Candle Making Project – How to Make Ice Cream Soda Candles

Who can resist an ice cream soda during a hot, humid, summer afternoon. Is it the special dessert you order when you take the family out for ice cream. I cannot resist one.

It is the perfect dessert, but how did this perfect dessert suddenly appear to whet our palates. It wasn’t hot and it wasn’t humid when Robert Greene in 1834 made his first ice cream soda. His concoction was a mistake that changed the way we saw ice cream. How could this perfect drink be a mistake?

Pharmacists back in the day mixed heavy cream with their soda water. On this particular day Greene did not have any cream. He ran to the nearest vendor and purchased a vanilla ice cream scoop. His plan was to let the vanilla melt into cream then put it into the soda. Things got busy for him and he ended up throwing the scoop in the soda water. Ice cream soda was born. It was such a huge hit that his sales went from $6.00 per day to $600 per day.

What a better way to enjoy your ice cream soda than with a candle. If you are a connoisseur that is looking for more paraphernalia then add a summer fun candle to the list.

Here are directions to make your own DIY candle.

Materials Needed:

  1. Ice Cream Scoop Silicone Mold
  2. Ice Cream Dish Candle Silicone Mold
  3. Blackberry or any fruit Silicone Mold
  4. Translucent Paraffin Wax
  5. Paraffin Candle Wax For the scoop and soda
  6. Wick
  7. Fragrance Oil (optional)
  8. Wick pin
  9. Wax sprinkles, gummy bears, gummy worms, cherries, berries
  10. Drill and drill bit


  • Melt the translucent wax and pour it into the dish mold. I keep the dish plain
  • De-mold the wax dish after it cools down
  • Get enough paraffin wax for the scoop, berries, and the soda
  • Melt the paraffin wax and pour it into the blackberry mold
  • Wait for the berries to cool. Take them out and place them into the scoop silicone mold. I chose to keep the scoop wax plain and the blackberry wax purple
  • Pour the wax over the blackberries in the mold. Make sure the wax isn’t too hot to melt the berries
  • The rest of the wax I colored mocha for the soda
  • De-mold the scoop
  • Now for the soda. Melt and color the soda wax
  • Fill the dish 2/3 of the way up with soda and allow it to fully cool
  • Pour the rest of soda wax into the dish and set the scoop on top. The scoop should sink slightly, but adhere to the soda wax
  • Drill a hole into the scoop and ice cream dish for the wick
  • Insert your wick

Top your candle with some wax candies, wax cool whip and a cherry. These candles are great for summer birthday parties, picnics, socials and celebrations.

Source by Dawn Hulslander-Shaffer

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