Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz – Find Out Now

Breaking up is painful, especially if you still have strong feelings for your ex. Do you wish you could get back together? What are the chances of salvaging your relationship and how can you make that happen?

The following is a short quiz that will help you determine how your ex feels about you and what your odds of a reunion are.

Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz:

Choose the most accurate answer then add your points…

1. Who initiated the break up?

Me = 30 points

Partner = 20 points

Mutual = 10 points

2. Did anyone cheat?

No = 30

I did = 20

Partner did = 10

3. How long together?

1 month or less = 10

1-6 months = 20

6 months or more = 30

4. How serious was the commitment?

Casual dating = 10

Living together = 30

Engaged = 40

Married = 50

5. How well did you get along?

Great, hardly any arguments = 30

Argued frequently = 20

Terrible fights very often 10

6. Is this the first time you’ve broken up with each other?

Yes = 30

No = 20

Minor break ups in the past, but this one is the most serious = 10

7. How quickly after meeting did you have sex?

Have not had sex yet = 10

Did it on fist date = 10

We were friends first, then things developed into a romantic relationship = 45

8. Did your partner push for a commitment?

Yes = 30

No = 15

I pushed for a commitment, but my partner was resistant = 5

9. Does your ex respond to your calls now?

They hang up = 10

They yell at me = 20

No answer = 10 Brief conversations, but seems irritated = 30

10. Do you see each other now?

We work or have class together, but they ignore me = 10

Never see each other = 20

Once in a while, but they act like nothing ever happened between us = 15

I see them all the time = 40

11. Does your ex keep items or pictures that are reminders of the relationship?

Yes = 40

No, they destroyed that stuff! = 20

No, they sent back my stuff and kept things that were expensive = 10

12. Has your ex attempted revenge on you?

No = 10

Yes! = 20

Kind of… they try to put me down if we run into each other, but nothing serious = 30

13. Does you ex cry or sulk frequently because of the break up?

Yes = 35

No, but they seem bummed = 20

Not at all… they seem happy = 10

14. Is your ex seeing someone new?

The person they left me for = 10

Has not dated anyone else = 30

Been with several people since the break up = 25

Just now started dating again = 20


160 points or less probably means they are over you. At this point, if you still want to salvage things you’re going to have to avoid coming across as needy or pushy.

165 – 330 points probably means they are furious with you! But this can actually be a good thing… strong passionate emotions, including anger, can indicate they still have love for you. If you want to win back you ex, the time to act is now.

335 points and up probably means they are still in love with you (but some serious changes need to happen if you are going to get back together.) You’ll need a solid plan and know exactly what you’re doing in order to win them back.

Bottom Line:

Keep in mind that the Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz is not 100% accurate. If your score was a few points from being in another category that is something to consider. Also, be honest with yourself… some relationships are better off being over don’t you agree? That being said, if you still believe in getting back together with your ex, remember that there are no impossible situations! People get back together all the time and you can too.

Source by Matt Olson

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