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Ever thought that your hobby could pay you handsomely? If that hobby is photography, I doubt you have ever thought that, right? But the fact is, photography can really earn a lot for you. If you own a digital camera and you have a computer with internet access, then earning from your hobby is possible. And the funny thing is you don’t have to be a professional photographer to do that. In fact rank amateurs can earn with their cameras. Neither do you need expensive equipments, nor space for darkroom, nor printers. All you need is simply a digital camera and a computer with internet connection.

To earn from photography, you need to know some basic facts though, like

a) What are the sites that will pay you for your pictures, this is

the first and foremost important fact.

b) Which are the sites that will pay you most handsomely that is where will you get the best prices for the pics.

c) How you can monetize pictures taken by you. Say you can shoot pictures of vehicles for sale or real estate for sale in your area and get good prices for them from the dealers. You can even upload the same on eBay or like sites and earn commissions.

d) You have to learn to use right key words for your uploaded photos so the chances of sale become high.

e) What types of photos are in great demand that is get downloaded mostly.

Photos also pay you recurring income. You will get paid for uploading a photo in the first place. Then for each download of your photo, you will continue to earn recurring income which means that once you upload a photo online, you will continue to get paid for that for a long time to come.

To start photography business as an extra source of income is not expensive at all. In fact most people own a digital camera. Even if one does not, price of a good quality digital camera is not much. One will hardly need anything else except a camera because one does not need any film or printing equipments. Apart from having a camera, the only other necessities are a computer and internet connection, which almost all the population have to-day.

You can also choose your place and time of work. You can do it part time keeping you day job intact.

Digital photos are in high demand. A surprisingly long list of buyers are there of such photos. To name a few, Insurance companies, Entrepreneurs, eBay Sellers, Business Concerns, Online Vendors, Travel Agencies, Magazines, Newspapers, Graphic Artists and Web designers all need photos and pay good money to get them. In reality the list of buyers is much longer than those mentioned.

And the best thing is, if photography is your hobby, then you can turn it into a money making hobby that will not only cover the cost of your camera but potentially can make so much money as to change your life style. Your hobby can become a silent earner. And it may someday help you earn so much that you could simply replace your day job with your hobby.

Source by Swarnali Choudhury

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