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Many people are looking for data entry from home jobs, but more specifically easy-data-entry jobs. Why? I think it is because they feel confident that they can handle the basic data entry, but are unsure that they could do some of the more complicated jobs. Truth be known one can easily be trained to do any level of typing job. In fact some data entry companies offer this to their workers.

We see searches everyday on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask for phrases like typing jobs from home, type 4 dollars, type at home, data entry work and easy data entry. Now more then ever people are looking for ways to create income to pay their bills, supplement their income or to replace the income they had before losing their job.

With today’s economic environment its no wonder millions of people are turning to the Internet to find ways to earn bill money. Work at Home opportunities are a good way to do this provided you do your research.

In doing our research we wanted to look for specific type at home companies. What we found when doing our research is that most data entry companies found online are not as straightforward as they should be when trying to get someone to buy their programs. The problem we found, while researching, was that most of these so-called “Data Entry Companies” were no more than affiliate programs in disguise. Once you joined you then had to place ads all around the Internet and pay to advertise those ads. This was not mentioned until after you had spent your hard earned money on the program.

We decided to look for legitimate type at home companies that offered the following:

1. Real Data Entry Companies with real type at home work that they were willing to pay to have done for them.

2. No additional costs once you became a member.

3. Online Support after the sale.

4. Companies that have been around for more than 2 years.

You should do your research but we did find (3) three companies that fit this mold and offer real, legitimate work at home data entry jobs. Now, it’s important to realize when you sign up for one of the three companies we found is that you will have to work at home to get paid. These are not get-rich schemes. They are real companies that expect data entry to be entered for them. You do the work and you will get paid and can perhaps find a way out of your current situation, whatever it may be.

Whether it’s data entry, type at home or any of the other work at home jobs you should always make sure you match them against your work at home profile. This will help ensure you pick programs that meet your long-term goals. It will also ensure that you have the necessary skill sets.

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