realize how much importance there is for electronic devices and gadgets in today’s world. Because of this, they are all selling like pancakes especially cheap electronics! New models of cellular phones are being rolled out by manufacturers nearly every month with amazing features and capabilities, all of these in a bid to capture the minds and fascination of every member of society. Aside from cellular phones, you could also find videogame consoles selling really quickly. It does not even matter whether the buyer bought electronics online or through a physical store. The stats would have to be aggregated into one, anyway, when it comes to reporting how much a certain device has sold on the market.

Let’s face it. Electronic devices are here to stay. We could expect to see a lot more innovations and advancements in electronic technology in the future, as companies labor to find more ideas with which they could make life convenient and, in addition, earn money as well. Well, it’s us consumers that benefit from anyway. Would you want a really small phone that otherwise has the power of four personal computers put together? Well, not in the near future, but you can be sure that someone out there is thinking the same thing and putting it together slowly.

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